What Is A 5 Thread Overlocker Used For

Sewing is relatively easy. This is especially true when you are sewing small pieces. When you embark on a large project, you have many things to consider. One of the challenges of a large project is the need to secure your stitches. Especially at the ends of your seams or fabric. At this point, you will require an overlock machine to keep your threads firmly in place. There are different types of overlock machines depending on what you want to achieve.

What Is A 5 Thread Overlocker Used For

A 5-thread overlocker is used to finish stitches on the edges of the fabric. It makes hems on the edges of the fabric you are working on. This makes sure that your threads are not left hanging which could loosen them easily. Loose threads run easily, undoing all the sewing work you have done.

The overlock machine is also known as a serger. It is handy for all types of sewing projects. However, the overlock machine is mostly used when you have heavy and large fabrics to work on. In addition to the five-thread overlocker, there are other types of overlock machines.

Types Of Overlock Machines

2-thread Overlock Machine

If you are working on light fabrics, this is the overlock machine you will use to fix your threads in place. It is firm and light enough to ensure that the seams of light fabrics do not tear when overlocked. It also helps to create decoration stitches on the fabric.

The 2-thread overlock machine uses a flatlock stitch to finish and secure sewing threads on light fabrics. It is also used to finish scarf edges.

Sweatshirts, lingerie, and sportswear, and clothes made with light fabrics are all finished with a 2 thread overlock machine.

3-thread Overlock Machine

The 3-thread overlock machine uses three threads and one needle to create stitches on hems. The e-thread overlock machine delivers stronger stitches than the 2-thread overlock machine. It is also used to make decorative stitches. It is used in both knit and woven fabrics while seaming.

Shirts, blouses, and swimwear can be finished with the three thread overlock machine. It is not suitable to use it in areas of clothes that experience lots of use and stress.

4-thread Overlock Machine

The 4-thread overlock machine uses four spools of thread and two needles and two loopers. It creates a firm stitch at the seam. Making sure that your sewing holds firmly for as long as possible. The thread made by this overlock machine is best described as a safety stitch. This is because it keeps your seams together firmly.

5-thread Overlock Machine

The 5-thread overlock machine has five spools of thread and uses two needles and three loopers. Its features show that it is superior to all the other overlock machines. Its stitches are stronger than those made by all the other overlock machines. It is best used with heavy fabrics. Its stitches combine a three thread overlock stitch and a chain stitch hence their strength and firmness.

Features Of An Overlock Machine

An overlock machine is significantly different from a normal sewing machine. The difference is not only in use but also in the features that each of these machines contains.

Here are some of the significant features of an overlock machine that distinguish it from a sewing machine.


The speed at which an overlock machine works is much higher than that of a sewing machine. It takes an overlock machine seconds to complete sewing a length of fabric that would take a few minutes on a sewing machine.

Multiple Threads

An overlock machine may have multiple spools of thread at use simultaneously. As we have already seen. Having multiple threads means that it has multiple needles and loopers. With multiple threads, the overlock machine can make two or more different stitches at the same time.


The overlock machine is used to finish sewing and to sew seams. Depending on the number of threads and the strength of the stitch, different overlock machines are used with different types of fabric. Overlock machines with fewer threads are used for light fabrics. As the threads increase, so does the strength of the stitch and the weight of the fabric. Overlock machines work with all types of fabrics including knit fabrics.

Edge Trimmer Knife

Overlock machines have an edge trimmer knife. The knife automatically cuts off any excess thread on the fabric that is finished by the overlock machine. This helps to make sure that your sewing project is neat and does not have loose threads.

Automatic Oil Lubrication System

A major feature of the overlock machine is its automatic oil lubrication system. At the speed at which it works, the overlock machine will need regular lubrication. Automatic lubrication ensures that you never stop what you are doing to lubricate the machine.

Advantages Of Using An Overlock Machine

Clean Finish

Depending on your sewing project, you will need to finish sewing cleanly and firmly. This clean finish helps add to the quality of the project. Sewing machines can sew, but can’t sew a strong clean finish on the seams. An overlock machine will be needed to make a clean finish as quickly as possible.

Quick And Easy Decoration

If you want to add decoration to your sewing project, the overlock machine is the best option. It is fast and works with a range of fabric. You can decorate the lightest or the heaviest fabric with this machine easily.

It has large loopers that can easily accept decorative stitches.

Makes Sure Your Threads Don’t Fray

When you use an overlock machine, you are sure that the threads at the seams won’t get loos quickly. The overlock machine creates a firm stitch as it uses multiple threads and needles.

Easy To Use

The overlock had been a preserve of large textile companies. Over time, it has become a staple for small home sewing projects due to its ease of use.

How To Take Care Of An Overlock Machine

For every tool, you use at home or in a professional setting, it is important to take care of it. A well taken care of the machine lasts longer, does not break down easily, and produces high-quality work. Therefore, it is important to take care of your overlock machine for the best results.

The first thing you need to observe is to ensure that its lubrication system is working properly. If the machine is not properly lubricated, it may break down. It is quite expensive to repair and you will have to outsource overlock work. In lubrication, use an oil designed for the overlock machine.

Further, make sure that you regularly change the machine’s needles. Especially so if they get blunt or bend. It is required that you have new needles for every new project you handle. Or don’t exceed 8 hours of work for the needles.

The other thing you will need to change regularly is the trimmer knife. They may get blunt or also start bending. IF you use these knives like that, the quality finish of your sewing projects declines.

Keep the overlock machine clean without any stray threads or fabrics.

Make sure to switch it off when it’s not in use.


If you want a professional, clean, and firm seam finish in your sewing project, the 5 thread overlock machine is your best bet. It works fast and finishes off your seams firmly. Also, you can use it to make decorations around your fabric with different colored threads.

Whether you are using it at home or at work, make sure to take good care of your overlock machine. With a range of overlock machines available, you can choose one that fits your sewing. The 5 thread overlock machine will comfortably handle all types of fabric you pass through it.



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