How To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing

Sheer curtains are mainly used in beachfront homes, rooms, or on the terrace. It helps in enhancing the eye-catching view, which you get to see outside. These curtains are transparent and also have a thick side, which makes them a bit useful. 

On the other hand, sheer curtains can be used on other curtains in the form of decoration. If you have a dark-shaded curtain, it will look much better on it. If the curtain is longer than it should be, it doesn’t look good in an individual’s eye and appears dirty. 

Sewing and cutting the sheer curtain is pretty simple. But if you want to make the curtain shorter without stitching or sewing, it will be impossible to do so. For such reasons, you need to follow the information provided on this blog. 

How To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing?

You can easily shorten your sheer curtain without stitching by using fusible tape or fabric glue. These two techniques are pretty effective and will not consume too much time as well. 

You are free to opt for any one of the techniques. Choose the one that suits you best for you and then proceed further with the work. Before you do anything, make sure to understand how the work is done. 

When you obtain a solid understanding one the method/methods to shorten the sheer curtains, you can instantly get the work done. Both the techniques are simple, and you do not face any issues. 

But to learn about these two methods in detail, you can check the information given below. 

To begin the work, you need to hem the sheer curtain first. For that, you will require fusible tape or material/fabric glue, an iron board, pins, scissors, and iron. If there is additional material, you can trim it out with sharp scissors. Now, let’s check out the steps. 

Step 1: Mark The Length 

You first have to decide how long you want the sheer curtains to be. Take some pins and mark them in a straight line. Doing so will help you determine how long the curtains need to be. 

You can also do this work with a ruler while the curtains are still hanging from the rod. Otherwise, you can pin them up while the curtains are still on the rod. 

When you have finished marking the length you want in the sheer curtain, please remove it from the rod. 

Step 2: Fold The Curtain Along The Length 

The next thing you need to do is fold the curtains at the length where you mark with the pins by folding up the additional material up and behind the curtain. After that, you have to pin up one more time at the hem’s top section.

Now, you have to iron or press the hem, which will provide you with a neat crease. 

Step 3: Hem The Curtains

This is the final step of the sheer curtain shortening work. Since there are two ways you can complete the last step, both techniques are explained below. 

Method 1: Fabric/Material Glue

If you have decided to hem up your sheer curtains with the fabric glue, you have to apply the glue at the fabric’s edge, which is the top section of the hem. You can use any fabric glue, and you can easily get them from Amazon or eBay.

Method 2: Fusible Tape

When you want to use the iron-on fusible tape, you have to place the tape right under the hem’s edge. Take a hot iron and place it above the material to secure the bond. 

Whatever direction is mentioned on the fusible tape packaging for applying it on the curtain, make sure to follow that. 

Also, when you are applying the heat, don’t move the iron back and forth. Just hold onto the heat for several seconds and then move towards a different section. 

Determining The Amount Of Hem Required For Shortening

The hem size will depend significantly on the size of your curtain. The standard hem of a sheer curtain is between 3 inches to 4 inches. But if the curtain is short, the hem will be around 2 inches, and for the longer curtain, it will be 5 inches. 

When you are in the middle of shortening your sheer curtain, you have to leave out a good amount of material for the hemming work. 

You need to cut down your curtains to 6 inches to 8 inches longer than the length you will like for a regular curtain. For a longer curtain, you will need to cut 10 inches long, and for the shorter one, it will be 4 inches. 

How To Join Broad Curtains?

When the length is not the problem but the width is, you can join the two curtains. What’s more? You will join the curtains without stitching. 

When you have a large window at your home, you will require numerous curtain panels to have it covered. But if you pull all the panels one at a time, the entire process will become tiresome for you. 

So, to make the situation more manageable for you, the two non-sewing methods given below will be a great help for you. 

  • Fabric/Material Glue

When you decide to go for the fabric glue, you need to lay down the panels on a flat surface. 

From the panel’s edge, you need to measure ½ inch and mark the distance between the top and the bottom panel. For the marking work, you can use chalk. Otherwise, a pen with disappearing ink will also do the trick. 

Please go through the glue’s packaging and check the direction on how to use it. Follow the instructions correctly and apply the glue to the panel. Remember, the adhesive dries pretty quickly, so attach the panel a little fast. Once the fabric glue is completely dried off, you can hang the sheer curtain on your window. 

  • Fusible Tape

Under the iron-on fusible tape method, you will need an iron board and an iron. You have to apply the fusible tape at the curtain panel’s edge right from top to bottom. 

Once again, go through the direction of use provided on the packaging of the fusible tape before you apply it. You must follow that particular instruction. Also, don’t forget to leave out the rod’s opening free. 

You have to line up the other panel [The 2nd one] right above the fusible tape. Be sure that an even amount of material is overlapping downwards. This way, you will not have crooked curtains. To secure the bond, you need to apply the hot iron above the material. 

Try to hold on to the iron for some time and then shift to the other section of the material. Then you need to work all your way down towards the curtain panel’s end. Before you hang the sheer curtains, you need to check where the seam is completely fused and secured. 

Where To Purchase Sheer Curtains From?

If you are searching for transparent screens for your shutters, there are two ways you can get them, which are through online or a physical store. Among the two options, the online one stands out as the perfect one, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You will find many online stores that provide some of the best sheer curtains of all time. Choosing the online option will be a good idea for you as it will give you a wide range of curtains. You can easily select the design and style you want so that it matches perfectly with your preference. 

Buying sheer curtains from physical stores is also an excellent choice. You have to visit the store on your own. You have to go around multiple shops until you find the one that sells genuine and high-quality curtains. 

Make sure to check the product well before you think of buying it. Also, don’t forget to check the price. 

Will It Be Cheaper If I Make The Curtains?

In short, yes, it will be. But even if you make it your own, it will still depend heavily on the color and style you want within a sheer curtain. 

If you are only choosing to make your curtain instead of buying because of the cost, the process might be a little difficult for you. But if you carry the equipment and skillset, making your very own curtains will become a lot easier for you. 

It’s also one of the best ways to customize your room or your kid’s or parents’ rooms in a hassle-free manner. You can use soft-colored sheer curtains to hang over the dark-colored curtains in your living room. It will surely intensify the charm of your interiors. 

Can I Use The Trimming Method To Shorten The Curtains?

Yes, you can do so. The sheer curtains are pretty long; you can cut them off with no issues. Hemming up the long curtains will make it appear bulky, so cutting them off will be the best thing to do. 

To trim off the curtain, you need to hang from the window to get the length you want. While the curtain hangs, you need to trim the extra material and leave a bit for folding it.



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