How To Hem Pants With Needle And Thread

Hem your jeans on pants with thread and needle to give a more polished and professional look to them. The process is easy, but not everyone is aware of it, which is why they cannot do it.

Instead of looking for professionals who can hem your pants, you can try it on your own. Hemming pants are not at all tough and can save you some money. Read through the process to know how to hem pants with needles and thread.

How To Hem Pants With Needle And Thread?

The average price of hemming a pair of jeans is $15, but there is no need to spend this amount when you know how to do it. It does not take much time, and we can assist you through the entire process.

Be with us to know about the process so that it looks like some professional has done the hemming.

Step 1: Measuring The Seam

First of all, you have to measure the length of the pants you wish to wear. To find the length of the inseam, take it from the crotch seam to the bottom.

Step 2: Eliminate The Original Hem

Take out the stitch from the hemline present there with a seam ripper. Now, you must completely unfold the hem in a way that it hangs loose. Place it over the ironing place and iron the pants to remove creases.

Step 3: Measure

Turn the trousers inside out after ironing is done and lay them flat on a surface. From the crotch of the pant, find the length of the inseam. After that, mark the length by adding one inch more for seam allowance.

Step 4: Trim And Measure Hem

Use a ruler with a rotary cutter to cut the extra fabric. After that, set the sewing gauge to half an inch. Fold half an inch at the edge of the pant, and using a sewing gauge, check the fold is half an inch on every side.

Step 5: Use The Iron

Press the pant using the iron as it gives you an idea of how much to stitch.

Step 6: Folding The Hem

By half an inch again, fold the edge and verify the pants using the sewing gauge. Pin the hem after you have evenly folded it half an inch wide.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6

The next step is to repeat step 6 for the other pant leg also. Cross-check if both the pant legs are looking similar, following which you can move on to the next.

Step 8: Sew The Hem

There is no issue if you do not have a sewing machine as hand sewing is possible. It is simple and does not take much time, and two things, needle, and thread will give the hemmed pants.

Take a matching piece of thread double of the length, which should cover around one leg. Tie the ends you have cut and thread the needle together to sew with two strands.

To hold it in the same place, take some pins and put the needle into the seam allowance.

Put it in the inside leg and pull through the pants. Again put it in the back and bring it out of the folded edge about 1/8 inch. After that, you have to pull it through and pick threads below the stitch.

Slide the needle in 3/8 inches and pull it back off the folded edge. Following this, pull it out the front and repeat the same for the other pant leg.

After you have completed stitching the hem, press the pants using an iron. Now you can wear it and see if it looks proper on you.

Things Required For Hemming

A few things are there that you will require for hemming without that, you cannot do so, and they are:

  • Sewing Tools: Here, the things you will require are thread snips, seam ripper, a ruler, scissors, measuring tape, etc.
  • Sewing Needles And Matching Thread: To hem your pants, you will require matching threads and sewing needles. The matching color thread is the most important thing. If you do not use that, it is better to buy one.
  • Using different colors of thread will make the pants look improper, which is why you should stick to that.
  • Ironing Board And Iron: Have an iron and ironing board as you will require to iron the pants. Ironing pants will help in continuing hemming in line.
  • Pins: Whenever you start with sewing, it is always better to have some pins with you. They help in maintaining uniformity while sewing.

Types Of Stitches You Can Follow In Hand Hemming

  • Hemstitched Hem: It has drawn thread including along the hem and is a unique way to finish the hem. To start with, the edge is turned and folded twice, and you should press to be in place. Pin it, and after that, you can start stitching.
  • Pin Hem: In this process, small holes are made with a thick needle. Fold the edge twice towards the inside direction and start stitching. Ensure to tighten the stitches so that it does not come out on either side.
  • Catch Stitch Hem: It uses herringbone stitches to catch the garment and hem. The stitches offer some flexibility and stretch, and it is great to be used in your pants.
  • Bar Tacked Hem: In case your pants are too heavy, you can go with a bar-tacked hem. It can be done by hand, and the process is easy. It refers to several small stitches done closely to create a thick straight bar.

Why Prefer Hand Stitching Over Machine?

If you are thinking about why to prefer hand stitching over the machine, here are some parameters to consider.

  • Affordable: The price of his sewing machine is higher, so everyone cannot afford to purchase one. As a result, hand stitching is a better alternative, and anyone can do it.

It requires only two things; a needle and thread, so hand stitching is affordable compared to machine stitching.

  • Different Stitches: Some specific stitches maybe there which you would like to do, but cannot as it is not there in the machine. In this instance, you can prefer hand stitching.

It permits you to follow any kind of stitches that you like and also try out certain designs.

  • Save Some Money: Hemming pants will require paying some money from your pocket. But when you do it on your own with a hand, you can save some money.
  • Easy Process: The process is also easy, so it will not take much time to understand and start with it. The entire thing is mentioned above in a step-by-step manner so that it is easier for you to understand.

We have tried our best to include all the related information about stitching hem pants with thread and needle. In case you need some more information, always visit our page. We will soon come up with more details regarding the same.

Can You Hem Pants At Your Home With Spending Any Amount?

Yes, you can do it. Few things that you will require to start the process are a needle, thread, ruler, pins, etc. When you have the products, you can follow the steps listed above and hem your pants.

Additionally, you can try out new stitches according to your wish to try out different things. You can save a lot of money here that you would otherwise spend on buying a sewing machine.

Is It Difficult To Hem Pants On Your Own If You Do Not Have Any Sewing Skills?

Yes, you can do so. However, perfection comes when you continuously do stitching over again. It is easy and does not take much time. So, look at the procedure and start with it at the earliest. Share your reviews with us about how the experience was.



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