Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine in 2023

An sewing and embroidery machine is an ideal machine for individuals who would like to embroider more and stitch less. While you will find several embroidery only machines in the market, it will always be good to invest in a machine that can do both. There are several combo machines out there from top brands like Brother, Janome, etc.

Here, we have reviewed some of the top sewing and embroidery machines in the market at the moment. After checking out all the machines listed here, we found that Brother SE600 to be the best sewing and embroidery machine for home embroidery projects. It is easy to use yet it is power-packed with numerous automatic features. It also offers a splendid sewing speed which means, your project gets over faster. Read on to find more about our winner and other options that are good too.

Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine

RankNameRatingsPriceBuilt-in sewing stitchesEmbroidery fieldBuilt-in designsDiscount Link

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

4.6/5$1034″ X 4″80

Powerful machine that is fast and efficient.

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

4.6/5$$$2405″ X 7″138

Versatile machine with stunning in-built designs.

Janome 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

4.3/5$$$2008.1″ X 4.7″175

Extra-ordinary embroidery machine with a sewing speed of 1000 spm.

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Star Wars Faceplates

4.2/5$$1034″ X 4″80

A perfect embroidery machine for Star Wars fans with in-built Star Wars Designs.

Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

4.0/5$1034″ X 4″80

A balanced sewing and embroidery machine in a decent budget.

No.1 Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Easy to setup
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Automatics needle-threader
  • 25-years limited warranty


  • Needs some basic tech knowledge
  • Random error messages
  • Complicated functions

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Brother SE600 is an ideal sewing and embroidery machine for sewers who would like to take up small home projects as a hobby. This machine comes with all the features that you may need in a combo machine. It has 100 built-in stitches and 80 embroidery designs that can be used from Day 1. Further SE600 has a USB port which makes it possible to work with way more designs than what the machine comes with.

SE600 is also a great machine for monogramming towels, handkerchief, t-shirts, etc. It features six unique embroidery lettering fonts that can make beautiful designs with just a few moves. This machine also offers customizable options that let you personalize your fonts and style design. Making a design with this machine is as simple as choosing the design and selecting a thread color. Rest everything will be taken care of by SE600.

This is a two-in-one machine which means it will let you sew as well as embroider, so you do not have to spend your money on two machines. What’s more, Brother is one of the most trusted sewing machine makers in the world, therefore, your machine will perform better than you expect and the company also covers the machine with a 25-year limited warranty. You will find Brother’s service centers almost anywhere in the US.

Some of the top features of this machine include 103 built-in stitches, 80 designs, a USB port, LCD touchscreen, automatic needle threader, free arm, and an extra-large embroidery area. This machine also has built-in LED lights which make it very easy to work in low light.

No.2 Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Loaded with features
  • Reliable
  • Excellent performance


  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners

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This is a superior embroidery machine that can both sew and embroider and is ideal for personal use or home business. SE1900 offers a whopping 240 built-in sewing stitches and 138 embroidery designs. Not just this, SE1900 is packed to the brim with innovative features and is surprisingly easy to use.

Brother SE1900 has a sizable embroidery space – 5×7. This space is the biggest in its range and is wonderful for creating larger designs. It comes with a huge number of stitches and designs and for those who want to make mammograms, this machine comes with 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic font.

SE1900’s embroidery software is easy to use and lets you glide through the settings before you get to your fabric. The touchscreen LED lets you use your fingers to choose stitch length, width, designs, thread colors and so much more with just a few touches. Did you know that this machine lets you combine designs and lets you create unique new ones of your own? The machine also has a USB port;therefore, you can upgrade the software from time-to-time and also download more designs for your embroidery.

Brother packs SE1900 with a truckload of accessories like ten button-hole styles, eight quick-change sewing foot, options for side stitching and horizontal stitching, and anembroidery arm, a 25-year limited warranty. What’s more? You receive an embroidery bobbin, embroidery arm, thread spools, scissors, knee lifter, grid sheet set and more.

No.3 Janome 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy design
  • 200 built-in sewing stitches
  • 175 built-in embroidery designs
  • 6 types of buttonholes
  • 1000 spm


  • Expensive
  • Not great designs
  • Smaller hoops, not ideal for bigger embroidery designs

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Janome 9850 is a great machine for embroidery, garment sewing, fabric crafting, and quilting. This is one of the most efficient all-in-one machines available in the market right now. It also the most stable sewing machine from Janome. This machine works precisely to produce an amazing switch quality that is great for creating projects that encompass fine work like lace designs.

Janome 9850 is an extraordinarily fast machine with a sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute. There is hardly any machine in the market right now that match that kind of speed and accuracy. To top it all, this machine is also very quiet. Janome 9850 offers features and specifications that often come with machines that cost twice as much and require a steep learning curve.

Janome has designed this machine with an attention to detail and an intention to make it fun to use. It is fitted with the new generation of the processor which four times faster than its predecessor. So, when you invest in this machine, you do everything faster and with perfect finishing.

Janome 9850 has a sleek design and comes with a detachable embroidery unit that sits hidden at the back of the machine. What makes this machine even more delightful is its LCD touchscreen with a stylus. It is probably the first machine that lets you choose your designs, stitch setting, and more with a stylus. The interface is also quite simple to understand.

This machine has an in-built memory where it stores all the in-built designs. It comes with a USB port that lets you import more designs and do so much more with your embroidery machine.

When you order this machine, you receive a ton of accessories that make working with this machine both convenient and fun. Some of the accessories are thread-cutter, 1 standard hoop, easy set bobbin, free arm, and optional accessories like semi hardcover, knee lift, cloth guide, and straight stitch needles. This machine comes with a 12 months fault warranty and 5 years electronics warranty.

No.4 Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Star Wars Faceplates


  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • 3 different stitch positions
  • 10 button hole settings


  • Small embroidery hoop for some projects
  • Hoop options have to be purchased separately

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This machine is from another Galaxy. No, not exactly but its design is simply outstanding and it pleases you effortlessly with its power packed features. One of the biggest perks of this machine is that you get 10 Star Wars embroidery designs which can be downloaded from You also receive a code that will let you down 10 additional space themed designs.

The good things about this machine do not end here. This machine which is officially known as Brother LBS5000s comes with 80 built-in designs that are not related to Star Wars. Further, there’s a USB port that lets you download more designs and have a field day with your creativity. For monogramming, you will find nine fonts which include 6 English and 3 Japanese fonts,

Brother LBS5000s makes your life easy by giving you options like automatic feed thread cutting function, 7 sewing feet, LCD touchscreen, automatic threading, and more. With this machine, you can sew at a speed of 710 stitches per minute. You can also adjust this speed according to your comfort. If you are a pro, you can always work at full speed but if you are a beginner, you can set your speed to a slower option and learn the nuances.

This machine comes with a 3×2 inch color touchscreen LCD that makes it easy to choose individual thread colors, choose a design, move the placement of the design, place the lettering on an arc, and more. This LCD feature makes this machine a great option for working on smaller, curved, and fine designs.

When you order this machine, you receive 4 bobbins, a seam ripper, a ballpoint needle, needle set, twin needle, spool caps, an eyelet punch, a screwdriver, a demo CD and so many other helpful accessories.

No.5 Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  • Great LCD screen
  • Automatic functions
  • Reasonable price
  • LED bulbs
  • Lightweight


  • Limited hoop size
  • Slightly complicated to learn
  • Plastic parts

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Brother SE625 is a perfect machine for both sewers and embroiders. It balances the goods of both the worlds perfectly and helps you be versatile with your projects. This is a modern-looking machine that is lightweight and sits perfectly in the corner of your hobby room. When it comes to embroidery this machine packs a punch with its 280 designs. 80 of them are inbuilt and 200 come in the accompanying CD. It also has a USB port that can be used to download more designs and do more with your SE625.

Sewing functions on the machine are equally impressive, you get 103 stitch patterns with this machine. These cover various decorative as stylish stitches. This is a decent number of stitches for you if you plan to embroider more and stitch less. SE625 is also a great option for quilters. It comes es with an expanded needle-to-arm workspace that makes way for big quilts and their layers. The drop-dog feed allows for free motion as you create a piece of art from fabrics.

This machine compliments its embroidering and sewing capabilities with automatic functions like it will stop sewing when you are about to run out of bobbin thread. SE625 also saves the settings that you are working at the moment so that you can quickly get back to it the next time you begin. Other automatic functions include speed control, automatic thread cutter, needle up-down position, etc.

When you order this machine, you receive accessories like bobbins, a screwdriver, a cleaning brush, a power cord, a foot pedal, spool caps, a power cord, etc.

What to Consider While Buying an Sewing And Embroidery Machine

  1. Purpose

The first and most important question is what do you want to do with your machine. Do you want a machine to create a one-off design on a t-shirt or a pillowcase or do you plan to get creative with big and regular projects? If you are going to make one or two designs with the machine, there’s no point in spending so much money on an exclusive machine. On the other hand, if you are going to stay busy with embroidery projects, you ought to invest in a good machine that is easy to use and has extra-ordinary features.

  1. Versatility

There are several types of machines available in the market. Some can only sew; some can only embroider and then some machines are machines that can do both. The smart thing to do is to invest in a versatile machine that can do both so that when you finally make up your mind to embroider, you do not have to purchase asecond machine.

  1. Number of Designs

If you want to embroider, you will need designs. All the machines come with a few in-built designs, but some machines can connect to a computer and download more designs from the internet. The latest models of sewing machines can also connect to Wi-Fi to transfer designs while older models need a USB cable. A machine that connects to the internet is always convenient than an embroidery machine that does not.

  1. Screen Size and Type

A machine’s screen size and type can make or break your embroidering experience with the machine. A bigger screen with a color touchscreen will always be convenient to use as compared to a small, black, and white screen. Other than the screen size, you also need to checkout the features of the screen: what it lets you do, like select designs, change font size, combine designs, etc.

  1. Hoop Size

The hoop size of an embroidery machine decides how big your design can be, therefore, the bigger the hoop size the better. If you intend to create small designs or just monograms, a smaller size hoop will do too. How can you check the hoop size? The easiest way is to read the manual, it will mention the hoop size. If it doesn’t you can guess the hoop size by observing the distance between the needle and the body of the sewing machine. More the distance, the bigger the hoop.

  1. Accessories

Before purchasing an embroidery machine, check the accessories that the machine comes with. More than accessories better the option because the accessories let you do more with your machine. One more thing to note about accessories is that some features come as in-built in costlier machines while in cheaper machines they come as an accessory. So, you can purchase either based on your budget and enjoy the same facilities.

  1. Warranty

No matter which machine you go for, you should always checkout the warranty offered by the brand. You will need it in case something goes wrong with your machine as soon as you start creating a design. Do not forget to check if there’s a service center near your place with experienced technicians who can resolve issues locally.

  1. Budget

Last but not the least, you have to ensure that the machine you choose fits in your budget. Buying a top-end model that has all the features is great but that does not mean you can overshoot on your budget. Hence, you will have your homework and find one that does everything you want your machine to do and also fit in your budget. To achieve this, you will have to start by making a list of your requirements and then matching them product specifications of different embroidery machines.

Should I buy an embroidery machine?

Yes, if you are planning to learn embroidery or take up embroidery projects. You can invest in a good embroidery machine if you already have a sewing machine but if you do not, you can consider investing in a machine that can do both sewing and embroidery. Most top-rated rated brands make a two-in-one machine that combines the goodness of sewing as well as embroidery, in one good investment.

Can you sew clothes with embroidery thread?

Yes, you can sew clothes with an embroidery thread. The difference between an embroidery thread and a sewing thread is that embroidery threads are more decorative looking than sewing threads and are available on more colors and textures. Sewing threads on the other hand are stronger and more durable. Both can be used interchangeably.

Can you do regular sewing on an embroidery machine?

Some machines are embroidery only, so, you cannot sew on them. You will find severalembroideryonly machines from top sewing machine brands and the same brands. If you would like to do both regularly, you should invest in a 2-in-1 machine that will sew and embroider like a pro.

What do I need to get started with machine embroidery?

For making embroideries on the machine, you will need embroidery thread, a special bobbin, needles, temporary adhesive spray, and small scissors. Based on what you plan to make on the fabric, you will need the design/pattern in your machine.


Modern embroidery machines are powerful, efficient, and versatile. If you are looking for a machine that delivers everything you need in a budget, you should consider the machines listed above. Our winning machine, Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a must of both the beginner and professional individuals who would like to do more with a single machine. It comes with a 25-year limited warranty which will ensure that the machine becomes your BFF for this life.



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