How To Remove Sewn On Patches

There are many ways to decorate clothes. Embroidery is one of the most common ways to decorate different types of clothes. Jackets, for example, can be decorated with patch embroidery. Patch embroidery is easily sewn on jackets. It can also be removed if one doesn’t like the patch.

How Do You Remove Sewn On Patches?

To remove sewn-on patches of embroidery, you need a seam ripper. Lift the patch slightly from the fabric of your clothing to access the threads holding it onto the fabric and rip each one of these threads gently until the patch comes undone. 

Steps To Remove Sewn On Patches

Method 1. Removing From The Front

One of the most common ways to remove sewn-on patches is removing them directly from the jacket. This involves pulling off the patch from the jacket. You will need a seam ripper only for this task. 

removing from the front

Step 1. Hold your jacket with one hand or place it on a flat surface from which you will work. This enables you to have proper access and visibility to the patch you are working on. You also need to pull it taut to make this process easier. You can do this by holding it with one hand near the patch that you will be removing.

Step 2. With your seam ripper, on one hand, try to lift the patch off the jacket. Do this until you can see the tip of the thread that is holding that corner onto the jacket.

Step 3. Gently, push in your seam ripper until it reaches that thread. Rip off the thread. This enables you to lift the patch further. As a result, you can now reach the next thread on the patch. Rip it off too. 

Step 4. Repeat this with every thread on the patch until you get to the last one.

Step 5. In the last thread, once you have ripped it off, try and lift the patch off the jacket. If it doesn’t lift off easily, check for any threads that are not fully cut. Cut them off with your seam ripper and continue to lift off the patch from the jacket. 

You have successfully removed a sewn-on embroidery patch from your jacket with only a seam ripper. Wipe off any remaining thread on the space where the patch was. You can use a lint roller for those threads that hang on to the jacket. 

Step 6. Once you have removed the patch from the jacket, you will have small holes left by the thread. You need to conceal these holes to make your jacket appealing and wearable. 

You can sew on a different type of embroidery to hide the holes. Or, you can simply iron your jacket depending on its fabric to conceal the holes. This is a quick and easy method to use to make your jacket wearable as soon as you remove the sewn-on patch for embroidery. 

This method is fast and safe. You can’t injure yourself when you use this method to remove sewn-on patches. 

Method 2. From Behind The Patch

In this method, you remove the sewn-on patch on your jacket from behind the patch.

Step 1. To use this method, you need to turn your jacket inside out. If your jacket has a lining, look for the lining seam inside the jacket. Make a hole on the lining seam, put your hand through this hole and access the inside part of your jacket.

Step 2. Expose the inside part of the patch to make it easier to work on. Hold your jacket fabric taut around the patch. From the inside out, you can easily access the threads of the stitches holding the patch onto the garment. 

Step 3. Using a seam ripper or a razor since you can reach the threads directly cut then one by one. This loosens the patch and makes it easier to pull it off the garment. 

from behind the patch

Step 4. Turn back to the front of your garment to check on your progress. Is it possible for the patch to come off your garment? If yes, then you have successfully removed your sewn-on patch.  If not, there may be other parts of the patch embroidery sewn onto the garment. 

Step 5. Turn your garment inside out. If you have sewn on embroidery on your patch, you need to loosen this too, to remove the patch. 

Step 6. With your seam ripper, rip off a few threads on the embroidery. Then, pull the thread with your fingers until it runs off completely. Repeat this with all the embroidery that is sewed on the patch until your patch is also clear of the embroidery.

Step 7. Now, turn your garment to the right side up. Liftoff your patch from your garment. This time, with all the embroidery on the patch and the stitches on the patch, ripped off, you can remove the patch from your garment.

Every stitch that you rip off from your garment leaves a hole in it. Make sure to be careful when removing the stitches so that you don’t expand the holes that are left by the patch stitches.

Step 8. You can cover these holes with a different kind of embroidery. You can use a larger patch that will cover all the holes left by the previous patch. You can do this if the patch covers a large area of your garment.

For a patch covering a small area of your garment, you can iron the space previously occupied by the patch to cover any holes that appear.

Method 3. Removing The Sewn On Patch With A Knife

If you don’t have a seam ripper, you can also use a knife to remove a sewn-on patch. This is best done when you are removing a sewn-on patch from the front of your garment.

removing the sewn on patch with a knife

Hold the patch on an edge. Pull as much of it as you can until you can see the threads holding the patch onto your garment. Remember to pull as gently as you can so that you don’t tear your garment.

Put your knife up to the already visible thread and cut. This opens up the fabric further and makes it possible to see the next thread on your patch. Cut this too and repeat until you loosen your patch completely. 

Most times, when you remove a patch, it is advisable to replace it with another patch. This helps to cover up the holes that the patch leaves on your garment. For smaller holes left on the garment, you can simply iron the garment and cover the holes easily and quickly. 

How To Remove Iron-On Patch

removing residue

You can remove an iron-on patch in many methods. The best way to do it is to use the adhesive remover method. First, make sure that the adhesive remover you choose to use to remove your iron-on patch is safe to use on fabrics. Also, make sure it is in a spray bottle for easier use. Test your adhesive remover to ensure that is safe to use on fabric.

Turn your clothes inside out to expose the iron-on patch. Soak the backside of your patch with the adhesive remover. Let it rest for a while as the patch soaks.

Once the patch is fully soaked, the glue loosens from the fabric, You can now peel off the iron-on patch from your garment.

How To Remove Embroidery On A Garment

You may also need to know how to remove embroidery from clothes. The first step in this process is to turn your garment inside out. Using a stitch eraser or a razor, start working on the threads. 

Removing embroidery threads takes some time regardless of the tool you use. This is because you need to be careful so as not to tear your garment. Turn the garment the right side up, and remove embroidery threads on the embroidery design until all of the embroideries are removed.



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