What Stitch To Use For Fleece

Stitching fleece is a blast, provided you know how to do it. Several stitching types are available through which you can stitch. For most fleeces, straight stitches are fine. But for others, you may have to go for zigzag stitches.

Here we have included details on the types of stitches to be used for fleece, how to do it and various other things. Read through this article to know more about it.

What Stitch To Use For Fleece?

Stitching fleece is easy, and it can be done in unique ways. Initially, some people may find it to be a difficult task. But once you start doing it, you will find stitching easier.

The accessories required for stitching the fleece are thread, the sewing machine, scissors, and the fleece.

Be with us to know about the entire process so you can start to own your own.

How to Use Straight Stitch For Fleece?

Take a look at the process of different types of stitches to use for fleece, following which you can stitch.

A straight fleece is like a straight line that you will do on the four boundaries of the blanket. The process is:

Step 1: Get the fleece and put the thread on the machine and the bobbin. Set the sewing device at an average stitching length.

Step 2: Ensure to have the desired stitch length, take the fleece, and place it under the presser foot.

Step 3: As you start for the first time, line up the fleece in a way, so the right edge of the presser foot matches the right edge of the fleece.

Step 4: Lower the presser foot to hold the fleece in place and the wheel, so everything is in place.

Step 5: Press the foot pedal slowly to start sewing, and to backstitch, you can reverse the button. Once you reach the end, tie a knot so that the stitch does not come out.

Step 6: Raise the pressure foot and remove the fleece, and you are done. It is as simple as that, and you can learn the steps within a few minutes.

How to Use Zigzag Stitch For Fleece?

It is a geometric side-to-side stitch, and it is better than straight stitches. The finishing quality is better and looks neat and clean, and can be adjusted by changing the settings of the machine. The process is:

Step 1: To start with, it is the same as the straight stitches. First of all, thread the bobbin with the machine.

Step 2: On the machine, you have to change the way from straight to zigzag. A picture can be given, showing how to change it to zigzag stitches, or you can read on to the manual to find about it.

Step 3: Once you have set the machine to zigzag, it will have the basic width and length. In case you wish to change the stitch width and length, you can do so.

Step 4: A better way would be to stitch on a rough cloth by changing the length and breadth. After that, whichever looks good to you, you can proceed with it on your fleece.

Step 5: Once you are ready, place the fleece on the sewing machine as that of the straight stitches and start stitching. After it gets done, remove the pressure foot and take it out, and it’s done.

Things To Know Before You Sew Fleece

A few things are there to keep in mind before you start sewing, and they are:

Prefer Longer Stitches

Fleece is a knit fabric, so a short stitch length can cause stretching and distorting. It is better to adjust the length of the stitch to be longer, like seven to ten stitches per inch.

The parameter should be maintained irrespective of whether you go for straight or zigzag stitches. If the sewing machine has a choice of setting for fabric, go for it.

Consider Nap

While working with fleece, checking the surface is important as it has a nap. It means all the fibers are running in a particular direction, so you should mark the fleece with tape.

You must continue doing it after noticing the direction of the nap and before you start cutting. The nap should run in the same direction as every piece.

Try Zigzag Stitches

Trying out zigzag stitches in fleece is better as it gets a decorative look. Before you start, check the surface of the fleece as one part may be soft while the other part may not.

Ensure you should not stitch fleece on the wrong side; otherwise, you have to open and do it again.

Using A Similar Color Thread

While stitching, use a similar color thread, so the blanket does not look abrupt. Or else, after the stitches are done, the blanket will not look beautiful only because of the thread. Thus, choose the color of the thread appropriately while stitching.

A Good Quality Thread

Using a good quality thread holds the greatest importance, or else it can tear in between. If any such things happen, you need to try from the starting point again.

Additionally, tie a knot after you have completed stitching. If you do not do so, the threads will come out after a while.

Keeping The Machine Clean

Working with fleece may be messy, so you must keep the machine clean. Clean the fiber particles after you have completed your everyday task.

It is not a compulsory step, but performing this will help to eliminate the unwanted stuff.

Do Not Forget To Stitch The Corners Properly

While stitching the corners, make sure you do it properly. Do backward stitching also so there are lesser chances that it will open. There is nothing to hurry as it can destroy the entire work.

Do it slowly, and prefer to choose zigzag stitched edges instead of straight ones.

Zigzag Or Straight Stitch?

Deciding when to use the type of stitch can be a gray area of the project. For that, it is better to check the benefits of preferring the type of stitches. Zigzag stitches are super handy and offer better finishing. It distributes stress across seams, and broad stitch width holds the areas quite well.

It is better to endure better movement and will not open up quickly, unlike straight stitches. Fleeces are not like normal clothes that any kind of stitch it can hold.

So, while stitching, you have to be a bit careful and to have a better outcome. Hopefully, with that, you can understand the types of stitches to use for fleece when you prefer to do the next time.

Can Fleece Stitches Be Done With Hands?

Stitching fleeces can be done with hands, but the outcome of the product may not look proper. Also, it can take a lot of time, which if you do it in a sewing machine can be completed in a half an hour.

Stitching the fleeces is an easy task, and you can do it at home on your own. There is no need for any technical knowledge or any other thing to perform stitching.

Is It Okay To Cheat On The Color Of The Thread?

No, it’s not. If you choose a color that does suit the blanket, the blanket will look improper. It is better to choose a similar color, giving a fine look. For practicing the stitching types in rough cloth, you can opt for any color. Doing it regularly will increase your speed in stitching.

Use A New Machine Needle While Stitching Fleece

While stitching fleece, you must always prefer using a new machine needle. Fleece is harder than usual clothes, so using a sharp needle will help in completing stitching quickly.



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