Are Janome Sewing Machines Low Shank or High Shank

The size of the shanks in different machines typically differs. The shank size may either be large or low depending on the distance from the presser foot below to the machine’s thumbscrew. Like any other sewing machines, Janome sewing machines may either be high shank or low shank.

In this article, you will know the kind of shank the Janome sewing machine ranks. Moreover, you will see the type of attachments you can use on the machine and many more. Read on!

Are Janome Sewing Machines Low Shank or High Shank?

Janome sewing machines are high shank. This kind of sewing machine is a more advanced option than the Brother sewing machine.

janome sewing machines

Janome sewing machines are useful in high-end embroidery; hence one can use them for more complex embroidery work. However, other Janome sewing machine versions are low shank.

How to Choose Between Low Shank or High Shank Janome Sewing Machine?

Before you start sewing, you need to first settle on the kind of sewing machine you will use. When selecting, you need to mind the work you will be doing on the sewing machine.

You also need to consider the type of textile you will be sewing. There are many other factors that you should also consider when choosing between a low shank or high shank Janome Sewing Machine.

In this particular section, you can learn how to select between the two.

Step 1: Go Through the Manual

Each sewing machine typically comes with a manual that you should follow if you want to know something regarding your device. Thus, you should ensure that the sewing machine manual is in a place to reach and refer easily.

If you want to determine the size of shank your sewing machine requires, your manual should direct you on this. Moreover, the manual should guide you on the various parts of the sewing machine so that it is easy for you to measure the shank size.

If you lose your manual or find it hard to refer to it, you can use other means to determine the size of the shank on your sewing machine.

Step 2: Measure the Size of the Shank

measure the size of the shank

You need to measure the size of the shank of your sewing machine. When measuring, you can use a ruler or a tape measure. You should put in mind the distance between the screw hole to the shank bed.

If you have a low shank sewing machine, the distance between the screw hole and the thumbscrew of the sewing machine will be between 1/4 to ½ inches. If space is 1 inch or more, then the sewing machine has a high shank.

Upon measuring, you should know what size of the shank will fit your sewing machine so you can buy the right ones. Moreover, it will enable you to come up with accurate and secure stitches.

Step 3: Determine the Right Shank for Classic and Modern Sewing Machines

The kind of sewing machine you are working with will determine the type of shanks that will go well. Typically, ensure you check the purchasing date and the model of the Janome sewing machine. Once you do this, you should know the shank that will be compatible with it.

Most times, if you are dealing with a classic sewing machine, the shank it will be using will be small. On the other hand, if the Janome sewing machine is modern, you will need to use a higher leg.

You should also note that the price for a low shank sewing machine is much lower than the high shank one.              

Step 4: Find a List of Brands With Corresponding Shanks

The brand of your sewing machine will significantly influence the size of the shank you will use for sewing. As such, ensure that you determine the brand so that you can be able to select the correct size shank for your sewing process.

What Attachments Can You Use With Janome Low Shank Models?

Usually, when sewing, you may want to come up with something more unique or particular in its way. To do this, you can add some attachments in the sewing.

The kind of attachments you add will depend on the sewing machine model and the shank size you are using. For example,  you can add low shank sewing machine attachments for the Janome Low shank sewing machine model.

There are various kinds of extensions that you can count on your sewing machine. Such include:

1. Ruffler Attachment

If you want to sew things such as skirts and dresses, this attachment is the right one to use. Typically, you can use this kind of attachment on anything that may require pleats.

This attachment comes in handy when creating pleats and gather on your garment. Moreover, it will look better If the weight of the fabric you are working on is light or medium.

2. Embroidery Attachment

embroidery attachment

If you like unique and impressive quilting designs, you might want to try this attachment. Embroidery attachment works well for monograms, thread painting, and much more.

Typically this kind of attachment style comes in handy when you want to add beautiful designs and embellishments to your fabric. In addition, this attachment is pretty flexible, unlike other types of extensions; therefore, you can add it to any sewing machine.

3. Hemming Attachment

Hemming may be necessary for most fabrics, especially those that are prone to fraying. Also, you may need to create hems to keep your material neat and secure the edges in place.

Any time you are looking at adding some hems to your garments, this attachment will come in handy for the process. All you need to do is put it in your sewing machine, and you will be good to go. These attachments may come in a packet that you can use extensively on your sewing machine.

Types of Presser Feet You Can Use With Low Shank Janome Sewing Machine?

You can get the presser feet for your sewing machine in various sizes, shapes, and styles. When selecting the presser foot to use on the low shank Janome Sewing Machine, ensure you consider the kind of fabric you will be sewing.

Moreover, you should consider the type of stitch you will use on your sewing machine. Here are various presser feet you can use with Low Shank Janome Sewing Machine:

1. All-Purpose Presser Foot

all-purpose presser foot

This presser foot is suitable for almost all types of sewing. If you are using a single straight needle on your sewing machine, this presser foot should work well with it.

This presser foot does not feature other enhancements that can make sewing easy. It is typically a regular presser foot.

2. Zipper Foot

When using this presser foot, you usually thread it around the zippers. It features a usual design of the presser foot, and it works best only on zippers. However, if you use it, you can adjust it to use it on the zipper’s left or right side.

3. Jeans Foot

This kind of presser foot works perfectly on tough fabrics. You can try it when you are sewing denim or jeans. It helps guide one so that they can stitch jeans following the correct way.

4. Sew Easy Presser Foot

This presser foot also works well with Low shank Janome sewing machines. However, it mainly comes in handy when you are sewing in a straight line.

For a more accurate and neat stitch, the foot comes with a ruler and a guide to help you adjust. This presser foot is quite suitable for use in topstitching work.

5. Blind Hem Foot

blind hem foot

If you like hemming clothes or if it is necessary for you to hem your clothes, this is the kind of presser foot you should use.

One unique feature of this foot is that it has an extension on the front, which helps guide the fabric fold.

6. Slant Shank Presser Feet

This presser foot features a backward-slanting foot shaft. The foot shaft typically connects the presser bar.

It, therefore, has a slanted shape rather than a straight one. You can only find this presser foot in Singer sewing machines.

7. Snap-on Presser Foot

As the name suggests, this presser foot features a snap-on design. Therefore, you can use the foot on any sewing machine as long as it is compatible.

Typically, this presser foot should work on any brand of the sewing machine. Moreover, you need not use any tools when attaching or removing it.

Is Janome 9400 High or Low Shank?

Janome 9400 is a high shank sewing machine. Therefore the distance from the bottom of its presser foot to the thumbscrew can be 1 inch or more.

You can determine whether or not the sewing machine is high or low shank by checking your sewing machine manual. You can also check this by measuring the distance from the presser foot to the center of the thumbscrew.

Is Janome HD1000 Low Shank?

Janome Hd100 is a low shank sewing machine. It is therefore compatible with a press on the presser foot. Since it is a low shank sewing machine, its distance from below the presser foot to the middle of the thumbscrew may be ¼ inch or ½ an inch.

You can determine this measurement by reading the machine manually or by taking actual measurements using a ruler.



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