How To Embroider Without a Hoop?

When it comes to embroidery, many people use the embroidery hoop to get it done. It’s because using the hope will help keep the fabric in place and will not cause issues when you sew with the needle.

It’s an excellent option for all those individuals who wish to finish their needlework projects on time. Not having the hoop might make the whole hand-stitching work pretty complex.

When you do the embroidery work without the hoop, you will surely be surprised at how great the results will be. So, how to embroider without the embroidery hoop? Well, there are some great ways to get it done. Let’s learn more about it in detail.

Embroidering Without a Hoop: Ways to Do It

In this section, you will learn about the various ways through which you can do some embroidery work without the hoop.

How to Hand Embroider Without a Hoop?

Doing embroidery work with hands might make the design appear less attractive when compared to doing it with the hoop. That is not true at all.

For the majority of embroidery projects, you can use your hands to get it done when you hand when you have the skills for it. The results will surely be outstanding.

If you’re not that skilled, you can begin the hand embroidery work on the patch. Here is a step-by-step process that will help you embroider with your hands:

  • Step 1 – Mark the fabric: Right before you begin the embroidery work, you should take chalk or a marker and then make markings on the area where you wish to stitch.
  • Step 2 – Begin the stitching: You will not find any unusual when it comes to embroidering with your hands. You can begin the stitching work immediately. But make sure to apply appropriate tension every time you stitch.
  • Step 3 – Steam blocking: The stitched sections will appear a lot tighter compared to the unstitched ones. To reduce the tightness, steam the backside of the fabric gently with an iron. Allow it to cool down, and then repeat the method.

Utilize the Fabric Scroll Frames

Utilize the Fabric Scroll Frames

It’s okay if you don’t wish to use your hands for the stitching/embroidery work. So, instead, you can opt for a “fabric scroll frame”. It will certainly make the stitching work a lot easier.

If you like doing needlepoint work, scroll frames can be pretty useful. You can easily maintain the correct tension, which is required during the embroidery work.

It’s completely hands-free, which means you will not feel tired or worn out while doing the embroidery work. You come across scroll frame models, which are pretty adjustable and come in standing or tabletop designs.

Getting the embroidery work done will not take much time, and it’s a much better option than using a hoop.

Apply Fusible Interfacing Material at the Fabric’s Backside

Apply Fusible Interfacing Material at the Fabric's Backside

When you utilize the embroidery hoop, it can lead to certain issues. Due to such reasons, many individuals opt for the “fusible interfacing”, which they apply at the backside of the fabric.

Doing will keep the fabric in place and will not under stretch or overstretch. Once you apply this technique, the fabric sheet will become thicker and heavier than before.

You should use fusible interfacing when you’re planning to do some intensive needlework because the beginning and the ending of the thread become a lot easier. The technique can also stop the fabric from fraying with no hassle.

But make sure that the thread is not pulled way too tightly. Doing so can pucker or damage the fabric. Try to handle the fabric gently. Also, don’t hold the fabric too tightly on the fist as it will crumble the fabric, and ironing will not help.

Do Machine Embroidery Without the Hoop

Do Machine Embroidery Without the Hoop

When you’re looking for embroidery machines, the majority of them have hoops. But these hoops come in the form of an accessory. You can easily use the hoop to provide a good amount of tension to the fabric so that it doesn’t wrinkle.

But if you’re planning to use the machine “WITHOUT” the hoop, it’s guaranteed that you can make some great and effective designs with top-notch stitching skills.

Look for a correct process that will help you create tension on a fabric. Try to create tension on the fabric, which is pretty similar to the scroll fabric frames.

These frames can easily maintain the tension of the fabric and will enable you to stitch the fabric without worrying about puckering or damaging the cloth.

Besides that, you can also use a “peel and stick additive” to complete the work of machine embroidery without the presence of any hoop. Here, the stabilizers, which come in the form of paper films, will stick to the material once the peel gets removed.

Another great way to do the machine embroidery is through the “spray and stick stabilizer”. In this method, you just have to apply a bit of spray on the material/fabric.

Once the spray thickens the material, it will stop it from getting curled up and enable you to complete the embroidery work easily.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

1.  Can You Embroider Without a Hoop?

Embroider Without a Hoop


In short, yes, you can. When you don’t have a hoop, you need to feel stressed or worried because doing embroidery without the hoop is not a serious problem. When you are skilled in hand stitching, you can get the work done quickly and effectively.

You will certainly get the chance to create some outstanding artwork through hand-stitching. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can check out some hand-stitching tutorials available on YouTube.

Embroidering with your hands stands out as the most useful way to get all the projects done. How quickly you get to finish the work will depend on your stitching speed.

Besides that, you don’t need to spend your funds on buying any tool as you will surely have a sewing kit at home. If you don’t have one, you can either get it from an online or a physical store.

2. What Can I Use If I Don’t Have an Embroidery Hoop?

When you do not have an embroidery hoop, you can use scroll frames and even stretcher bars to complete all your stitching projects. The stretcher bars carry some similarities to a picture frame.

You will find these bars made out of either plastic or wood. To begin your work, you first need to fit the bars properly so that they take a square shape.

After that, you can secure the material and then stretch it properly across the entire frame. If you’re looking for stretcher bars, you can get them at an online store.

Another option you can use is the scroll frames. The scroll frames will not create any hoop marks on the fabric, and you will also find them available in countless sizes. You will certainly find a fabric scroll for bigger projects.

3. Make Embroideries Without the Hoop

Make Embroideries Without the Hoop

Using the embroidery hoop will certainly help you complete all the stitching or embroidery work quickly and effectively.

But on certain occasions, you might have the hoop beside you to get all the projects done. Don’t worry about that. It’s because you can get the work done without the hoop.

There are countless ways to produce unique and extraordinary stitching or embroidery work without using the hoop.

If you have skills in hand-stitching, you can easily get the work done by using your hands. Otherwise, you can use the scroll frames or stretcher bars as well.

No matter what method you use, the outcome will be positive. The information in this post will surely help you out more.

Make sure to go through it! Happy Stitching!

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