How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

Singer offers a big range of products for tailoring. Whenever it comes to choosing the best sewing machines, the experts suggest Singer machines. This brand supplies machines for newbies who have just started learning sewing. It also provides technologically advanced sewing machines for pros which are a bit complicated to operate. Whether you want to be a professional or just a DIY hobbyist, you must know how the Singer sewing machines work.

The thread is a very essential thing you need while sewing. It is important to know how to thread the machine otherwise you would end up by messing with the fabric and the thread. The home sewing machines offer a guide to thread the machine. It may still be a bit complicated to learn. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you in learning how to thread a Singer sewing machine.

Know the type of machine you are trying to thread:

Singer offers sewing machines with two types of thread mechanism. If you know what kind of machine you own, it would be pretty simple for you to thread it. The thread guide is given over the machine that you can follow to get things ready for sewing. Singer uses a metal piece and plastic piece, which are positioned over the top of the machine to guide the user for threading. Both pieces offer a comprehensive guide regarding how to put the thread in the needle.

Some machines also come with single part thread guide, which is also located at the top of the machine. Recognize the type of machine you have and then follow the further instructions.

The threading guide:

Do not be in too hurry and turn the power off before you start try to thread your sewing machine. The chances of accidents remain high when you try to repair or fix any electrical equipment. So, stay safe and turn off the power. Once the power is turned off, use the hand crank to raise the needle to the top position. Slightly move the wheel until the needle reach the highest point. Now you should use the small handle given on the side of the machine to lift the presser foot. The sewing thread will easily pass through the needle if the presser foot is up.

Now you should use the spool pin to secure the thread. Different sewing machines come with different position of the spool pin. Some machines have horizontal and some machines have vertical. In whatever position the spool pin is fixed, secure the thread through this pin. If the thread is secured, pass it via the first thread guide. Take the thread throw the lower slot and the take it through the upper slot.

Now you can see there is another thread guide through which you have to pass the sewing thread. Take thread from the bottom to the top and fix it perfectly. The Singer sewing machines come with a tension mechanism. Take the thread through the threading channel and then slip it slightly over the tension disc. Now you have to take the thread through the lever eye and pull it through the thread guide placed just above the sewing needle. It will look like a small hook that grabs the thread tension. It is almost done because now you just need to pass the thread through the needle and you are done. Make sure the thread will not get out of the needle, so take a little longer portion of the thread out.

Place the thread in the bobbin eye:

Though the thread is perfectly installed through the machine, now is the time to feed the bobbin eye. It is an essential part of the sewing process. Hold one end of the thread and feed into the bobbin eye. If you are using the holes given around bobbin eye, then use only the hole. Do not feed the thread inside the bobbin eye. It is how this component will release the thread perfectly while you are sewing the clothes.

Once the bobbin eye is set to be used, place it safely in the winding spindle. It is located on the far right side of the sewing machine. Pull the tail of the thread out through the top of the bobbin eye. Now lock it in a spindle and then put the spindle in its original position. Now set the sewing machine to bobbin winding mode and start sewing.

The professionals would not find it too difficult to thread the sewing machine because it is their daily job. However, new users may get confused. The process to thread the sewing machine is explained in a comprehensive way. Check the details and follow each guide to avoid the error. That’s how you can prepare your sewing machine for the DIY sewing jobs.

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