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How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Circle Skirt

One of the easiest garments to make for a seamstress is a circle skirt. A circle skirt is a flowing skirt that forms the shape of a circle when it is worn and also when it is laid out flat. It is highly fashionable and a wardrobe staple for everyone who loves skirts. 

The circle skirt is easy to sew. All you need to do is determine how long you need it to be and to cut out the fabric. Once this is done, fold the separate ends and sew them together. Fix a waistband and then hem the skirt. 

One of the main challenges that face seamstresses when making this skirt is to fully determine how much fabric they need for the different clients they have. 

How Much Fabric Do You Need To Make A Circle Skirt?

To determine this, you first need the waist size of the skirt that you want to make. The waist size is measured at the natural waist. This is just slightly above the navel and below the rib cage. Wrap your measuring tape around your waist and mark the point at which the two ends meet. That is the waist measurement of the skirt you will be making.

The other factor to consider when determining the amount of fabric needed for a circle skirt is its length. The longer it is, the more the fabric needed. You also need to know the type of circle of skirt you will be making. Whether it a full, half, quarter, or three-quarter circle skirt. 

Once you have these figured out, you have mathematical formulas to use that will help determine how much fabric you need. Calculate the radius of the waistline of the skirt. Then add this radius size to the length of the skirt and add 2 cm for the skirt hem. 

How To Figure Out How Much Fabric To Make A Circle Skirt?

Step 1. Decide on the type of circle skirt that you want to be sewn. The different types of circle skirts available include a full circle skirt, a half-circle skirt, quarter and three quarter circle skirt. These are determined by the desired length of the skirt. This means that the skirt can be a mini,  midi, and maxi size dress.

A  mini skirt is too short and rests above the knees when worn. The midi reaches your knees while the maxi is a master dress.

Step 2. Measure your waist measurement. This is done using a tape measure. One can measure themselves or have someone else do it for them. To measure yourself, you will have to wrap a tape measure around your waist and record the measurement that occurs.

Step 3. Decide the length of the skirt you want to wear. You can wear a miniskirt, midi or a large skirt. If you suck in your month, your skirt measurements will be wrong. The length of the skirt is measured from the waist level to the longest part of the skirt will be.

Place the one end of the tape measure on your waist and measure the length from here to the desired part of the legs. Record this measurement as you will need it in the format that determined how much fabric you need for the particular circle skirt. 

Step 4. With the desired length of the skirt recorded you can now calculate the radius of the waistline of the skirt. There are different formulas for the different types of circle skirts that you can make.

Here is the formula for getting the radius of the circle skirt:

Radius = Waist-length + 2 inches / (2*3.14)

The additional 2 inches on your waist length allow your circle skirt to stretch and hem skirt. 

Step 5. Take a large piece of paper. Place your ruler on the bottom left-hand corner and measure the distance of the radius from the bottom edge. Place a mark at the distance of the radius and make a circle or semi-circle from the point to the edge of the paper. 

The distance from the edge of the paper to where the circle meets the paper should be equal to the distance of the radius.

Step 6. You will have determined how long you want your circle skirt to be. The length of the skirt is determined by the type of skirt that you want to make.

Whether a mini, maxi, or midi circle skirt. When you have the desired length of the skirt, add about two inches to leave an allowance for the hem.

Now, place your ruler at the outer edge of the circle line you just drew. Measure a length equal to the length of the skirt. Mark this point and draw a circle along this mark to either end of the paper. Just like the other circle on the waistline.

Step 7. Cut off the rest of the paper that is not between the two circles you have just drawn. This leaves you with a paper in the shape of a donut. Now you have the outline you need to make your circle skirt. Also, remove the edge of the paper, so that all you have is the circular part at the top of the donut without the right-angled edge of the paper.

Step 8. This donut is the amount of fabric that you need to make your circle skirt. It is now time to cut the fabric you will need to make your circle skirt. Fold your fabric in quarters. This means that you will have a corner on your fabric similar to the paper you cut your pattern from.

Place this paper donut pattern on one corner, so that it resembles the paper it was cut from. Ensure that the edges of the paper lying on the edges of the fabric as if they were on paper. Mark where the edges of the paper touch the fabric and cut along the edge line.

The resulting fabric in the shape of the donut is the amount of fabric you will need to make a circle skirt in your preferred measurements. 

Step 9. It is now time to sew the skirt. You will start with the waist part. Bring it to your sewing machine and make a zigzag stitch along the edge of the waistline. Prepare your elastic band for sewing onto the skirt. Take the correct measurements and sew together the ends of the elastic before you sew it onto the waistline of the skirt. 

With the top part of the skirt finished, focus on the bottom part. Make sure that the bottom is completely even, by cutting off any excess fabric. Serge or, iron the bottom of the skirt at least ¼ of an inch. Iron the edges of the skirt. Then, sew the hem at ⅛ inches from the edge you just ironed. 

You have finished making your circle skirt. You can now wear it and see that it fits perfectly. For the best results, always use a wide fabric. Also, choose a lightweight fabric especially when you are making a circle skirt for an adult. 

How To Make A Gathered Circle Skirt?

If there is anything as beautiful as a circle skirt, is a gathered circle skirt. You can make a gathered circle skirt in the same way you make your ordinary circle skirt. First, you will need a lightweight fabric in your preferred color and width.

Using your measuring tape, take your waist measurements. Then measure the desired length of your skirt from your waist and, also measure the pocket distance from your waist. Using your waist measurements, you can calculate the radius and then calculate how much fabric you will need for your gathered skirt as above. 

Cut out a donut shape on your fabric based on the results of your radius calculation and desired length of your gathered skirt. Make sure to fold your fabric in quarters to get the right size of the fabric.

Cut the donut fabric and start sewing around the waist, then the pockets, and eventually hem the bottom. You have your gathered circle skirt ready to rock when the weather agrees with it.

How Do I Measure Myself For A Skirt?

Measuring a skirt is quite easy and fast. You only need to decide what type of skirt suits your type of body. To measure a skirt for yourself, you will start at the waist. Measure your waist, at the most comfortable part of the body to wear your clothes or skirt. 

The second part to measure is your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. This ensures that the skirt will fit properly on your body. 

The final step in measuring yourself for a skirt is to measure the skirt length. Place your measuring tape in the middle of your waist. Then let it drop and mark your desired length of the skirt. 

Mark all these measurements on your fabric and start sewing.


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