Why Is My Bobbin Thread Showing On Top

Bobbin thread is used in the process of embroidery, especially on different fabrics. The bobbin thread is light, and its purpose is to hold the embroidery thread at the bottom, and it can only appear at the bottom. Thus, you must use your bobbin thread whenever you are carrying out embroidery work.

However, you may have problems with your embroidery, when the bobbin thread appears on top, which is wrong. You have to ensure that everything with the machine is set up correctly to ensure that the bobbin thread does not appear on top. We are going to look at the problem of bobbin thread showing on top, the causes and how to solve it. You should note that experienced tailors also experience such an incident, so do not be overly worried as a newbie.

Why Is My Bobbin Thread Showing On Top?

Typically, the tension from the way the thread is fixed will ensure that the bobbin thread holds the embroidery at the bottom. Thus anything that makes the Bobbin thread show at the top has to do with the tension. You have to get the tension right, and we are going to look at some causes of these tension problems and the solution to ensure smooth embroidery.

Potential Cause Of Bobbin Thread Showing At The Top

It is crucial to understand the mechanism involved in embroidery, to get to detect the root cause of bobbin thread showing on top of your work. Ordinarily, the bobbin thread is supposed to pull the embroidery and hold it firmly at the bottom.

  • Machine settings

One of the most frequent causes of bobbin thread showing on top had to do with the machine setting. It is vital that you check the machine setting, to make sure that they are in embroidery mode to continue with your work. Ordinarily, most machines are in automatic adjustment mode, and anytime you notice the bobbin thread coming on top, the first thing is to check the setting of the machine, and change it to embroidery mode.

  • The weight of the thread

The weight of the thread is another factor to consider when your bobbin thread starts showing on the top. There is different tension strength in correlation with the weight of the thread. A thicker thread will apply more tension, while a thinner thread will apply less pressure.

In the case when you are using a thicker thread, you may experience increased tension that will cause more bobbin thread to appear on top. But on the other hand, a thinner thread will apply less strain, and less amount of bobbin thread appears on top. Thus, when next you experience such situations, check out the thickness of the thread and try to adjust accordingly.

  • Length of stitches

The length of the stitches can also affect the tension of the thread. And with the improper range of the stitches, the bobbin thread may rise to the top. When the length of the stitches is long, the thread can loop adequately, and we will not expect the bobbin to be loose at the top. While if the length of the stitches is not long, the bobbin thread may not overlap properly, and thus the bobbin thread may appear at the top.

Some of the causes of bobbin thread showing at the top may be random or regular occurrences. As discussed above, they are other reasons that may lead to the occasional loss of tension on the thread, and they include:

  •     The presence of slit on the spool.
  •     Rough cut appearance on the spool.
  •     On some occasions, the thread may have moved out from some part of the machine.
  •     There might be obstacles blocking the thread.
  •     The thread may have tangled, and you need to trace it.

Other factors that may lead to consistent problems of bobbin showing on top include:

  •     The bobbin case is dirty.
  •     Improper threading of the machine.
  •     Using the wrong bobbin case.
  •     Broken needle.
  •     Changing of the thread.

What Should I Do When Bobbin Thread Showing At The Top?

There are some regular things you have to do to reduce the effect of these problems. Since we have seen the cause of the problem, we can now focus on getting suitable solutions, and they include:

  • Proper cleaning of the machine

We have seen that dirt can be one of the causes of bobbin showing and top. The needle holes and other openings may be blocked with dirt which may impede the tension of the thread. To reduce the bobbin appearing on top effect, it is better to run regular maintenance, by leaning the machine and allowing for the smooth passage of the thread without affecting the flow of the thread.

  • Change damaged parts

Another suitable solution to this problem is to change damaged parts of the machine. To achieve this, you have to check all the parts of the machine regularly. Replace the damaged parts, especially those places that the thread will have to pass through like the needle.

  • Use the recommended bobbin type and weight

We have seen how the wrong bobbin type may cause it to appear on top. So you can check the manual of the machine to determine the suitable bobbin type. Another way is to search online using the proper model to find a solution online.

  • Adjust the bobbin tension

Now, if you are sure that you have covered all grounds, check all the necessary parts, take the right precautions, and you still experience this problem, try adjusting the tension thread. It would be best if you did this anytime you clean your machine or change the machine parts, as the settings may have readjusted automatically.

  • Read the manual properly

You should read the manual properly when setting your machine. You may avoid some of the causes of this problem when you follow the correct instructions. If you have any issues, the first item to consult is the manual or someone with enough experience using this machine.

  • Change your machine

There are times when you have to get a new machine. The machine may have gone beyond the point of repair and may have been completely worn out. At this point, it is advisable to purchase a new machine to avoid the recurrence bobbin showing on top.

Related Questions

Can I use canned air to blow away dirt?

This is advised against as it blows the crud deeper into the machine, which will further affect the thread tension. In this case, it does not stop the bobbin thread from appearing on top for this method does not suffix. To achieve a thorough cleaning of the machine, you should purchase a proper cleaning apparatus for vacuuming the machine parts.

How can I determine the accurate thread weight and type?

We have mentioned that the thread weight or type may determine the tension of the thread. In most cases, experienced tailors can quickly tell the right weight and size by touch and feel from their experienced eyes. However, you can learn by asking those that are knowledgeable about the right thread weight and all.



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