Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking?

In fixing the thread of a machine, you will have to pass it through the upper thread session and the lower thread session. For good stitching, embroidery, and tailoring, a proper setting of the thread will give you smooth sewing operations. There is different tension applied in the upper thread session and the lower thread session. One of the initial considerations to learn as a tailor is the use of sewing machines, how to fix the thread properly.

Any sort of thread breaking can be frustrating, but the breaking of the upper thread is one of the most frustrating experiences. You can have the thread bouncing off sharply as you make attempts to sew. In fixing the thread of a sewing machine, you will pass it through the session created for the thread on the upper parts of the machine and the lower regions. However, there are various reasons why the upper thread keeps breaking, and we are going to look at these ways. Also, we will help the readers to find solutions on how to fix the issues of the upper breaking thread. 

Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking?

Top Thread Keep Breaking

One of the most straightforward reasons for upper thread breaking may be due to the incorrect threading of the sewing machine. As you are peddling the sewing machine, this thread will pop out. When you experience this, check the threading of the sewing machine, and ensure that the thread has gone through all the necessary hooks, and parts placed for it.

Factors that influence the breaking of upper thread

Factors that influence the breaking of upper thread

If you do not have the skills of handling a sewing machine, this occurrence will slow down your work and make the sewing process frustrating. We have to understand why the upper thread keeps breaking, then suitable solutions for this occurrence. These occurrences may be due to human or mechanical factors; the first step to the solution is to find the cause. So first, we are going to list out all the likely causing of the upper thread keeps breaking: 

  • Upper thread tension set tight

Due to extreme stress, the upper thread section may break as you try to sew with the machine. It would be best if you reduced the tension on the upper thread to allow for the free flow of the thread. Check the settings you have applied on the thread whenever you experience continuous cutting of the thread. 

Upper thread

In most cases, the users usually do not pay attention to the tension of the upper thread. They would have tried every other solution that comes to mind. But after checking the threading of the machine, then you should consider the tension before moving on to test different settings. 

  • Damaged needles

Yes, damaged needles have been known to be one of the leading causes of upper needle breakage. When the needle of the machine has been damaged, it tends to apply undue tension on the upper thread, which will lead to continuous breakage. 

Damaged needles

Add checking of broken needles to your list when you start experiencing such situations. And always change your needles after prolonged use, to reduce such cases. 

  • Lower thread not properly fixed

The lower thread may also affect the tension of the upper thread when they are not correctly set. In such a situation, the lower thread may not be working correctly with the bobbin case. You should change the settings of the bobbin case to avoid situations where the tension on the loose thread will cause undue pressure on the upper thread, causing it to break continuously.

  • Poor thread quality 

Another less common reason for the upper thread to break is the quality of the thread. The thread may have become too weak due to age, and any slight pressure will cause it to break. You can easily detect the quality of the thread by checking it with your hands as an experienced tailor and changing it immediately. 

You should also remove all knots and tangles you find on the machine to allow for the free flow of the upper thread. Obstacles might also cause the thread to break at the upper part of the sewing machine. 

What Should I Do When Top Thread Breaking Often

Certain cases will lead to the upper thread, breaking that you cannot handle. In such situations, you may need to consult the following :

  • The dealer or service centre

There are cases when the fault may be due to the machine, and you have to consult the service centre or dealers for help. You should consult the dealers when you find that the causes are due to 

  • The automatic needle threading mechanism is damaged. 
  • Too much pay between the hook and the area. 
  • When you cannot adjust the space between the hook stopper and the hook. 
  • When the needle touches the needle plate. 
  • Damaged parts of the sewing machine. 

In such situations, there is nothing you can do on your own. You need the services of the dealers to adjust the parts or change them completely. Most of the causes of upper thread breaking in this session are due to mechanical fault. 

  • Consult the internet 

Another consideration to make when you experience steady upper needle breaking is to check on the internet. If you are not experienced with using and fixing up the sewing machine, check out videos and educational lessons from the internet. 

You can come across several courses and step by step guides on how to fix these problems. Search through the guides and follow up accordingly to adjust your thread and ensure smooth sewing experience 

  • The machine manual

All sewing machines come with their manuals, and it is best to familiarize them with these manuals and get to know the parts of the machine and their functions. You may get help on how to fix the upper thread regular breaking but may not understand the technicality involved if you do not know which parts are required. 

The machine manual

Also, knowledge of the sewing machine parts, you can quickly identify some of these parts on your own, and troubleshoot on the needed solutions. The use of the manual should be your first lesson when you want to pick up sewing. Every sewing machine comes with their manuals, and you should look for the model of the machine to sort out their manuals. 

  • Consult an expert 

You can also learn more about the various parts of the sewing machine from experts. These set of people are experienced in such cases and can handle issues of upper thread breaking often. You can learn from them, and get experience on how to handle these issues of regular breakage of thread. 

Related Questions

How does the quality of thread cause upper thread breaking often? 

The quality of the thread, especially when old will reduce the strength of the thread. At this instance, any slight tension mat causes it to break off. Dispose of old threads in your possession, for they may have worn out. 

Does the lower thread formation affect the upper thread? 

Of course, they are connected, and the tension on one side will have a simultaneous effect on the other side. Check that there is a balance between one side of the thread to reduce the impact of breaking. We have discussed how the lower thread formation may cause upper thread breaking, due to imbalance on tension.



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