How to Use an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is a fun and exciting project that many people have been adopting. They carry out this procedure to create outstanding decorations on their garments. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in sewing, you have to learn how to use an embroidery machine. This learning can be challenging. But mostly for a beginner with zero experience on the primary sewing machine.

Nowadays, embroidery machines are self-executing. They solely carry out all embroidery process duties. All you need to do is modify the machine settings for each task that it is about to perform. Also, understanding what the machine can do is crucial. Using the embroidery machine may be difficult, but presently the design is convenient hence easy to use.

How to Use an Embroidery Machine?

Embroidery Machine

Of course, the first step here is unboxing the machine, ensuring that you do it carefully. The device may come in the form of a sewing machine. There is a part you should remove so you can fix the embroidery arm. Insert the machine to the socket and switch it on. If it needs a computer, connect the device to it.

Now, Thread the machine and the bobbin following the guide manual. For correct embroidering, the device needs the top and bobbin thread. Now start your embellishment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use an Embroidery Machine

The best method to learn to use an embroidery machine is to get familiar with its operation. So, let’s start!

Step 1: Preparation

Do you have all the necessary supplies required for using an embroidery machine? You will need the embroidery machine, fabric, bobbin, thread, needles, and stabilizer. Moreover, you also need access to embroidery computer software.

Step 2: Choose the Right Thread and Needle

For an embroidery machine, you need to use the right type of thread. You have two options – the embroidery thread or the bobbin thread. I recommend using embroidery thread as it is thinner than regular ones. The next step is to pick the right needle. You can choose one depending on the weight of your fabric. For domestic embroidery machines, I recommend using flat-sided, shank needles.

Step 3: Setting Up Embroidery Machine

This process is quite similar to setting up a regular sewing machine. Firstly, connect the device to the power supply. If you have an advanced machine, you can directly connect it to the computer through a USB port. Many embroidery machines have software previously installed.

Step 4: Thread the Bobbin

The standard operation of this step will change from machine to machine. Therefore, make sure you read the user manual and follow the steps to thread the bobbin.

Step 5: Choose Your Design and Embroider

After you load the fabric into the machine, go ahead and pick a decent design. If you are handling an embroidery machine for the first time, you should choose a simple design. Many machines also have in-built design options in their software. Once everything is in place, check the thread color that is first in the line. Select it for the needle and press the start.

Is It Hard to Use an Embroidery Machine?

Is It Hard to Use an Embroidery Machine?

You have to try using the embroidery machine to know how easy or hard it is to use it. The perception that using the embroidery machine is hard to use even before you start can turn out to be true. Before you assume anything, do your research about the machine. Then gather enough effort and have the urge to know how to use it. Once all things are ready, you will see how easy it is to navigate through it.

Using an embroidery machine is easy. But it will only be so once you are passionate and willing to learn. But true to fact, for a beginner with no experience of using a sewing machine will find it more challenging. The breakthrough is, however, the same. Be willing to learn. Here are some tips to quickly learn how to use an embroidery machine.

1. Be Ready to Learn

Your willingness to learn is a real deal savior. A beginner may find it hard to learn, but as long as you are passionate, then nothing should stop you. Make sure you closely follow the instructions on the manual and understand all its parts and their roles. Watching as many tutorials on how to use the machine will significantly help.

2. Ensure You Are Comfortable

You are trying to understand how to use this machine. A little bit of nervousness may make you mess up during the process. It is acceptable to make mistakes as you learn, though. But ensure you put your focus on the machine at that moment for easy learning.

3. Keep Track of What You Are Doing

It is essential to have a record of what you are doing. If you make a mistake, record it and look for ways to solve it next time. A description of any adjustments you make in the machine is also essential.

4. Stitch Using Different Embroidery Machines 

There are many types of embroidery machines. The way one machine works will vary from the other. It will depend on the stabilizer, fabric, digitizers, and other elements you use in the machine. One great thing with trying different devices is that you’ll have a taste of each, and you will know the one that will help you embroider easily.

Does an Embroidery Machine Also Sew?

Does an Embroidery Machine Also Sew?

The design of the embroidery machine is what will determine whether or not it will sew. There are embroidery machines that solely deal with embroidery. Others will do both sewing and embroidery. You may find that the devices that can do both tasks are costly. Those that only deal with embroidering are less costly.

The Brother SE400 embroidery machine can sew and do embroidery. If you are a complete novice in the sewing niche, using this machine will be of great help. There is a removable section that comes with such machines. If you want to sew, remove it and carry on with your sewing. When embroidering, please put it back. The machine manual will guide on this. If following this procedure still eats up your head, consider consulting an expert for a face to face lesson.

Other models support the sewing option other than the Brother design. When buying these machines, evaluate the purpose for which you want it. If your interest is on embroidery alone, then buy the machine that solely deals with this.

Can You Make Money With an Embroidery Machine?

By now, you already know how to use your embroidery machine. You can use it to make embroideries as a hobby or generate cash from it. So, the answer is yes, the embroidery machine can be your source of extra income. Here are two easy, effortless ways to make money using your embroidery machine.

1. Look for Customers to Buy the Embroidered Cloth

After making that beautiful embroider, do you place it in your house? Yes, you may but selling it is the smartest option. Move from your comfort zone, interact with customers, tell them what you do, and decorate their pieces. As long as what you produce is good looking and of high quality, getting customers won’t be a struggle.

Ensure you are confident and comfortable enough to interact with your customers; you can make good money out of it. If you aren’t comfortable in selling the designs yourself, then hire someone as your sales agent.

2. Spend Time Making the Designs

It will be best to dedicate much of your time to make as many patterns as possible for consistent income. There is no one time that the designs will be enough. Especially if you have regular customers, and they highly rely on you. Ensure you have more than enough designs, and if the customer base is broad, hire someone to help you. 

To make your embroidery business more popular, you can advertise your pieces on online platforms, especially those dealing with handmade products. If you love embroidering, then it can be an easy money-making venture.



Can I Do Other Things Since the Operation of the Machine Is Automatic?

It will depend on the machine. An automatic embroidery machine will do the operation on its own. Therefore, you can be doing something on the side as you wait. The machine will start the embroidery process and end it without you intervening. Also, it will neatly trim the edges. Other devices will even change the color of the thread spontaneously. Your work will only be adjusting the machine settings. You also need to continually examine the machine to see if everything is going on well.

What Is Computerized Embroidery?

There are particular types of embroidery machines whose design uses data from a computer. The data will direct the device to the stitching design. It will also show you the correct format to follow when stitching and when to trim the excess threads. These machines make your embroidery easy. They also ensure that their final results are accurate and of high quality.

Final Thoughts!

Embroidery Machine

Using an embroidery machine is challenging, but you can make it easier. Be ready to learn and make mistakes during the process. You will be able to correct them next time you try using it. If following the guide is difficult, you can go for embroidery classes. It will be relatively easier to grasp the concepts.

Also, different embroidery machines work differently. So before investing in one, ensure you try the various available models to see the one that efficiently works for you. Also, make sure you practice enough to master at using the machine. Proper practicing will make your embroidering easy.



I'm Jessica Flores, a professional fashion designer and an expert seamstress. Crafting has always been a deep-seated passion of mine, one that has flourished and evolved over the years. I've dedicated considerable time to both studying and practicing in the realm of fashion and sewing, amassing a wealth of experience and skills. It brings me great joy to share these insights and experiences with you all, hoping to inspire and foster a similar passion for the art of sewing.

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