How Much Does T-shirt Weigh?

At some point in our lives, we have come across a t-shirt that was thick and heavy or too thin. Are you exhausted from wearing something that’s never the perfect fit? Does it cross your mind how much a t-shirt weighs in varied fabrics and sizes? This insight is beneficial, especially if you often order t-shirts online or bulk from stores.

The average weight of a standard t-shirt ranges between 85 grams and 198.5 grams. The t-shirt’s weight depends on factors like the fabric composition, thickness, weight, and the amount of fabric utilized for unique sizes.

It even depends on the gender and the age group for which it’s manufactured. So, a small-sized adult t-shirt can range between 0.21875 lbs (3.05oz) and 0.28125 lbs (4.5oz).

We have all bought clothes online or without trying them in the store. And mostly, we’ve bought t-shirts that are either too big, too thick, too thin, or too small. Knowing how much a t-shirt weighs and how to measure the weight is beneficial for smart shopping. In this article, you’ll find all the answers, which will set you to make smarter purchase decisions.

How Much Does T-Shirt Weigh?

The weight of a t-shirt varies depending on the fabric material utilized for making the t-shirt, the manufacturing techniques involved, and the fabric thickness.

How Much Does T-shirt Weigh

Some brands aim to produce t-shirts that are lighter in weight and much more comfortable to wear. To do so, these brands have t-shirts of 100% premium cotton. However, other brands use different fabric compositions, such as polyester, to make t-shirts.

When the t-shirt undergoes the packing process, the weight of various things matters apart from the t-shirt’s weight. For instance, the importance of the paperwork, the mailbag, or the packaging (almost 15g) gets included in the weight count.

Nevertheless, here is a table representing the average weight of t-shirts from some of the world’s leading brands:

Brands XXLXLLargeMediumSmall
Fruits of the Loom6.10oz5.64oz5.50oz4.83oz4.51oz
Gildan Softstyle5.50oz4.97oz4.51oz4.05oz3.81oz
American Apparel5.78oz5.50oz4.97oz4.58oz4.16oz

What Is The Average Weight Of A T-Shirt?

As stated above, the t-shirt weight varies depending on the amount and weight of fabric utilized for unique sizes.

T-shirts that weigh less than 126.75g or 5oz are labeled as ‘lightweight,’ whereas those weighing between 127g and 170.1g are marked as ‘medium weight.’ Heavyweight t-shirts are those weighing more than 170g or 6oz.

How Much Does T-shirt Weigh

Large-sized t-shirts weigh more as they are made with more fabric. However, oversized t-shirts can also be produced using lightweight fabric material, giving it the label of medium or lightweight.

Matching and reviewing the weights given by various sales choices against the fabric amount is helpful, and it lets you determine whether an eventual purchase is heavy, medium or lightweight.

The table represents an in-depth comparison of the uni-sex t-shirt weight in terms of fabric weight.

2oz lightweight3.0oz2.75oz2.44oz2.14oz1.88oz1.66oz
4oz medium weight6.0oz5.5oz4.88oz4.28oz3.76oz3.32oz
6oz heavyweight9.0oz8.25oz7.32oz6.42oz5.64oz4.98oz

It’s imperative to know that even though the double XL t-shirts fall under the category of heavyweight t-shirts, they are, in reality, made of medium-weight fabric materials.

Small and medium-sized t-shirts are also manufactured using medium-weight fabric, but they still fall under the lightweight category. 

Also, take note of the following:

The T-shirt weight divided by the amount of fabric/fabric size is equivalent to the weight utilized per square yard. For instance,

How Much Does A T-Shirt Weigh In Lbs?

By now, you must’ve known that the actual weight of a t-shirt varies as per the type and size of fabric material used in its production. On average, a standard t-shirt will weigh around 0.5 lbs.

How Much Does T-shirt Weigh

Regardless of your method – Metric or Imperial – you can always find unique ways to measure your t-shirt’s weight. Hopefully, you don’t have to weigh pounds every time you buy a t-shirt. But if you’re too curious, you should consider the approximate weight always around 0.5 lbs.

How Many Pounds Is A Cotton T-Shirt?

Your t-shirt’s weight mainly depends on the fabric used to make it, and the type of fiber and the weave decide the thread’s making. The importance of a t-shirt made of cotton-polyester blend fabric can be the same as a 100% cotton-made t-shirt. If not, it will be either heavier or lighter.

Here is a table representing the weight of 100% cotton and cotton blend t-shirts in pounds:

Fabric Heavyweight Medium weightLightweight
100% Cotton6.0oz (0.375 lbs)5.3oz (0.33125 lbs)3.62oz (0.22625 lbs)4.3oz (0.26875 lbs)
Cotton Polyester Blend6.0oz (0.375 lbs)5.5oz (0.34375 lbs)3.7oz (0.23125 lbs)4.2oz (0.2625 lbs)
Polyester, Rayon, Cotton (25%) blend6.7oz (0.41875 lbs)5.64oz (0.3525 lbs)3.4oz

(0.2125 lbs)

4.7oz (0.29375 lbs)

How Do You Measure The Weight Of A T-Shirt?

The heavy, medium and lightweight categories of t-shirts are measured in the metric or imperial system. Here’s how to measure the weight:

How Much Does T-shirt Weigh


  • 1oz = 0.0625 lbs
  • 1 yds² = 0.836m²
  • 0625 x 0.836 = 0.05225
  • To convert oz/yd² to lb/m² → multiply oz/yd² by 0.05225 = lb/m²
  • To convert lb/yd² to oz/yd² → divide lb/m² by 0.05225 = oz/yd²

Measuring The Weight of a T-Shirt Made of Lightweight Fabric:

T-shirts made of lightweight fabric usually contain 100% synthetic, 100% natural material, or a blend of both. Most lightweight t-shirt fabrics weigh under 4oz/yd² or 0.209 lb/m². The t-shirt’s weight made from such a fabric will depend on its size. The larger the t-shirt, the more weight.

Measuring The Weight of a T-Shirt Made of Medium-Weight Fabric:

How Much Does T-shirt Weigh


Like lightweight t-shirt fabric, the yarn size, thread count, and fiber composition influence the weight of the fabric. The weight of medium-weight t-shirt fabrics ranges between 4oz/yd² (0.209 lb/m²) and 6oz/yd² (0.3135 lb/m²). This is a comfortable weight for the wearer as it will allow good breathability.

Measuring The Weight of a T-Shirt Made of Medium-Weight Fabric:

A heavyweight t-shirt fabric weighs above 6oz/yd² (0.3135 lb/m²). These t-shirts are more spacious, giving you more room to feel thick while making mobility less convenient.

Buying Ts’ Just Became Simpler!

On average, the weight of a t-shirt typically ranges between 3oz (0.1875 lbs) and 7oz (0.4375 kg). The size of the t-shirt and the thickness of the material used in it determine its weight. (For instance, a triple XL t-shirt comprises almost double the amount of fabric used in an X-small t-shirt.)

When buying online, the weight of the t-shirt can sometimes include the importance of the packaging too. So, be attentive to that detail. Incorporating a screen or digital print on your t-shirt won’t add weight but rather enhance its personalized appeal.

Hopefully, this comprehensive blog has helped you understand how much a t-shirt weighs on average, what factors influence its weight, and how to measure it. This will help you make a purchase or shop online or in-store.



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