Is Stitch Witchery Permanent

When you start stitching, there are plenty of things that you would need to arrange. Whether it is the fabric or scissors, you need to be prepared with everything.

There are times when you need to join two fabrics together in order to complete the work. How would you go about it? That’s when stitch witchery will come into action. It is a fusible adhesive agent that will hold two pieces of fabric when sewing is not possible.

If you are new to stitching and sewing, you must get hands-on stitch witchery that will help you in the long run. You need to learn many things about stitch witchery, and you have come to the right place.

Is Stitch Witchery Permanent?

This is the first question everyone has in their mind when they first hear about stitch witchery. Indeed, it is a permanent bond created by stitch witchery. However, you must note that it can be removed with the help of heat or other pieces of fabric. But if you ask whether they are permanent or not. Then, yes, they are permanent.

How To Use Stitch Witchery?

stitch witchery

Once you have acknowledged this fabric adhesive’s purpose, the next step is to learn how you can use one. The stitch witchery makes use of its moisture to join two fabrics. You can machine or hand wash the fabric after the application. Stitch witchery will avoid the sewing process and give your fabric a durable hold.

These are the things you will need to get started:

  • Tape measure
  • Piece of fabric
  • Stitch witchery
  • Scissors
  • Damp cloth

Here are the steps to use your stitch witchery in the right way:

Step 1: Choose The Stitch Witchery

The first and foremost step is to choose your stitch witchery wisely. They are available in different widths and weights. You must select it according to your fabric’s weight and size. For instance, when you have heavier fabric, you must choose a heavy stitch witchery.

Step 2: Stray Threads

stray threads

You must keep your fabric clean because stitch witchery will only work on clean and lint-free fabrics. For this, you must remove particles from the fabric and trim away the threads straying on the fabric. Also, make sure the witchery patch is equal to the size of the fabric’s area. If you are filling a hole, the witchery should be 1/4” larger than the hole.

Step 3: Sandwich It Between Fabrics

First, you need to place the stitch witchery between both the fabrics and run the iron over it for 10 seconds per seam. To get the best hold, you must use the steam setting on the iron. Also, place a damp towel over the fabric to protect your delicate fabric.

Step 4: Iron On The Other Side

Once you have completed one side, slip the fabric and follow a similar step. Iron on the fabric for 10 seconds per seam. Once the fabric cools down, take a look at the adhesion and make it firm, if not iron, more as per requirements.

Step 5: Check The Adhesion

Before completing the process, you need to ensure whether the fabrics are rightly joined together. Keep repeating the above steps until you are thoroughly sure about the adhesion.

Some Tips You Need To Keep Handy

tips you need to keep handy

Using a stitch witchery is super easy. You just need to know the right technique to go about it. Here are a few important tips that will help you make your stitch witchery project successful:

1. If you want to attach one fabric surface before the other, you can simply hover the steam iron over the stitch witchery that will allow it to melt partially. Now, you can place the other fabric on the top. This step will give you more precision and prevent slipping of tape.

2. When you are seaming any patterned fabric, using stitch witchery can do a lot of benefits. It will prevent unnecessary movement of the fabric and create an accurate match of the fabrics.

3. When starting, never put the iron box directly on the stitch witchery as it will melt the adhesion making it no longer useful. The surface of the witchery will go out of use. Always keep the surface of the iron away or use a damp cloth.

4. It is advised to test the witchery on different fabrics to ensure that the results are favorable with every fabric.

5. Once you attach the fabric with stitch witchery, the fabric may seem stiff at the beginning, but it will get smooth after the first wash. So, you must not worry about the stiffness.

It is important to understand that stitch witchery is used to create permanent bonds, so you must never use it for temporary solutions.

What Do You Need To Know More About Stitch Witchery?

know more about stitch witchery

It’s important to understand that it is great for the non-sew project. However, it can be used with hems and other applications.

This bonding tape is actually a strip of adhesive that will melt when you iron it over the fabric, joining the two fabrics together.

The stitch witchery is available in different sizes and widths ranging from ?’ to 2”. Its weight also differs; you can avail ultra-light and super weight stitch witchery depending on the requirements.

Cotton and fabrics that can tolerate medium heat are best to use this tape on. You can use fabric glue as well to join two fabrics, but a stitch witchery is the best you can have.

How Do You Remove Stitch Witchery?

Sometimes you also need to remove the stitch witchery from the fabric. There are no complex steps involved in removing the stitch witchery. With some simple steps, you can get it done.

Place one piece of scrap fabric on the residue of the stitch witchery. Now run the iron over the fabric for 10 seconds. The heat will pull away from the scrap.

Stitch witchery is also used as an adhesive agent to join two different fabrics together. You can hem clothes to create a permanent solution.

Through stitch, witchery creates a permanent bond. You can remove the unwanted witchery from the fabric with the help of heat. The removal comes in handy when you are hemming or removing the hem. For this, you simply have to reduce the length of the fabric and remove the adhesive bond.

You can safely use stitch witchery on most of the fabric as they are fabric-friendly. The fabrics can be washed and dried after that. You can also use them on fabrics that are only dry-cleaned.

Is Hem Tape Permanent?

hem tape permanent

Just like the stitch witchery, hem tape is also a great bonding agent that is used to join two fabrics together. It is much stronger than the stitch witchery and is used as an alternative to sewing a hem.

People generally use this step to avoid the strenuous process of hemming. It is a double-sided fusible tape. Hence, it has a firm hold. The hem tape is permanent and cannot be removed from the fabric in any case.

While stitch witchery is easily removable from the fabric with heat, hem tape is impossible to remove. Hence, you need to be highly careful while using hem tape on the fabric. It would be better to use it in unavoidable situations.



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