How To Hem Sheer Fabric Without Sewing

When things become challenging, their beauty somehow diminishes. That seems to be the way it’s with some ideal fabrics. The harder they are to work with, the more enthusiasm for the fabric drains away. Now every fabric can be like cotton, and sheer fabric is entirely different.

Some reasons are that you might not desire to use the sewing machine to stitch or fuse the fabric. Whether you do not desire the stitches to show or are not that handy with the thread and needle. Surprisingly, there are some options available for you to fuse the sheer fabrics without sewing, from adhesive paper to tape to glue.

To learn some best ways to hem on the sheer clothes, just continue reading our article. We provide all the information you desire to know to work with sheer ones and make the outfits look elegant.

How To Hem Sheer Fabric Without Sewing

So, before we begin with the fusing process, however, you do require to press the fabric you need to work on. The fabric used with the fusible of any form should be first washed, as finishes in the fabrics may prevent the fusible from adhering to the fabric properly.

It would be best if you could press the fabric and detail the fabric with iron into the place before using the fusible.

One of the efficient ways to hem sheer fabric is by hand, and you should hem it normally, giving yourself the hem allowance of one-fourth inches. Then fold the raw edge and pick the strand of the fabric fiber and get the hem done again.

Like any other hemming attempts, you need first to decide where you need to hem; I mean the position over the dress that needs to be hemmed. This will require putting on the dress and getting the length where you desire.


You can also append the hem allowance to make sure that you have enough fabric to work with. After doing so, get out your fusible or hemming tape and cut it as per the size you require. Now, place the hemming tape on the skirt and dress where you want to hem and fold the hem of the sheer fabric into the position. You can also use the pins to keep them in place.

Once the iron is hot enough, you can press the sheer fabric with it and have the instant hem. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully that come with the tapes. Also, use the pressing cloth so that the heat of the iron will not damage the sheer fabric.

Without further ado, let’s explore the detailed discussion on how to hem sheer fabric without sewing.

Various methods are associated with how to hem sheer fabrics without sewing.

Method 1 – Using a Fusible Tape

Fusible tapes are the ideal method to hem sheer fabric without sewing. But how? Here it is. You know that fusible tapes are available in various weights and widths. When heated by the iron, the tape melts, causing the glue-like action between the two pieces of fabric. Fusible tape is the perfect answer to quick hem, hold the fabric in place, and make the small repair.

hem using fusible tapes

Perhaps, an item of clothing you would like for the hem not to show, and sheer fabric is one of them. However, it is impossible to comprise the completely invisible hem when sewn because the stitching will be shown somehow. The fusible tapes are the alternative method to stitching, making the connection invisible.

It can also create a small patch repairing the little hole or any other problem in the sheer fabric that is not on the seam. Also, the narrow fusible tape is the ideal way to hold the turned edge of your sheer fabric intact and firm over the place when you try to sew some other decorative topstitching or embellishments.

The weight of the fabric you are using will also determine the fusible tape you will use. The lightweight sheer fabric would use ultra-lightweight fusible tape. It will help if you keep in mind that you do not use the heavyweight fusible tapes, as they may seep through your sheer fabric, look messy, and will be visible every time.

When using the fusible tape, you need to follow some steps. Firstly, you need to place the tape between the layers of your fabric and press until the fusible tape melts properly, adhering to all the layers of your fabric. Next, you need to allow it to cool down so that the fusing sets up and will not slide while the fusible is still melting.

You mustn’t place the iron directly on the fusible tape placed over sheer fabric as the fabric is so delicate, it can get burned. Finally, it will melt to the iron and leave the miss. If you desire to fuse the tape to a layer of fabric on time, you can prefer using parchment paper on the non-fabric side of the tape.

Method 2 – Using a Fusible Web

Fusible web is yet another fusible material you can use to hem the sheer fabric without sewing. It is the one that is available by the yard in the interfacing section of fabric stores or the packaged quantities in the notions department.

fusible web

There are several weights and types of fusible web available, and most of the fusible web by the yard is backed with paper that is suitable to iron on one layer of fabric at a time. Therefore, the fusible web is usually available in sheets or yards.

Buying a fusible web by the yard allows you to create the tape with the width you want or fuse large pieces of fabric, like adhering to an applique. Sheets of the paper-backed fusible web can be traced or drawn onto the fabric, creating a shape. This allows you to fuse the bigger part of the fabric and then cut the desired shape as with the tape.

You can also mend the larger tear using fusible webbing by forming a patch and apply the fusible web to the right side of the piece of your fabric. It must match the fabric with the hole. Then, you can place the webbed patch on the wrong side of the sheer fabric and then iron to secure and keep it intact.

Method 3 – Using a Fusible Adhesive

fusible adhesive

The fusible adhesive is the double-sided adhesive bond that adheres and joints the two layers or pieces of your sheer fabric together firmly. It is sold as a non-sewable and sewable one. The non-sewable one is not intended to be used with the sewing machine as the adhesive will stick onto the needle and mess things up.

There is a paper on the one side where you should use the iron and glue on the other side. So, make sure you look closely to see which side is a matte one and which is not before you begin ironing it on, as the adhesive side will stick to your iron. The fusible adhesive is the ideal method to attach the applique, designs, and lettering to the fabric.

Method 4 – Using a Fabric Glue

fabric glue

What do you think would be easier than simply applying the glue over the fabric together? Sold in some squeeze bottles, like craft glue, fabric glue is again a quick way to fuse fabric or repair the small hole without any iron together.

Most fabric glues are quick-drying and secured on several types of fabrics, including leather and lace. The glue is washable, and after applying or washed, it won’t leave any wet marks or stains over your sheer fabric. It creates a permanent bond. Hence, fabric glue is the ideal way to mend the hole or the fabric but can also create hems and apply the appliques over the fabric.

How To Finish The Hem on Sheer Fabric Without Sewing?

hem on sheer fabric without sewing

Lightweight fabrics are marvelous to use in your sewing projects, but sheer hemming fabrics can be painful. So, how will you finish the hem on sheer fabric without even sewing? Here is the detailed description. Let’s have a look –

Hem tape is the quick and professional hemming option for sheer fabrics. It is the ideal choice when you have bulky fabric and no-sew permission. You need to avoid the thickness of multiple folds.

Hem tape provides a comfortable and smooth edge for more irritating and textured fabrics like sheer ones. It arrives in various colors for you to match the one with your sheer fabric, or you can even go with the contrasting colors.

Now, press up the hem allowance and overlap the hem tale along the hem so that the raw edge of the sheer fabric is running down the middle of the tape. Also, when you get around the hem on sheer fabric, you can fold the fabric under the end of hem tape and iron it.

Besides that, you can also use the lace hem tapes that offer a lovely finish over the lightweight and sheer fabrics. Press the hem allowance and overlap the lace along the right side of your hem. The raw edge of the fabric is running down the middle of the lace hem tape.



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