8 Singer Touch and Sew Bobbin Problems and Solutions

The introduction of Singer touch and sew is a revolution in the sewing machine industry. This lightweight sewing machine with plastic parts and less noise has become a favorite with sewers in no time. But just like all other lightweight sewing machines, the Singer touch and sew machine also has its share of problems.

Singer Touch and Sew Bobbin Problems

bobbin thread

As a sewer, you will face several problems with Singer touch and sew bobbin. The bobbin thread not coming up, looping of bobbin thread, wrong tension of bobbin thread, and the bobbin case getting stuck are a few of the bobbin related problems that you face.

Let us have a detailed look at the various singer touch and sew bobbin problems and the solutions for the same.

Unusual noise

When you use a sewing machine, the only sound that you should hear is the usual sound of the machine. If you hear any other unusual sound, then it means that there is a problem with the machine. The sound could be because the thread or a piece of fabric got stuck inside the bobbin.


You should immediately stop sewing and check the bobbin. If the thread is not wound correctly, you should do that without fail. Similarly, if you spot a piece of fabric in the bobbin, remove that and check the machine.

Loose bobbin case

If you feel that the bobbin case is loose, then you should check and make sure that this indeed is the problem. This is because sometimes the bottom plate might be loose, and you can easily mistake that for a loose bobbin case.


If you find that the bobbin case is indeed loose, then you should try to fix it up. For this, first, you should turn the wheel towards your direction so that the needle is at the highest point. Now remove the bobbin from its place and reinsert it. When you reinsert, you should be able to hear the click sound. The click sound indicates that the bobbin is in the right position and is intact.

Looping of the thread in the bobbin

bobbin thread

Instead of forming perfect stitches on the fabric, the thread keeps forming loops at the back of the fabric. This is mainly because of the wrong tension of the needle thread.


When this problem happens, the upper thread does not have the right tension to pull the bobbin thread through the fabric. Thus, you should adjust the tension of the upper thread.

You should also make sure that high-quality thread is used, as the low-quality thread can result in thread bunching. Similarly, the thread should also be smooth and even wound so that the threads do not loop.

Bobbin thread not coming up

Typically, if the bobbin thread is wound correctly, then you should be able to grab the bobbin thread when the handwheel is turned towards you. If this is not happening, then there is some problem.


You should first check the bobbin winding spindle and make sure that it is installed properly and pushed to the left. If it is not installed correctly, then the needle will not be able to pick up the thread. You should also make sure that the presser foot is up.

If the problem is not solved after doing this, then you should take the machine to a repair shop.

Tension problems with the bobbin thread.

bobbin thread

Sometimes you will notice that the bobbin tension does not suit your requirement or is irregular. In such a case, you can adjust the tension as required. You can check the bobbin tension by hanging the thread with the bobbin. If the tension is right, you should be able to shake the thread without the bobbin case falling down and unwind the thread one or two inches. If you cannot unwind the thread, then the tension is too high.


To get the right tension of the thread, all you have to do is to adjust the small screw in the bobbin. But you should adjust it very slowly so that you do not miss out on the right tension. You should turn the screw clockwise to loosen the tension and anticlockwise to tighten it.

Bobbin case is stuck and does not turn.

Bobbin case can get stuck anytime because of various reason. When this happens, you should carefully remove the case and examine it.


In most situations, the bobbin case gets stuck because of lint inside the case. If it is so, then you should get everything cleared. Use a flashlight and locate where the lint is located. Then using a tweezer, you can pull it out. You should also check the bottom plate to make sure that no needle, thread or fabric is stuck there.

Sometimes the bobbin thread tension could be very tight. If this is the case, then you should readjust the tension and then check to make sure that the bobbin case turns properly.

Bobbin winder problem

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Sometimes, when you try to wind the bobbin, you will notice the needle going up and down. This is because the needle winder did not disengage properly.


The main reason for this problem could be the presence of old oil in the machine. If this is the case, then you should remove the old oil and put some new drops of oil. Another reason could be that the ring under the bobbin winder might be out of position. If this is the case, you should try to get that fixed.

Bobbin winding unevenly

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If the bobbin is wound loosely, then the thread will be crisscross. This will result in uneven tension while stitching.


First of all, make sure that the correct bobbin is used for the machine. Secondly, while winding the bobbin, make sure that the thread passes through the winding tension disks. This ensures that the right tension is maintained and that the thread lies next to each other. If still, the problem persists, you can use your fingers to adjust the thread.

Related Questions

Why does my bobbin keep jamming?

The main reason for the jamming of the bobbin is improper maintenance of the machine. If the machine is cleaned and oiled at regular intervals, then the bobbin will not get jammed.If the machine is dirty or the thread is not threaded correctly, then also the bobbin will get jammed.

How do you clean a bobbin case?

To clean a bobbin case, you need the brush that comes along with the machine or a small toothbrush. You need to follow the below steps for cleaning a bobbin

  • Turn the machine off and unplug it.
  • Carefully remove the bobbin case and take the bobbin out.
  • Using the brush, clean the inside of the bobbin case.
  • Once it is cleaned, insert the bobbin inside the bobbin case.
  • Place the bobbin case into the hook and close the hook cover.

Does the bobbin case wear off?

The repetitive spinning of the bobbin case grinds down the inside part of the case. This results in the poor fitting of the case. As the bobbin case gets worn off, it moves back and forth, which is not normal. This is an indication that it is time to replace the bobbin case.

Can we interchange metal and plastic bobbins?


You should never interchange metal and plastic bobbins. This is because all machines are designed for a set tension setting. If you interchange metal and plastic bobbins, you may not get the right tension.



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