How To Embroider A Hat

Wearing the same hat for years can make things monotonous, or going a step ahead to give a hat a more personalized look does no harm. You can embroider your way on the cap to give your headgear a new and customized feel in such situations. Stay with us to learn in detail how you can embellish your hat.

How To Embroider A Hat?

Embroider A Hat

There are two ways of embroidering a hat. Either you can hand stitch it or use the sewing machine to do it. However, before you choose one, it would be best to imprint the design of your choice on the hat. You will then need a hoop and fabric stabilizer to hold the cap in place while embroidering on it. Then you can start with the stitching process either by hand or machine. You can choose to embellish either at the front, on the sides, at the back, or on its top.

Read on to know the embroidering process step-by-step and learn how to stitch on a hat using a sewing machine. We will also elaborate a little on the types of hat that you can experiment with.

How To Embroider A Hat By Hand?

Before you start to embroider on the hat, it would be best to prewash it. Now let us take a look at the step by step process of embroidering a hat by hand.

Embroider By Hand


  1. Hat
  2. Hoop
  3. Needle
  4. Thread
  5. Embroidery stabilizer


Step 1: You have to print the pattern you want to embroider on the fabric stabilizer.

Step 2: Trim roughly around the stabilizer.

Step 3: Now, hoop the hat to make the process of embroidering more comfortable.

Step 4: Peel the back of the stabilizer and press to stick it on the fabric.

Step 5: Now, thread the needle with the color of your choice.

Step 6: You can start stitching.

Step 7: After you complete stitching, take off the hoop from the hat.

Step 8: Take some warm water and soak the headgear upside in it for a while.

Step 9: Put the hat under running water to rinse away the stabilizer.

Step 10: Put a towel underneath the hat to retain the shape and let it dry under the sun.

Step 11: After it has dried, you can then wear it.

How To Embroider A Hat Using Embroidering Machine?

Embroidering on a hat using a machine takes a little less effort than sewing it with your hands. However, with the step-by-step process mentioned below, you will be able to do it more manageably. Let us take a look at it.

o Embroider A Hat Using Embroidering Machine


  1. Hat
  2. Hoop
  3. Hoop Template
  4. Fabric Stabilizer
  5. Scissors
  6. Marking Tool
  7. Pins
  8. Painters Tape
  9. Measuring Tool


Step 1: Hoop a fabric stabilizer in such a way that the adhesive side will be up after you remove the top layer.

Step 2: remove the top layer to expose the adhesive.

Step 3: Now use the hoop template and mark the center dots.

Step 4: Draw a line down the center to match the dots with a marking tool.

Step 5: You will now have to use a painter’s tape and pins to secure the end by flap along the brim.

Step 6: Flatten the brim slightly to make the hat stay down on the hoop.

Step 7: Mark the measurements of your design.

Step 8: Place the hat on the stabilizer. You have to match the centerline while placing the cap on the adhesive side.

Step 9: Adjust the hat by flattening it with your fingers.

Step 10: Secure the hat with pins outside the markings of your design.

Step 11: Now, you have to thread the machine and get ready for embroidering on it.

Step 12: Place the hat on the machine and adjust the design in the center. You have to keep in mind to place the cap so that it does not hit the pins while embroidering.

Step 13: Now, start embroidering.

Step 14: After the process is complete, remove the hat from the hoop.

Step 15: Remove the stabilizer from the back of the hat.

Step 16: You can now wear your headgear.

How Much Time Does It Take To Embroider A Hat?

Various factors influence the time taken to embroider a hat. The time depends on the type and number of stitches you decide to decorate the hat with. Also, there are chances that the size of the design you have chosen may be the reason behind consuming more time to embroider your headgear.

The time taken also depends on whether you are using a machine or embroider it with your hands. Stitching on a machine usually does not take more than 6 minutes, including if you have any trimming to do. However, hand-embroidery might take at least 4-5 hours to finish the job.

Types Of Hat You Can Choose To Embroider

You can get hold of several types of hats to add it as a fashion statement with your outfit. Different hats serve various purposes, so let us browse through some of them.

  • One-Piece Front Hats (OPF)

These types of hats are popularly known as farmer or trucker hats. This hat’s uniqueness is that it has a laminated foam backing giving the cap its structure, and the rest of it is made with mesh material. OPFs are easy to embroider because of their support.

  • Collegiate Or Varsity Hats

These are perfect-fit hats and sticks close to your head because it does not have the foam backing on the front. While embroidering, a collegiate hat has to be adequately hooped because it has the chance of moving while stitching on it.

  • Sports Cap

This hat is by far the most common hat for embroidery. It has a center seam down the middle of the front panel. However, like the farmer hats, it also has a foam backing, which gives it a solid structure.

How Difficult Is It To Embroider?

It is not difficult for some people, and for a few others, it is pretty tricky. However, you do not have to get scared of it. There are a lot of books on embroidering, which will make the process much easier for you. All you will need are a needle, thread, fabric, and a hoop. You have to practice so that you can get the flow. After some time, you will see that embroidering is not difficult at all.

Can You Embroider On Mesh Hats?

Embroider On Mesh Hats

Embroidering on mesh hats is a little delicate process, but you can stitch beautifully to give your headgear a new look. To get the desired results without harming the fabric, you will need a tearaway backing or a fabric stabilizer to hold the stitches in place. Also, the hoop has to be appropriately placed to make the fabric stable. Once you put the stabilizer, you can start with the embroidery process as you move ahead with other hats made of different materials. You do not have to compromise on the embroidery’s quality if you put the tearaway backing for the process.

Can You Embroider Without A Hoop?

Embroider Cap

There is no hard and fast rule to use a hoop while embroidering your hat. It means that it is possible to stitch on a hat without an embroidery hoop, given you have other methods of stabilizing your fabric. The main reason behind using the tool is to hold the material in place, which will help stabilize your work. You have to keep in mind maintaining the level of tension on the fabric you are using for the embroidery. Doing so will help the material from puckering and clamping. Also, it depends on your level of embroidery expertise, whether you can stitch without a hoop for the desired results. Experts can stitch elegantly and seamlessly without using the tool while embroidering.



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