6 Janome Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems and Solutions

Janome produces some of the leading sewing machines, which are lightweight and easy to sew. Thus, Janome sewing machines have a good reputation and popularity.

These sewing machines are not noisy and give a pleasant stitching experience. As a result, these machines have a good rating and a handful of positive reviews.

Today, we will discuss different bobbin problems that are common in Janome machines. Worry not! We will also offer possible solutions to fix these bobbin issues.

Common Bobbin Problems in Janome Sewing Machines

Common Bobbin Problems

Janome has always been specific about making machines that are easier to use. This brand also produces a variety of sewing machines. It includes manual and computerized sewing machines and even embroidery machines.

Various problems might occur when using a Janome sewing machine, like bobbin problems.

Some Janome sewing machines have a top-loaded bobbin with a transparent cover and a seven-piece feed dog system.

After using it for a while, there might be some bobbin issues. So to know and solve them, we have listed some of the problems.

1. Bobbin Case Issues

Bobbin Case Issues

In this issue, the bobbin case will pop out. The bobbin case might keep popping out if you don’t insert your bobbin correctly in its place after you take it out for cleaning or servicing.

It may also happen when you are using the machine after a while. Thus, before starting the sewing process, you should check the placement of the bobbin. The bobbin should be in the right place inside the bobbin case.

In general, if there are any issues with the bobbin of your Janome machine, you may come across the following troubles.

  • You may notice a third thread in the middle of a stitching process. It is nothing but the looping created by needle and bobbin threads.
  • Sometimes, the fabric will stop moving ahead.
  • The Janome machine might start creating loopy or loose stitches.
  • Besides, the machine might skip stitches more often.

2. Bobbin Thread Issues

If there is some problem in the thread, there might be some issues in the bobbin. Threading in the bobbin should be done correctly.

You can try using a high-quality thread. Moreover, you should select the thread according to the fabric type.

The thread in the bobbin should be smooth and knot-free for the smooth working of the bobbin.

Also, you should perform the threading correctly. The thread should neither be too tight nor too loose for perfect sewing. Moreover, be careful while winding the thread in the bobbin.

3. Bobbin Tension Issues

If the tension is not correct, the bobbin may not work correctly. Besides, you won’t be able to do proper sewing.

Thus, the upper and lower tension of the thread should be equal. If the upper tension is more compared to the lower one, then problems might arise. The thread tension must not be on the bottom side.

Mainly the top tension might get loose, so you have to correct it. The bobbin tension should always be correct.

Whenever you start sewing a new garment, check the tension of the thread first and adjust it according to your need.

4. Bobbin Issues Due to Damaged Parts

If any part of the bobbin is damaged slightly, then the problem might arise in proper sewing.

Check the bobbin, bobbin case, thread in the bobbin, or any other part related to it. All parts of your Janome machine should be free from any damage.

Such issues often affect your sewing experience. The machine might stop working or malfunction at times.

Thus, proper servicing or checking of the parts from time to time will work best.

5. Filthy Bobbin or the Bobbin Case

The bobbin and the bobbin case should be dust-free for smooth working.

Even a slight amount of dust present in the bobbin or bobbin case would affect the performance of your Janome machine.

6. Needle Breaking

Needle Breaking

The needle of your Janome machine might break if you don’t carry out proper threading in the bobbin.

So if the needle keeps breaking, you should know that there might be some issue in the threading of the bobbin. There might be some knots in the thread of the bobbin.

Sometimes the needle might also break when you don’t choose the right type of needle. Thus, make sure you choose a needle according to the fabric type. In short, there might not always be the fault of the bobbin thread.

How to Fix Janome Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems?

Below are some solutions to fix the bobbin problems that might appear in your Janome machine. Thus, going after these fixes will ensure your sewing process runs smoothly.

1. Make Some Bobbin Arrangements

The bobbin might get displaced sometimes. Thus, potential problems may arise due to displaced bobbin.

It might happen that you forgot to place the bobbin in its position correctly after servicing the Janome sewing machine. Thus, you should always check the position of the bobbin whenever starting a new sewing project.

What’s more, you can also look for the correct threading of the bobbin thread. If it is not correct, issues related to thread tension may occur.

Such minor issues may disrupt your sewing experience to a great extent.

2. Fix the Thread Tension

Fix the Thread Tension

You can equally establish the tension of the thread inserted in the bobbin.

If the thread in the bobbin pulls the upper thread so much, the tension of the upper thread would not be correct. That means you have to tighten that upper thread.

In general, the tension problems occur in the upper thread only. After that, it forms loops or tangles in the lower thread.

The best way to check thread tension is to analyze if the tension is enough to hold the weight of both the bobbin and case.

Thus, if you fix the thread tension, no loops will form in the bobbin thread. It will ultimately balance the bobbin thread tension. As a result, your Janome machine will start working smoothly again.

3. Adjust Bobbin Thread

If the sewing machine is not stitching correctly, there might be a problem with the bobbin thread.

So you should check the thread properly. Of course, it should be knot-free and smooth. Moreover, using the correct type of thread according to the fabric type is mandatory.

You can create an equal balance when it comes to thread tension. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose.

For this, check the bobbin case to notice any mismatch in the thread tension. If it is too tight, make it lose. Likewise, tighten the thread if it is too loose.

If you can’t figure out the proper thread tension, rethread the whole bobbin thread once again.

4. Bobbin Maintenance

Bobbin Maintenance

You should do the regular maintenance of the bobbin and bobbin case. There should be no dust or any mushy particles present in the bobbin and bobbin case.

You can take out the bobbin case and remove its parts, such as tension spring, tension screw, and bobbin thread. There should be no damage or scratches on any of these parts.

After inspecting them, clean all parts to make them dust-free. Check for the signs of corrosion too.

Finally, place the parts in their position. Make sure you change or service them from time to time.

5. Avoiding Needle Breaking Due to Bobbin Issues

We saw that improper bobbin threading might result in needle breaking. This needle breaking will happen more often unless you check and correct the bobbin threading.

Sometimes, the needle keeps catching the thread. It happens when the needle moves to the bobbin case.

So, the needle tip may break when it hits the bobbin case. It is pretty usual when a sewer doesn’t place the bobbin case correctly.

Thus, rather than breaking your needle or letting it bend, you can fix the bobbin case issue by placing it appropriately.

Can You Use Any Brand Bobbin in the Janome Sewing Machine?

Can You Use Any Brand Bobbin in the Janome Sewing Machine?

Every brand and every different model of the sewing machine has a specific variety of bobbin. You should avoid using Singer bobbins in Janome machines.

Moreover, you cannot interchange the plastic and metal bobbins. Not every bobbin would fit every machine. Janome machines may not endure a different type of bobbin.

For Janome machines, you can use a bobbin which is a combination of plastic and rubber. This combination holds the thread, absorbs vibration, and reduces the noise of the machine.

When Should You Replace the Bobbin of a Janome Sewing Machine?

Note that you don’t have to replace Janome sewing machine bobbins too often. That’s because these bobbins can last longer.

For this, you need to take good care of your bobbin, bobbin case, and their parts. Moreover, make sure you clean them at regular intervals as part of their servicing.

But when you feel the Janome sewing machine is not working like usual, you should try replacing the bobbin. That’s because you don’t have to change every part of the machine in most cases. Sometimes only replacing the bobbin or its case can solve the issue.



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