How To Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

If you’re using a mechanical device, it will need repair at one point. Similarly, if your sewing machine’s foot pedal stops working, you will need a fix or repair. So, is your foot pedal not working? Well, then it needs attention and maintenance.

It’s time for you to oil the interior of the foot pedal for its smooth and effective functioning. You have to open the foot pedal and check for the proper state of its accessory parts. A thorough checking after opening the foot pedal will enable you to fix it efficiently and precisely.

In this article, you will learn every solution for problems related to your sewing machine foot pedal. You will learn how to open the foot pedal easily from in-depth steps and tips. So, let’s learn more about foot pedals and how to open them.

How To Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

If you’re getting any trouble working with the foot pedal of your sewing machine, you will have to repair it. You have to open up the foot pedal and start oiling its parts.

Keeping your foot pedal maintained and polished will help you with efficient and effective sewing results. But, how to start, right? Well, the first thing that you have to do is open the sewing machine’s foot pedal. It may sound easy but involves a few tricks and intricate.

You have to know every step and ways to open the foot pedal without any damage. Some foot pedal models don’t even require tools to open, which can be a lot easier for you.

In contrast, other models need a screwdriver or a flat knife to open the foot pedal. So, check out the equipment you need to open the foot pedal and start with the following steps or procedure.

Equipment Needed To Open Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

If you want to safely and efficiently open the foot pedal of your sewing machine, use proper equipment. You must be ready with all of your equipment prior to opening the foot pedal. Here is some equipment you must have.

1. Screwdriver

If you want to open your sewing machine’s foot pedal, you will have to unscrew its case. So, you will need the latest flathead screwdriver for your task. You can use any screwdriver that fits the size of your foot pedal screws and bolts.

2.  Flathead Knife

You will need a flathead knife to open the foot pedal if your screwdriver technique doesn’t work properly.

3.  Lubricant

If your foot pedal has an old metal case, then it will have corrosion. This will create friction and obstacles to open your foot pedal. Here, you will need a good quality lubricant for anti-corrosive purposes.

If you want to open the sewing machine foot pedal, you have to follow a few simple steps. You can easily open it up and make necessary adjustments. So, look for these steps to open the foot pedal efficiently.

Step 1: Unplug Your Machine

If you want to open your sewing machine foot pedal, then start with the safety measure step. You must ensure to unplug your sewing machine before opening the foot pedal.


Moreover, this step will protect you from any electrical surprises while opening the foot pedal. Whether it’s a loose connection or broken wire, you cannot be sure until you open and check the foot pedal. So, it is best for you to take this safety.

Step 2: Slide The Cover

It is quite simple and easy to open your sewing machine foot pedal, especially if you have a sliding cover. There are some models of foot pedals that don’t have any screws to open.

You have to slide their cover and check internal parts. But, if your foot pedal has screws, then follow the next step.

Step 3: Remove The Cord

In this step, you have to start with the removal of the cord. You can remove this cord with your bare hands without the help of any tools. If you want to jump onto the next level of safety, you can wear plastic gloves while removing them.

However, there are few models of foot pedals that don’t allow you to remove them. If you can’t remove the electrical cord from your foot pedal, you must be extra cautious with your next steps.

Step 4: Insert Screwdriver On The Opposite Side

Now, you have to proceed with the use of your screwdriver. You have to insert the screwdriver on the opposite side of the electrical cord. Then, proceed to unscrew the bolts or screws.

In addition, you have to ensure not to insert the screwdriver beside the cord as you may damage it. 

Step 5: Insert The Screwdriver Beside The Joint

So, now you have to insert the screwdriver beside the joint of your foot pedal and press outwards. In addition, you must remember to gently and firmly press it outwards for opening.

Also, keep in mind that you must not insert the screwdriver on parts where it specifically says ‘not here, as you might break the case.

Step 6: Use Lubricant If Necessary

If you find any trouble pressing or inserting the screwdriver, you may need a few drops of lubricant. You can use the lubricant on the screws and metal case cover to open it quickly and efficiently.

However, you must use lubricants that are of good quality and work for your sewing machine parts.

Step 7: Open It Up

Finally, you will open the foot pedal to check for the issues and proceed with maintenance.

Why Do You Need To Open A Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

The internal part of your sewing machine’s foot pedal is not that complicated and can be fixed easily. You will need to open up your foot pedal for several reasons, such as:

Hot Foot Pedal

If you work consistently on your sewing machine, then your foot pedal might get hot. It is okay to work as long as you can rest your barefoot on the pedal. If your foot pedal becomes too hot, you will need to open its cover and check the issue.

So, if you can detect the issue, you will need to fix it. For the best functioning of your foot pedal, you can consult a professional service for your hot pedal issue.

Unresponsive Foot Pedal

If your sewing machine foot pedal doesn’t respond to your commands, then check for the functioning of its electrical parts. This can happen due to broken wire or loose connection of your foot pedal.

You can open up the foot pedal and see if the motor withdraws current from the pedal or not. If not, then you can consult a professional to change or fix the issue of your foot pedal unresponsive functioning.

Foot Pedal Maintenance

If you want to do maintenance for your sewing machine foot pedal, you will have to open it.

You have to open it for checking any corrosion and using lubricants to make it work smoothly and efficiently. You have to open the foot pedal and oil on the spring or rivets.

Essential Parts Of Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

The foot pedal consists of simple yet basic mechanics and electronics. You will be surprised to know that a device that controls your sewing speed has only simple electronic parts. So, check for these parts and their functions.


This electronic part of your foot pedal modifies the resistance to regulate the current flow in the foot pedal. This current flow will decide your output change in the motor. So, it will ultimately result in the slower or faster running of the motor.

Condenser or Capacitor

A capacitor acts as the protector of your foot pedal. This part of your foot pedal is prone to damage and needs replacement every once in a while.

Your foot pedal’s capacitor or condenser will store the electricity and act as a battery. You can build your own capacitor with the help of a soldering iron.

Mechanical Parts

Your foot pedal is majorly made up of plastic as well as the joints that help with the up-down movement of the pedal.

You can always choose to lubricate these mechanical parts for their effective functioning. Tiny drops of oil can make your foot pedal run smooth and efficient.

How Can You Slow Down A Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

If you have a basic sewing machine with a foot pedal, then you have one way to slow it down. You have to slowly and gently press on the foot pedal to make it slow. It will take a few seconds to slow it down and stop completely.

However, some latest technology foot pedals have a stitch speed regulator that can help you to drop down the speed.

How Can You Test Your Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

You must know that the old and new version models of sewing machines have different functionalities. But, every model can be tested with the help of the tool known as a tester. This device can monitor the electrical connections of your foot pedals.

You have to set the tool to test resistance in ohms and place the probes into the right wires. Then, press down the pedal and check for the results in your meter.



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