How To Fix Jeans Buttonhole

Sewing buttonholes seems a little complex; however, once you know the nitty-gritty of it, there is nothing that can stop you. Even people with sewing machines find it difficult to sew a buttonhole because it stands at the jeans’ thickest part. Stay with us to know how you can fix a jeans buttonhole and learn a few other things related to it.

How To Fix Jeans Buttonhole?

Fix Jeans Buttonhole

If the buttonhole of your jeans is torn at the end, you can patch and recut it, and if the hole’s stitches are coming loose, you can re-sew with hand or a machine using a buttonhole stitch or a zigzag stitch, respectively. However, before that, you will have to take out the existing stitches around the tear. After that, you will have to take a piece of material to use as a patch and put it between the outer and the facing material. You can now start stitching.

Read on to know how you can re-sew a buttonhole with your hands and understand how to repair it using a sewing machine. We will also put forth some tips and troubleshooting ideas when the sewing machine does not smoothly function while working with buttonholes.

Steps To Fix Your Jeans’ Buttonhole By Hand

Following the process mentioned below, you can re-sew a buttonhole of your jeans by hand. Let us take a look at it.

Step 1: To begin with, you have to start at the good end of the buttonhole and sew over the stitches that are still in place.

Step 2: Now, you have to knot the thread, then push the needle from the wrong side of your jeans’ buttonhole and through the stitches.

Step 3: You need to push the needle downwards through the hole and bring it up through the material near the hole’s end.

Step 4: Now, bring the thread under the needlepoint from left to right.

Step 5: You need to pull the needle and thread through the material and towards the button hole’s cut edge.

Step 6: Then, pull the thread enough to make a steadfast loop at the button hole’s edge.

Step 7: Now, continue with the stitches alongside your jeans’ buttonhole. You have to keep the stitches close together.

Step 8: You have to take four wide stitches to make it stronger at the end.

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 on the other side of the buttonhole.

How To Fix The Buttonhole Of Your Jeans Using A Sewing Machine

fix jeans buttonhole using sewing machine

Let us now look at the process of fixing the buttonhole of your jeans using a sewing machine. Before you start with the method, you have to set up the device to make a zigzag stitch as wide as a buttonhole stitch.

Step 1: Begin by stitching on one side of the buttonhole.

Step 2: You have to make the stitches wider at the end to reach across the entire hole.

Step 3: You have to repeat the stitch three to four times according to your requirement.

Step 4: Now, you need to make the stitch narrow again and stitch along the buttonhole’s second side.

Step 5: Towards the end, make the stitches wider again to reach across the hole.

Troubleshoot Sewing Machine Issues While Fixing Button Hole

troubleshoot sewing machine issues

It is comparatively more comfortable to re-sew the buttonhole of your jeans using a sewing machine than fixing it with your hands. However, these machines seem to cause minor problems while stitching the buttonholes. It is so because the area where a buttonhole is placed is usually the thickest part of the bottom wear.

But you do not have to worry; we have it all sorted for you. To help you troubleshoot the issues, we have listed below a few tips. Without wasting time further, let us take a look at it.

  1. It would help to try using a regular thread while re-sewing the buttonhole. You can also use a polyester thread of the same color as the topstitching thread if you want coherence
  2. It will help to check your bobbin case if there is a little arm with a hole in it. If you find it there, then you can thread your bobbin through that hole. Doing so will help in creating a crisp tension with a buttonhole or bar tack stitch.
  3. You can also purchase a buttonhole cutter. This tool will help you cut sharp incisions in between your buttonhole stitching. You will also find seam rippers, but they are not as accurate and sharp as the buttonhole cutters to be able to cut through layered jeans.
  4. It would be best to soak the front and back of the bottom wear in a fray-preventing product to keep it protected from fraying before you cut the buttonhole of your jeans.
  5. It will be wise to interface the buttonhole area where the button and the hole will go. Since it is a fabric you are cutting a hole into, and as it will take a lot of pressure if you wear it daily, it would help if it is stabilized.
  6. If you find it necessary, you can adjust the tension of the machine. It would be best if you did because you will need a balanced stitch without any thread being pulled out from the front.

However, sometimes it isn’t easy to get a neat and beautiful buttonhole despite all the efforts you have put in. It is due to the buttonhole foot, which has a fixed height and can get stuck on the thick seams at the waistband edge. We have mentioned a method to sew using a buttonhole plate and a buttonhole foot to help you with it. Let us take a look at it.

Fix A Button Hole Using A Buttonhole Plate And A Buttonhole Foot

  1. You have to attach the buttonhole plate to the back of the foot and then snap into the notches on the foot’s front. Your jeans will be in between two metal plates. Doing so will ensure that the presser foot can handle the fabric’s thickness and uneven seams consistently. It results in a smooth buttonhole stitch.
  2. The height compensation tool can also be used to support the side and the front of the buttonhole plate. It will help in ensuring that everything is parallel.
  3. It is more comfortable to sew your jeans’ buttonhole upside down, meaning that the bobbin side will be the finished side.
  4. It would be best to practice the buttonhole stitch on a scrap before getting directly on the final product.

How To Fix The Button On Your Jeans Without Sewing?

fix jeans button without sewing

The button which fell off your jeans has left in it. You have to go to either the right or left of the hole because it will go just right through the existing hole if you place the button in the same position. Now push the tack through as far as you can so that you can see it on the other side. You have to apply the button to the tack and carefully hold the button in place. Then hammer it in. After a couple of good whacks, you are done, and your bottom wear is ready to wear.

How Do You Fix A Buttonhole On Jeans Without Sewing?

fix jeans button without sewing

You can use a button and tack to do the trick for you. You can create a new hole near the existing buttonhole. Make the hole with a seam ripper or buttonhole cutter and put the tack through the hole. Then place the button on the tack and hammer it. It will take a few good whacks to make the button stay put on the tack firmly. There you are with the new buttonhole on your jeans without sewing it.



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