How To Hem A Knit Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are loved by women of all ages. They have a beautiful shape that playfully flatters the wearer.

To get to what you see and wear is a difficult task. Sewing the beautiful knit circle skirt is a hard task for the sewer. Hemming it to perfection requires an extra bit of sewing knowledge and experience.

Circle skirts are difficult to hem because they have a curved hem, unlike the ordinary fold-over hem.

How Do You Hem A Knit Circle Skirt

Hemming a knit circle skirt needs ingenuity. To do it well, sew a half-inch stitch all around the skirt. Being a knit skirt, make sure it does not tear.

Iron your hem all around the skirt on top of your thread.

Sew the curved fabric in place and you have your hem. You can also use tape or an overlock to hem your knit circle skirt.

Steps to Hem Your Knit Circle Skirt With A Perfect Fold

Step 1. Sew a line about a quarter-inch into the fabric. While sewing on the sewing machine, take care that your garment fabric is not pulled or caught by the needles.

Step 2. Take the fabric below the sewn line and fold it in up to the level of the sewed line.

Step 3. Press the hemline in completely with your steam iron.

Step 4. Sew this hemline in place. You can do it by hand or by sewing machine.

Step 5. You have hemmed your knit skirt.

Steps To Hem Your Knit Circle Skirt With Tape

Step 1. Lay your circle skirt on your working table.

Step 2. Open up your bias tape and lay it on your circle skirt. Attach the right side of the bias tape on the right side of your circle skirt.

Step 3. From the inside of your circle skirt, press your bias tape leaving the seam on the edges.

Step 4. Turn your circle skirt and stitch the bias tape near the top folded edge from the wrong side of your circle skirt.

Step 5. Give your skirt a final press around the hem for a smooth finish.

Steps To Hem You Knit Circle Skirt With Overlock or Serger

Step 1. Start by using the overlock stitch on the rough hemline.

Step 2. Press the hem in and fix it with pins in preparation for sewing.

Step 3. Sew the hem in place

Step 4. Finish with a final press for a neater finish.

Steps To Hem Your Knit Circle Skirt With Wide Hems

Step 1. Use a gathering thread to sew around your hem as close to the edge as possible.

Step 2. Pull the bobbins to gather the edges

Step 3. Use a bias tape to make the wide hem on your circle skirt.

Step 4. Finish with a final press to create a neatly finished hem.

Always finish hemming by pressing the hem. Press your hem when you make it with each of these hemming methods. Pressing your hem makes it firmer and makes sure that it stays tight for longer.

Types Of Hems You Can Use To Hem Your Circle Skirt

Zigzag Hem

It is also known as the overlock hem. This is one of the best hems that you can use to hem a circle skirt. It makes curved hems easily.

It is best suited for knit and heavy fabrics that can’t be easily sewn by hand. It makes use of the serger or overlock and your sewing machine.

Blind Hem

A blind hem is a hem as the name suggests that is difficult to spot. This hem is barely visible in clothes that it is used in.

It is best used for wide straight hems. It can be hand sewn or done with a sewing machine. It involves making small stitches that are similar in color to the garment they are stitching.

Bias Tape Hem

This is a hem made by hemming with a bias tape. It is best for curved garments such as a circle skirt. It is neat and clean and produces a beautiful finish.

There are several types of bias tape hem. You can make a single or double bias tape hem. You can also make a continuous bias tape, a blanket tape, and a fusible tape hem.

Double Fold

The double fold hem is suitable for both curved and straight fabrics. As such, it is one of the most commonly used hems for many types of clothes.

What You Need To Know To Successfully Make Curved Hems

Skill And Experience

Hemming a curved garment is one of the hardest sewing projects that you can undertake. If you do not have sufficient skills and experience to make this hem, get someone who does to help you.

This will be a learning experience on how you can also do it better next time. Until you have the right skills, your hems will pucker all around the garment you are hemming.

Hemming curved clothes is an intermediate to advanced sewing skill. If you are a beginner, it may be hard for you. However, practice makes perfect. Practice consistently and you will master this skill.


Every sewing project requires patience. Hemming a curved fabric is one of those projects that will completely test your patience. Hemming a curved garment requires that you work both by hand and sewing machine if need be. Therefore, take your time to complete your work perfectly.

You will mostly use your hands in the preparation stage. Unlike a straight hem which only requires measuring and folding, a curved hem has more work. Once you have finished preparing your hem, you may need to hand stitch or press before going to the sewing machine.

Therefore, you need all the patience you can master. Hemming a curved or circular hem will take about 45 minutes.

Always Press As You Go

To make a clean and neat curved hem, your iron is the most important tool. There are many methods that you can use to make a curved hem. Regardless of the method you use, make sure you press your hem as you go and when you complete it.

Pressing as you go makes it possible to see how well you are progressing. When you have finished hemming, press once more. This helps to keep your hem in place firmly.

Have The Right Tools

Always have the right tools to make a curved hem. The tools depend on the method you want to use to make the hem. However, there are some tools you will need for every method you choose.

These include pins and clips, a tape measure, your preferred cutting tool, and an iron. If you are going to use tape to hem, make sure you have a high-quality tape. A serger or overlock machine may also be necessary.

The tools you will need are determined by the method of hemming you will use.

Tips To Remember When Working With Knit Fabric


There are several ways to hem knit fabric. You can hem with a serger or with bias tape. Whether you are working on a curved or straight knit garment. These are the best methods to hem your knit fabric.

Sew Simply

If you are going to sew clothes with knit fabric, use simple stitches. These will give your garment a neat and clean look. Making it beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Simple stitches are also fast and easy to use on knit fabric.

Stretch material

When you sew with knit fabric, add some stretch material in different parts. For example, you can use tape in the hems or even add elastic on the shoulders and waist of a knit fabric dress. This will help to stabilize your garment.



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