Can I Use Serger Thread In My Sewing Machine

Serger threads are fine, lightweight threads available at a low price for light seam and stitches in your sewing projects. If you want to avoid a bulky seam, then serger thread is the right choice for your sewing machine. These serger threads are available in large spools called cones.

So, if you want to use these large and economical cones, ensure to make some modifications to your sewing machine.

In this article, you will learn why not to use serger thread on a simple sewing machine, how to use serger thread in your sewing machine with modifications, what are the benefits of serger threads, and more.

So, let’s dive into this article for in-depth details and a step-by-step guide.

Can I Use Serger Thread In My Sewing Machine

No, you can’t use serger thread directly on your regular sewing machine as it will result in poor-quality stitches.

However, with some latest equipment and adjustments, your sewing machine can efficiently run serger thread on it. Yes, you’ve read it right. It is possible with some modification. In addition, you also have to follow some steps for using your serger thread efficiently.

You can modify your sewing machine with equipment like a cup, thread stand, paper towel holder, or cd case spindle. This may help you to use a serger thread on a sewing machine. However, it’s best not to use them if you want perfect sewing results.

Now, you will get to know about the reasons why serger thread is not helpful on a sewing machine. So, check for the reasons to avoid serger thread in your sewing machine. Moreover, if you’re determined to use a serger thread, then you can check for the modifications to run the line.

Why Can’t I Use Serger Thread In Sewing Machine?

There are quite a few reasons why serger threads are not suitable for your sewing machine. Moreover, serger threads are not designed for use in stand-alone machines. If you want optimum results from your sewing, then using serger threads may not fetch you that. The reasons for that are:

1. Usability of The Thread

You can use four different kinds of serger threads, depending on the stitches you’re working on. However, some serger machines with high-end upgrades can use up to eight kinds of serger threads for your stitches.

But, this is not possible in your regular sewing machine. Whether you try to use four or eight serger threads, it will break and get jammed.

If you use so many threads at once, the sewing machine will run out of spool within seconds. You will need to buy large cones of spool thread holder to hold at least 3000 yards of thread. This cannot be so simple to install in your regular sewing machine.

So, you can avoid using a sewing machine for unnecessary breaking and jamming of the threads.

2. Frustration And Tension Of Using The Thread

If you look for expert advice, you will learn about the frustrations of using serger threads in sewing machines. If your sewing machine is non-automatic, then there will be no fun or satisfying results from serger thread sewing.

If you’re a new sewer, then using serger threads on upper and lower loops can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Serger machines consist of instruction manuals, video guides, and color-coded thread lists. In contrast, a sewing machine will not provide such options and make it difficult for you to use serger thread on them.

3. Noisy Thread For Sewing Machine

Serger threads have this natural tendency to produce noise in a serger machine. So, if you use the same thread on a sewing machine, it will make much more noise. This noise occurs due to the high speed at which the serger thread operates or runs. Your non-automatic sewing machine may not fulfill the speed requirement and create an uncanny noise.

However, other reasons, such as the weight of your sewing machine or its internal parts, can create noise and vibrations. These noises are usually reduced with the help of serger pads, but you cannot use them in your regular sewing machine.

4. Costly For Your Sewing Machine

Lastly, the cost factor contributes as one of the significant reasons not to use serger thread in sewing machines. If you want to use serger thread in a sewing machine, then you have to make manual adjustments and modifications. These modifications can cost you a considerable amount of money.

However, if you use a serger machine, it will cost you less money than modifying your regular sewing machine. In addition, you will have to pay extra cash to your service provider to make the adjustments. If you want to make a smart investment, then better to save money and buy a new serger machine instead of modifying a sewing machine.

How To Use Serger Thread In Sewing Machine With Modification?

If you’re determined to use serger thread in your sewing machine, then make some adjustments and modifications. So, follow these steps to make the modifications and run your sewing machine with serger threads.

Step 1: Modify Your Machine With Thread Stand

If you have a thread stand for your sewing machine, then you can use any cone or spool in it. If you want to use serger thread in your sewing machine, then you will have to modify it with a thread stand. This is because serger threads are large and economical cones that need large spool holders for effective functioning.

Adding the thread stand will allow a little distance between your serger spool and the first guide of the sewing machine to work correctly. So, lookout for the best online or local store to buy a thread stand that best fits your sewing machine.

Step 2: Apply Spool Holders In Your Machine’s Thread Stand

You can make your own spool holder with the help of a cup and spool. Moreover, you can buy a spool holder from any store. Make sure that you get a spool holder that best fits the size of your serger threads on the sewing machine.

Step 3: Using Surelock Overlock Serger Thread

Finally, if you want to avoid any breaking or seam ripping in your sewing machine, use surelock overlock serger threads. Many experts have tried using this serger thread on their machine after necessary adjustments and got efficient results. 

Types of Serger Threads For Your Sewing Purpose

If you want to use serger thread for your sewing purposes, then get a brief knowledge about their types. So, check out the various types of serger threads available in the market for your sewing projects.

1. Nylon-Made Serger Threads

These are very strong, stretchable, and durable serger threads used by sewers for special projects. You can use a nylon serger thread to make lingerie, elasticized fabric wear, swimwear, and sportswear.

2. Woolly Nylon Serger Threads

This type of serger thread serves the same purpose as a nylon-made thread. These threads are used in making sportswear or swimwear for the highest quality and significant events.

These threads are popular due to their soft yet firm fabric texture. In addition, you can stretch and recover these serger threads for elasticized fabric compositions.

3. 100% Cotton Serger Threads

These serger threads are not that popular due to their inability to provide strength compared to polyester or nylon. However, you can use this type of thread on woven materials or loopers along with nylon or polyester at the end of the sewing needle.

4. 100% Polyester Serger Threads

This is the most common type of serger thread used by sewers for multiple purposes. Whether you want decorative outcomes or superior strength and durability, a polyester-made serger thread will do your task. This thread can be used on any sewing or embroidery project without any hassle.

Tips To Use Serger Thread

If you want to use serger thread efficiently in your sewing or serger machine, then you follow a few tips. These tips are easy and straightforward to follow, so check them out.

  1. Firstly, you have to turn off your machine before inserting the thread into it. You have to locate the power button of your machine and switch it off.
  2. Secondly, you have to look and find out the threading order for your serger threads. You have to determine how many spools of threads to use depending on your project requirement.
  3. You have to place the spool holder on the upper looper of your machine and insert the serger thread.

Do You Need Some Special Thread For Sergers?

Yes, you will need a special thread for your sergers. You will have to look for a smooth, thin, and glossy sewing thread that you use for regular sewing purposes. However, if you want optimum results from your serger, then you can use polyester-made serger threads.

What Can A Serger Perform That A Sewing Machine Can’t?

A serger can help you to enclose the seam allowance of your fabric. In addition, it also trims the seam and works inside the threaded casing. In contrast, a sewing machine cannot perform all these tasks at once and all.



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