Best Commercial Embroidery Machine in 2023

Commercial embroidery machines have become a household name because of the growing popularity of custom designing different items. With these machines in tow, it is very easy to start an embroidery or monogramming business. A single machine can help you start a home business but, embroidery machines are a tad bit complicated as compared to a sewing machine. Therefore, you should consider learning the basics of sewing before you invest in an expensive machine.

Here we have created a list of top commercial embroidery machines that come with top quality and features. Our first choice from the list is the CAMFive EMB HT1501. It is an efficient machine with outstanding software that makes it an extremely user-friendly embroidery machine. Read on to know more about and other top embroidery machines that you can consider based on your requirement and budget.

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

RankNameRatingsPriceLCD Control PanelMemorySpeedDiscount Link

CAMFive EMB HT1501 Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

5/5$$$4 MB1200 SPM

Janome 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

4.3/5$3 MB60-800 SPM

Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

4.2/5$3 MB400-860 SPM

Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

3.8/5$3 MB860 SPM

Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

3.4/5$$3 MB800 SPM

No.1 CAMFive EMB HT1501 Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine


  • Works well with unconventional surfaces
  • Touchscreen LCD control panel
  • Memory of 100 million stitches
  • Design preview options
  • USB Port


  • Expensive

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CAMFive HT1501 is an ideal choice for small businesses whose main area of interest is personalization and promotions. This is great for working on flat surfaces like fabrics, blankets, towels, and unassembled clothing pieces but it is even better when it comes to working with edges and curves like that on hats, jackets, t-shirts, pillows, etc.

This machine is a high-caliber commercial embroidery machine that comes with a memory capacity of almost 100 million stitches. It also has 15 needles meaning you can work with 15 colors. The touchscreen control panel of this machine is 8 inches in size and offers an interactive experience where you can work with patterns, designs, and colors. CAMFive has a design preview option, where you can plan your designs and lets you perform a test run to ensure that the design fits on your fabric and the hoop.

CAMFive HT1501 has Koban Japanese Rotary Hooks and a 270-degree angle cap system. Further, it has a pantograph or sash frame for flat embroidery. It enables you to create large designs or produce many small patches. When it comes to mechanical parts, this machine comes with an Anti-Static Pipeline. There’s a standard USB port in the machine and it works well with the USB flash memory.

This top-end embroidery machine has a sash frame for flat embroidery. This frame is also known as Pantograph and enables large designs and several small patches of design. When you place an order for this machine, along with it, you also receive a complete tool kit that can come in handy for preventive maintenance and includes spare parts and the bobbin winder.

CAMFive HT has been manufactured using the standards set under CNC (Computerized Numerical Control). The brand relies on strict manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum product stability. With CAMFive you will experience minimum wear and tear of its components throughout its lifetime. The machine is accompanied by manuals and instructional videos that help with the installation of machine software and also take you through the basics of using CAMFive HT1501.

No.2 Janome 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine


  • 175 built-in embroidery designs
  • 200 built-in sewing stitches
  • 6 types of buttonholes
  • Sturdy design


  • Can’t work on large projects
  • In-built designs are generic

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Janome 9850 machine is popularly known as the Memory Craft 9850. This is a sewing and embroidery machine that does an excellent job in both. This machine’s embroidering prowess is what makes it an excellent choice for someone looking for an easy to use and extra-ordinary embroidery machine. Janome 9850 lets you get creative with your designs and is an ideal investment for embroidering for home décor, clothes, fabric crafting, monograms and not to forget garment sewing.

Janome 9850 has a 7-speed dog feed and delivers a stitching speed of 60-800 SPM for embroidery and upto 1000 SPM for stitching. You can control the speed of the machine using a simple slider. There is also a foot pressure adjustment option. This is an extremely easy to use machine with a control panel LCD screen. On this screen, you can do everything from choosing a design to changing stitch design and so much more. This control panel is in color, which means, you can see your design in full color and manipulate your designs with your touch.

Editing functions offered in the machine include resize, combine, duplicate, flip, arc, drag, drop, zoom, trace, group, and color choices. Janome 9850 has a USB port that makes it easy to connect to the internet and to import design for stitching, embroidering, and monogramming. Additional features include a built-in needle threader, standard hoops, adjustable hoop positioning one-step needle plate conversion, bobbin winder, and application support.

Janome provides you with 3 MB storage on this embroidery means. You can import and store numerous designs from the internet if you get bored of the 175 in-built options. This sewing and embroidery machine has a full intensity lighting system that makes working in low light an easy job. It has 5 white LED lamps placed at 3 strategic locations to sufficiently light up the work area.

Janome 9850’s accessories include ? inch seam foot O, darning foot, embroidery hoop, multiple foots, and tools.

No.3 Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine


  • Affordable
  • On-screen editing
  • Easy to setup and use
  • High-quality designs


  • A limited number of embroidery designs

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Memory Craft 500E is a reliable commercial embroidery machine. This machine is easy to use and is ideal for working on home décor, garments, and accessories. this machine has 160 built-in embroidery designs and 6 beautiful fonts for monogramming. With the Janome Memory Craft 500E, the possibilities are endless. With this machine, you can work on creative projects of all shapes and sizes, effortlessly.

Memory Craft 500E comes with a 4 embroidery hoops and an extra-wide table for an expansive workroom. This is one of the few machines in the market that lets you create embroidery on different surfaces and working with big material like a bedsheet or a quilt is also a simple job. 550E gives you an embroidery speed of 400-860 SPM along with flexible stitch traveling by units of 1,10, 100.

There is an LCD screen on the machine which is its control hub. From here, you can access editing functions like enlarge, reduce, flip, drag, drop, copy and paste, grouping, color change, zoom, and so many more options. This is a touch screen panel that responds to the slightest of touch and lets you finish your work with just a few swipes.

The standard accessories that come with this commercial embroidery machine include high tension bobbin holder, 4 embroidery hoops, and an embroidery foot. There are also several optional accessories that you can choose to be delivered with your machine.

No.4 Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine


  • Professional embroidery quality
  • Incredible stitching speed
  • Easy to use
  • Loaded with accessories


  • Slightly difficult for beginners
  • Embroidery only machine

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Janome Memory Craft 440E is an easy to use embroidery only machine from Janome. It is a reliable machine that can execute large designs with ease. This machine has an embroidery field of 7.9×7.9 inches which is a decent size for getting creative on a fabric. Janome 440E is an excellent example of craftsmanship that has made Janome one of the leading sewing machine brands in the world.

Janome Memory Craft 440E is sturdy in its make and is affordable on the pocket. If you are looking for a machine that can stand the test of time, this is the commercial embroidery machine for you. with this machine, you get an embroidery speed of 860 SPM. Combined with features like programmable jump thread trimming, adjustable hoop positioning, this machine can help you create extraordinary designs with precision.

There is a full-color LCD touchscreen on the side of the panel that takes care of all the functions with just a few swipes. The responsive screen of the panel allows the editing of designs in terms of size, color, angles, etc. You can also combine two designs with the help of the touchscreen. Memory Craft 440E has 160 built-in designs and you can use the USB port to import more.

Accessories that come along with this machine are needle set, embroidery foot, plastic bobbins, screwdrivers, spool holders, embroidery pin, embroidery hoop, extra spool pin, touch panel stylus, instruction book, template sheet, and more.

No.5 Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine


  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Lighted work area
  • Large bobbin size
  • Ten monogramming fonts


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to use

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Janome MB-4S is a 4-needle embroidery machine that is compatible with most embroidery formats. The four needles of this machine are what make it an ideal commercial embroidery machine. This machine works smoothly with six-industry standard Tajima hoops. This machine is not beginner-friendly, rather it is perfect only for experienced embroiderers who are looking for a heavy-duty workhorse.

This machine is fitted with some of the best technologies that have been leading the sewing machine industry. The four needles of this machine enable you to use 4 different colored threads without stopping to change the spool. It also helps you create colorful embroidery in a short time. It has 50 built-in embroidery designs that let you create a variety of designs on your projects. If you are feeling inspired, you can also create your designs using a computer.

With this machine, you can modify an already existing design, or you can create a design from scratch. The USB port on the machine lets you import designs and take up beautiful creative projects with ease. This machine does not have automatic threading, but it is quite simple to do with printed paths. The work area on this machine is illuminated with four LED lamps strategically located above the needle.

What to Consider While Purchasing a Commercial Embroidery Machine

Want to buy a commercial embroidery machine? The following are the factors that you need to consider before investing your money in an embroidery machine. These factors will ensure that you purchase a machine that is worth its price.


The first and foremost point to consider is the purpose of the machine. Why do you need a commercial embroidery machine? Are you planning to become a professional embroiderer and take up big and continuous embroidery projects? If your answer is yes, you should go ahead and invest in a top-quality embroidery machine. On the other hand, if you are looking to take up some hoppy projects like designing pillow covers, or a t-shirt for your friend, then you should consider investing in a smaller embroidery machine or a regular two-in-one machine that can both sew and embroider with ease.


There are three types of embroidery machines: mechanical embroidery machines, electronic embroidery machines, and computerized embroidery machines. As their names suggest, a mechanical machine is a manual machine that comes with some basic settings.

An electronic machine uses electricity for embroidering and offers some advanced functions that make it a better choice than a mechanical embroidering machine. Last but not the least, computerized machine work on electricity and has its software that makes embroidering an easy and fun experience.

Which type do you want? Please note that all these machines come with different price tags. The mechanical machines are the cheapest while the computerized versions are the costliest.


Commercial embroidery machines are designed to give you superior results in less time and with minimal efforts. Still, the features and functions vary according to the price range as well as the brand. For example, some commercial embroidery machines come with an automatic needle threader while others have a night light option. Both the functions solve different purposes but substantially add or reduce the ease of usage and price. While purchasing an embroidery machine, you have to consider which features you need in your machine and which ones you can miss.


Several brands manufacture commercial embroidery machines. So, you will find plenty of options in the market. Every brand has a signature style, and their machines have specific and sometimes unique features, that is why the price bands vary too. When you set out to purchase your commercial embroidery machine, start by exploring your favorite brand, this will ensure ease of use and course trust in the machine.

If you are buying a sewing machine for the first time and you have no idea where to start, it will best explore the top names in the industry like Brother, Janome, etc. You can also talk to an individual who is an expert in handling embroidery machines like a seamstress, an embroiderer, or a person who has been selling sewing machines for a few years. Never purchase a machine without doing your brand homework.

Price Range

The price range or your budget for purchasing a commercial embroidery machine also matters in the decision-making process. Since there are plenty of options in the market, you may easily get lost in the process of choosing a sewing machine for yourself. Setting your budget as you start your search will ensure that you get all the desired features without overshooting a budget.

Moreover, it is not true that the costliest commercial embroidery machine is the best. You will find several decent and rather good options in the middle range. When in doubt, again ask a subject matter expert for guidance and make a sensible decision for yourself and your bank balance.

Is an Embroidery Machine the Same as A Sewing Machine?

An embroidery machine and a sewing machine are structurally the same but fundamentally they are different in what they do. As the name suggests, a sewing machine allows regular stitching while an embroidery machine allows embroidery stitching. There are also two-in-one machines available in the market which can both stitch and embroider with just a few changes in machine settings.

Why Is Embroidery So Expensive?

An embroidery machine is a tad bit more sophisticated than a simple sewing machine. It comes fitted with brilliant features and is capable of handling way more complicated processes as compared to a simple sewing machine. Further, sewing does not call for creativity and skills, while with embroidery, you have to have a fair bit of understanding of designs and decent embroidery skills.These are mainly the reasons why embroidery is expensive than sewing and embroidery machines are pricier than sewing machines.How Do I Start My Own Embroidery Business?

The first thing you need to start your own embroidery business is a passion for embroidery. If you have it then you can go ahead and invest in an embroidery machine. Why do you need this? To learn the skills that will help you establish a successful business. Yes, you can always hire experts to do your job but then, you should always know the skill you are investing in. simply buying a commercial embroidery machine will not help you, you will have to invest in the skills and the if you can hire people, you will need to find people with extra-ordinary skills.

How Do I Market My Embroidery Business?

Several methods can help you market your embroidery business. Start by identifying your customer base. Then grow your network and reach out to people with your best samples. Today, the best way to do some marketing is to go online and show off your work. Create an Instagram account and reach out to past clients, friends, and prospects. Also, do not forget your current customers. Go out of your way to please them and they are sure to market you in their circles.


A commercial embroidery machine is a piece of expensive equipment. A commercial embroidery machine is not for beginners. The embroidery itself is complicated as compared to sewing, it goes a notch up when it comes to commercial embroidering. It is advisable to learn the basics of sewing before you dive nose-first into different designs, threads, and fabrics.

CAMFive EMB HT1501 Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine is the best commercial embroidery sewing machine in the market right now. It comes with the latest features and software that makes embroidering a simple and breezy process. If you are all set to bring your own machine home, consider all the points mentioned above and do your homework before you pay the bill.



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