How Many Yards Of Fabric For A Baby Blanket

Baby blankets play a crucial role in the lives of toddlers and infants. These blankets will provide plenty of warmth.

But these blankets can also deliver a sense of security and comfort to your child throughout their entire childhood. 

When you provide a bundle of joy with a blanket, it will reduce the stress your baby is experiencing, and you might not know about it.

This will allow your child to sleep properly during nighttime. They will also not irritate your child’s body, and they use it with no problems. 

But, are you planning to make a blanket for your child? If so, do you know how much material you need for it? No right? Well, you can go through this document. 

How Many Yards Of Fabric For A Baby Blanket?

how many yards of fabric for a baby blanket

For a baby blanket, you will require an average of 2 yards to 4 yards of fabric. When it comes to infants, you need a yard of each piece, and for toddlers, you can go for 1½ yards of fabric. 

But if you are trying to make an oversized or Afghan blanket, the size should be around 2 yards. 

On the other hand, having a good understanding of the yardage of a material or fabric is highly essential. 

Any yard of material will be around 3 feet, and they might come in various widths. 

Also, a yard of fabric will be around 36 inches to 60 inches. This indicates that all material yards are not the same.

How To Calculate The Yard Of The Fabric For The Baby Blanket?

Calculating the fabric or material yard is not that difficult. Once you estimate how many yards of fabric you are making the blanket, the entire blanket-making project will become easier.

how to calculate the yard of the fabric for the baby blanket

Also, calculating the fabric yard will help you purchase the right amount of material from a fabric store without hesitation.

Here are some of the ways to calculate the fabric yard. 

  • You determine the width and length of the blanket. After that, compare it with the yard of the material or fabric. 
  • Include extra fabric for edging or seam allowance. 
  • When you are making a quilt, which requires multiple fabric pieces, take the width of the material and divide it with the width of one piece. 
  • You can also multiply the number of rows required through the one piece’s length. 
  • You can also divide the entire project with the width of one fabric yard. It will provide you with the yardage you require for your project. 

How Much Is Yard Of Material Required For A Full-Sized Baby Blanket?

To know the correct yard of fabric you need for you to make a full-sized blanket for your child, and you need to do some math. 

The size of the blankets will not get standardized when compared with the size of mattresses. 

Even when the double or full-size mattress measures 85 inches x 90 inches, you can expect some variations within its dimension. 

By keeping this in mind, you will require two materials: 90 inches and 85 inches. But the yard of material will always stay 30 inches long. They will vary in the area of width, right from 36 inches to 60 inches. 

Things You Must Consider When Determining The Material Amount

When you have decided to make a baby blanket and want to know the fabric yard, you have to consider some things first. Check below!

  • The Weight Of The Fabric

When the weight is a lot higher, you will require less material or fabric for your project. So, it will be much better to opt for a lightweight material. 

Why? It’s because they are easy to work with and will provide plenty of comfort to your child.

  • Type Of Stitches You Need To Do

All stitching techniques are not the same. Each of them will take a different amount of material. 

Make sure to go for a stitching method, which is easier to do and will not require more than the fabric you already have. 

What Is The Best Material To Make A Baby Blanket Out Of?

When searching for the best fabric for a baby blanket, you will come across quite a few of them. 

Each of the materials comes with its own set of benefits, and you can choose the one you like. Below listed are some of the best materials or fabrics for baby blankets. 

  • Minky


Minky stands out as a soft polyester knit material with a brush pile, which delivers an outstanding plush hand.

With this material, you can make cozy and soft blankets along with toys as well. 

But the material is not breathable when compared with other fabrics. For such reasons, you have to make sure of the purpose of its creation and the climate. 

You will come across many Minky materials, which come with long and short piles.

They are also available in a wide range of shades, such as pink, light blue, green, yellow, and white. Apart from that, the material also comes in trendy prints and engrossed designs. 

  • Gauze


The gauze fabric stands out as the best material for babies or infants. The majority of the baby blankets are made from this particular fabric. Gauze is pretty airy and breathable. 

You might it referred to as “muslin” in many ready-made items or products. The material is available in single and double gauze. But you must go for blankets is that made from double gauze. 

The Japanese double gauze stands out as the best option when it comes to making baby blankets. The material carries a reputation in the market for its opacity and ultra-soft hand.

But the quality of the material might vary because of the maker, printing, and dyeing. 

  • Fleece


Fleece is well-known for its warmth and is ideal for baby blankets. They dry up pretty quickly and are exceptionally soft. This stands out as one of the main reasons why they are so perfect for babies. 

You can easily wash the material, and it’s resistant to any stain or markings. When you want to make a blanket, make sure to choose the fleece fabric. 

It’s the most effortless way to present your bundle of joy with plenty of comfort and warmth. 

  • Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo Rayon stands out as another fabric under which numerous baby products and items are made. You also come across baby blankets made from this particular material and are available in the market.

Otherwise, if you plan to make a blanket, you can use the bamboo rayon material for the job. You can easily work on it with no hassle. 

It will work perfectly under the sewing machine and also when you use the hand-sewing technique.

Also, if your child has sensitive skin, you can provide him/her with a blanket made from bamboo rayon. 

It’s guaranteed that there will be no sign of skin irritation, and the fabric comes with the thermal regulating feature.

Apart from that, blankets made from bamboo rayon will also perfectly match the child’s body temperature.

What Fabric Is Safest For Babies?

what fabric is safest for babies

Among all the other materials or fabrics available in the market, the safest material for babies is none other than organic cotton. 

It’s the most popular material of all time and is widely used for many baby blankets. The material is highly absorbent and pretty soft, and it’s also gentle against an infant’s skin. 

You can use organic cotton for making baby blankets. This particular material is not made from fertilizers or chemicals and will prevent your child from experiencing any skin condition or allergies. 

With the organic cotton material, your child will feel comfortable and will face any issues while taking their afternoon nap or sleeping at night. 

Apart from that, the material comes in the highest quality, and it’s pretty healthy for a child’s skin, especially an infant.

The most surprising thing about this fabric is that it’s pretty breathable and will keep your child cooler. 

How Many Yards Do I Need For A Fleece Blanket?

You will require around 1 ½ yards of fleece material for every piece to make a fleece blanket. It will enable you to make a standard fleece blanket with no hassle. 

But remember, it is not different from other fabrics or materials available in the market when it comes to the yardage estimation for fleece. 

If you want to create an oversized fleece blanket for your child, you can adjust the material amount and opt for 2 yards of the material to make it. 

How Many Yards Do I Need For A No-sew Fleece Blanket?

Well, the no-sew fleece one, you will require around 3 yards to 4 yards of material. The fleece material is pretty much well-known for its no-sew tie blankets.

Why? It’s because they are pretty durable and provide plenty of comfort to the child.

Apart from that, polar fleece is the most popular among all the other fleece mainly because it will not pill that easily. 

But on the other hand, the yardage of the fleece material will also depend on whether you are making an oversized blanket or for a child-size one.



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