Can I Use A Singer Needle In A Brother Machine

There are singer universal regular point needles which are specially made to help sewers get needlework done quickly and efficiently. Singer needles come in different sizes; thus they are suitable for a wide selection of fabrics. Size 16/100 is used on heavy fabrics, 90/14 for medium weight fabrics, and 80/11 for lightweight fabrics.

Can you use Singer needles on a Brother machine? It can be quite disconcerting to realize that you bought Singer needles while you have a Brother machine. This article answers this question and other vital questions that you might have about your Brother machine.

Can I Use A Singer Needle In A Brother Machine

can i use a singer needle in a brother machine

The good news is, you don’t need to own a singer sewing machine for you to use singer needles. They can be used with different brands including Brother.

One of the primary reasons why you need to use singer needles for your Brother machine is that they are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Whether you need to sew pillowcases, grocery bags, blankets, slacks, carpets, or anything else for home or commercial use, singer needles can doubtlessly come in handy.

Why Should I Use Singer Needles For My Brother Machine

Singer needles are ideal for your Brother machine for a number of reasons including:

  • They come in a wide range of sizes (60/8, 70/10, 80/11, 90/14), allowing you to switch if need be. These needles also feature a 9/70 size for very lightweight fabric such as chiffon and lace.
  • They feature thin, sharp points, which enable precision when you need to make perfectly straight stiches.
  • They are compatible with a number of quality machines including Brother and Kenmore. This makes them all the more desirable if you have different sewing machine brands.
  • They make general sewing easier with Singer Styles 2020, and 2045 that are commonly used for general sewing.

When sewing, you might need to change your needles severally, depending on the fabric. The next topics answer your questions about sewing machine needles: types; suitable sizes for your Brother machine; how to put a needle in your machine; as well as how often you ought to change your needles.

Do All Sewing Machines Take The Same Needles

For the most part, all sewing machines take the same needles. Nonetheless, embroidery, overlock, and other specialty machines might need specific needles. Also, there are some machine brands that demand the use of special needles. Therefore, make sure you read the manual before mounting a needle.

What Are The Basic Types Of Sewing Machine Needles

There are three major type of sewing machine needles.

  1. Universal Point Needles

Universal point needles are basically all-purpose needles which are used for sewing knits and woven. These needles have slightly rounded points. They are also tapered so that they can slip easily through weaves of knit without compromising their sharpness.

These needles come in an array of sizes, but the most popular ones are the 11/75 and 14/90.

  1. Sharp/Microtex needles

In case your work mostly involve sewing tightly woven fabrics, then sharp/Microtex needles will doubtlessly come in handy.

These needles come with thin acute points which create amazingly straight stitches and results in gorgeous top-stitching.

Just like other needles, they come in different sizes to suite different needs. Whether you need a heavy size of 18 or a fine size of 9, you will certainly find it in the market.

  1. Ball Point Needles

ball point needles

Sewing on knits is one of the major activities that tailors and sewing enthusiasts are normally involved in. ball point needles are specifically made for this task. Thanks to their rounded points, these needles will not snag when running through yarns of knit fabric.

When choosing these needles, you need to consider the thread you will use when sewing your knits. Luckily, you will find whatever you are looking for since they come in different sizes, ranging from 10/70 to 16/100.

There are a few other needles which are made for special purposes.

Leather needles: Leather needles are wedge-shaped and have slightly sharp cutting points. They are used for cutting through leather, suedes, and a host of non-woven leather imitations without creating huge holes.

Quilting needles: Quilting needles are specially made for machine quilting and piercing. They have a tapered design which does not only eliminate skipped stitches but also enhances a stress-free fabric penetration.

quilting needles

Topstitch Needles: Are you a sewer who is often forced to work with poor quality, heavy, or multiple threads? Well, if you are, you need a topstitch needle to make your work easier.

Topstitch needles help in creating perfectly straight stitches and stitch lines as long as a straight stitch plate is used.

Metallic Needles: Metallic needles are a must-have for those who work with metallic threads. They feature elongated eyes which thwart breaking and shredding of metallic threads.

Embroidery Needles: Decorative stitching and embroidery cannot be possible without the use of embroidery needles. These vital elements are designed for use with polyester, rayon, and a myriad of other threads used for embroidery.

embroidery needles

The needles have elongated eyes, widened grooves, and special carfs which shield fragile threads and safeguard against excess friction; hence making embroidery and decorative stitching a hassle-free affair.

Twin Needles: As the name suggests, twin needles are two needles that are mounted on one shaft, and they are often used to create two rows of stiches at the same time.

What Size Needle Does A Brother Machine Use

A Brother machine is compatible with different needle sizes based on what you intend to sew.

Needle sizes used in Brother sewing machines are provided in the American sizing system and the European metric sizing as follows;

8/60, 9/65, and 10/70: these needle sizes are suitable for light fabrics which include taffeta, silk, organza, lace, and voile.

11/80: the needle size is suitable for linen, satin, cotton, and other medium fabrics

11/75 and 12/80- these needle sizes are used for sewing lightweight fabrics such as Lycra, spandex, cotton, synthetics, and heavier silks.

14/90: this is the ideal in-between needle to use if you normally have to juggle between medium and heavy fabrics when undertaking your daily chores.

16/100: this is the needle size which is suitable for heavy fabrics such as curtains, denim, upholstery fabrics, and tweeds.

How Do You Put A Needle In A Brother Machine

how do you put a needle in a brother machine

To change or replace the needle in a Brother machine, follow these simple steps;

  • Turn off the machine
  • Turn the hand-wheel counterclockwise to raise the needle to its highest position. Ensure that the mark on the wheel points up

Tip: before you replace the needle on your Brother machine, place a paper or fabric below the pressor foot so that you can prevent the worn out needle from falling into the needle plate.

  • Hold the needle using your left hand, and use a screwdriver to rotate the needle clamp screw counterclockwise and remove it.
  • Insert the new needle with its flat side towards the back of the machine. When doing this, make sure the needle touches the needle stopper.
  • Using an oval screwdriver, tighten and secure the needle clamp

You can use these steps to change and replace all types of needles including twin and triple needles.

How Often Should I Change The Needle For My Brother Machine

For a fact, a needles are pretty inexpensive, and they will not break your bank or milk your pockets dry when you decide to change them. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you change the needle for your Brother sewing machine after every project.

Also, make sure you give your needle a thorough visual inspection whenever your sewing machine jams. Keep in mind that jamming can cause the needle to bend; therefore leading to poor stitch quality and other unexpected results.

There is a wide range of signs that tell you it’s time to change the needle for your Brother machine, but one of the most popular that you need to look out for is an unusual thumping sound which you hear every time the needle penetrates the fabric.

Related Questions

What size needle do you use for machine quilting?

Quilting needles are used for machine quilting because they have considerably rounded points. When shopping for quilting needles, you need to know that not all sizes will bring out the preferred outcome. It is recommended that you opt for size 14/90.

Can I use SCHMETZ needles with Brother Machine?

Yes. SCHMETZ needles are made to work on major sewing machine brands, and Brother is not an exception. The needle system that you will use quite often for your Brother machine is 130/795.

What makes SCHMETZ needles stand out is that they are highly versatile. They function well on knit fabrics and woven. This simply means that when you arm your Brother machine with a SCHMETZ needle, you can accomplish several tasks and achieve the best results.

A quilting needle of this size has a wide eye which can comfortably accommodate threads of different sizes. Additionally, it has a strong shaft which cannot be compromised by the rigidity of a quilt sandwich.



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