SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine Review

The SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine is a good choice of intermediate sewing machine that has a smart design and weighs less than fifteen pounds. It takes a small space to fit in your home, and it has some of the most advanced technologies installed on them, despite its small size. One can easily sew starting from a single layer and end with multiple layers effortlessly. Bulky seams can do with no hesitation. The heavy metal frame and the stainless steel bed plates make the machine look elegant and ensure long lasting durability.

Pros & Cons of SINGER FC240 Sewing Machine


  • Compact metal frame
  • Weighs less than 15 lbs
  • One touch to stitch selection
  • Two LED bright lights to work even when power goes off
  • 70 Built in Stitches
  • Easy thread guide
  • Accessory package


  • Jams frequently
  • Not all solutions provided in the manual

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It has a new technology that shall allow the users to sew any fabric and even do them in multiple layers and bulky seams. The users need not worry about the sewing the fabric pieces under multiple layers, as at the end it will highly match with the seam. The stripes and the plaids will match perfectly, and even the quilt layers won’t try to shift one among the other.

Weighing just fifteen pounds, SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine is the perfect lightweight sewing machine ideal for carrying to sewing classes without strain. The best part about it is that it can easily fit into any small space comfortably.

What makes the sewing machine from the rest of the bunch is its heavy duty metal frame, which is the internal skeleton of this sewing machine. It has been constructed in a way to provide a higher level of durability that can minimise the vibration of the sewing which is a common irritating experience we may face while sewing and also support the mechanical movements of the sewing machine. This type of perfect alignment is rare to find in sewing machines. In another article about best sewing machine for leather, you will find more information about it.

SINGER Featherweight C240 Review

When searching for the stitch options, it has cleverly printed inside the machine lid, and the users can simply lift the lid if they want to change the mode, which is a good idea and gives clean appeal for the sewing machine. It’s simple to choose between basic stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches and applique stitches at a single click. The single step three different types of buttonhole maker help in providing the perfect stitch experience when you want to complete your favorite project.

Other notable features are the built-in needle threader and top drop in bobbin system. The built-in needle threader and top drop bobbin are much easy to use, and it has a clear cover that can use to monitor the thread position while sewing. The two LED installed on the sewing machine shall illuminate the shadows and provide a perfect vision when the users are sewing in low light areas.

The high presser type of foot life and the electronic piercing power are much ideal to work with thick fabrics and with multiple layers. The users just need to touch a button to set up all their needles from sewing in and around.

Smooth and steady fabric feed is essential for any sewing machine to complete any sewing project smoothly. In this sewing machine, the feed teeth can easily lower for the free stitching motion. The presser feet includes various foot covers, namely, general purpose foot, satin stitch foot, zipper foot and all-purpose foot.

Any quick fix on a dress can do with ease on this sewing machine. By pressing down the info button, the users can watch the LED screen display which makes the selection of the desired presser foot ideal for the project. It is indeed one of the best options; any sewer would love to have. So no more guessing.

Highlighted features:

You can find many new features have been introduced in SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine when compared to their older versions and they are as follows.

The tie-off button: The tie-off button has been introduced to reduce the stress that a user might get out by the end of the stitch. One just needs to push the tie-off button when they are about to finish the stitch, and the machine automatically stops sewing. The best part is that the users can program this machine to perform their tie-off buttons automatically even before starting to sew with the fabrics.

The Snap-On presser feet: The machine has six Snap-On presser feet installed on them. These presser feet can easily store in the removable storage compartment. The machine comes with default General Purpose Foot, and the users can change them as per their wish. The foot for fancy stitch, the foot for blind hem works, one-step buttonhole foot and the foot to do zipper stitch are the other options that the users get out of the box.

SINGER Featherweight C240 Review

Speed Control: The machine can set to its maximum sewing speed at any part of the sewing period. If the user is about to sew for a longer period, then they can make it run faster to get the job done easily. The speed can reduce for creating an intricate project. By this way, the user has complete overall speed control of the machine.

Free arm: By removing extension user will get the option to use the sewing machine on Free Arm mode. As the name says, the free arm makes it easy for the users to sew around the trouser hems, cuffs or with any other smaller projects. No more dilemmas in stitching small portions.

29 Different Needle Position: The users have the choice to choose from any of the twenty-nine different needle positions that can use to place the needles perfectly on any location. It will allow the users to stop the machine at any point in time and set the needle position to sew perfectly. These needle positions are perfect for quilting, topstitching and for inserting zippers.

The built-in threader for needles: It is one of the best features that everyone would die to have on their sewing machines. The users can now effortlessly thread the eye part of the needle and immediately start sewing with the machine at a faster speed rate. It highly eliminates the eye strain that many people get out threading their needles at its starting point.

Adjustable thread tension: The users can easily adjust the thread tension by making use of the Thread Tension Dial depending upon the fabric and thread selection they want to use. It is a unique feature in SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine helps to easily tune the stitches and make them evenly between two or more layers of fabric.

Hard Cover: The machine comes with a hard cover that highly helps in protecting the machine and easy to transport them from one place to another. It also helps the machine to stay away from dust when you don’t want to use for a longer period. You can also find a convenient storage point in the cover to keep the power cord. Also, the accessory box comes attached to the machine makes sure to have the accessory box always along with the machine, whenever you take the machine for a portable project. So, you will never run short of any accessories which are essential or you don’t have to carry the accessories in a separate box.

SINGER Featherweight C240 Review


The SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine with IEF System is the best sewing machine with easy portability. The compactness of the machine makes it handier to use. The pedal and the power cords featured with intelligent design and fitted to the body of the machine. As it comes as a unit, it can take together to any place. It is the best feature you cannot find in any other sewing machines. No more misplacing the power cords when you transport the sewing machine.

The first thing that strikes when witnessing the machine is about its weight. It weighs less than 15 lbs as it has mostly made out of plastic materials. Although plastic can sound cheap, yet, it uses high-quality plastic materials for making the machine stronger with good mechanical movements. The bone part of the machine is made up of metal, and it is highly solid. The pedal connectors are entirely different and unique when compared to the old models.

Plug in and turn on function is quite new and easy to use on SINGER Featherweight C240. The bright lights are yet another distinct feature that makes your sewing experience more comfortable. The two bright LED positioned on the side parts of the arm are enough to eliminate the shadows and offers bright light and smooth sewing experience.

It comes with a good bunch of accessories and feet that one gets out of this machine. The accessories are interchangeable and are good enough to carry out many more functions. It features a unique threading system which is completely different, and it is much easier to thread the needles without having to strain the eyes much.


Almost everything about the SINGER Featherweight C240 Sewing Machine is easy to learn with the provided manual. Even a beginner would go easy with the machine upon trying to sew with it. The sewing machine is a classic example of SINGER’s quality and professional application, blended on this machine for an affordable cost, meeting the expectations of a beginner as well as an advanced sewer. It’s a great little machine that can make anyone learn the art of sewing fabrics at any place. The quality in which they are made up of makes them more durable for years.



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