How Do You Turn A Crew Neck Into A V Neck Without Sewing

Learning how to cut a t-shirt or particular clothing is an exceptional skill you should possess. It’s because it will let you create a variety for your DIY wardrobe.

But transforming your crew neck t-shirt to a V neck one will let you enhance the garment’s appearance. You can make it a lot more stylish, and it will go perfectly with pants and even skirts. Also, giving your t-shirt a brand-new neckline will be comfortable to wear.

But how to create a V neck from a crew neck? What are the steps? Well, you can learn about it through this article.

How To Turn A Crew Neck Into A V Neck Without Sewing?

To transform a crew neck to a V neck without the sewing work, you just need a pair of sharp scissors, measuring tape, and fabric chalk for the job.

how to turn a crew neck into a v neck without sewing

Making a V neck from a crew neck is not that difficult, and you don’t require any special skill or knowledge for the job. You just have to make sure that the seams where you are cutting are straight and smooth.

Also, you can wear the V neck clothing in the form of an outer garment or a layering piece. Otherwise, you can use it however you want according to your needs. If you wish to learn how to create a V neck, please check the information provided below.

When you have decided to make the crew neck into V neck, the process is straightforward at the same time. Here, you will find several steps that you have to follow. Please look below!

Step 1: Gather Up All The Materials

To begin the work, you need to first gather all the essential tools and materials for it. The things you need are:

  • A Measuring tape
  • Fabric chalk
  • Ruler
  • Sharp scissors

Once you gather all these materials, you are all set to begin the work. If you don’t have any of these materials, you can purchase them from a stationary or craft shop.

Step 2: Start With Measuring


If you want to make a V neck on a t-shirt, you should start the work by measuring 6 inches down right from the high point of the shoulder area. It’s the position located beside the neckband.

Step 3: Fold The Shirt

After measuring, you must fold the shirt in half and then look for the center or middle of the neckline. Now, with chalk or a marker, you must create the neckline on the t-shirt.

Step 4: Time To Cut

Once you have created the V neck with a marker or fabric chalk, it’s time for you to cut the area with a sharp scissor. You must cut along the line to eliminate the actual neckline and create the new one.

Step 5: Wear The T-Shirt

Once you have made the V neck on your t-shirt, you need to try it out and check how it looks. If the V neck comes out well, you don’t have to make any changes to it.

But if it doesn’t look that good, you can tidy up all the jagged edges you encounter.

wear the t-shirt


When you are changing the crew line to V neck, make sure to cut one layer at a time. It’s because the neckline is pretty different at the back and the front side, and try to be a little careful so that you don’t cut them simultaneously.

If you do so, the t-shirt will not have the same appearance, and it will look completely different.

Suggest Product To Use

On certain occasions, you might want to fold the extra or additional fabric present in your V neck area to give a clean look. For such reasons, you can opt for a good quality fabric adhesive for the job.

  • The adhesive is available both at online and physical stores. They are not that expensive and make sure to opt for the one which belongs to a well-known and reputed company.
  • The fabric adhesive will stick to your clothes permanently and will not cause any type of damage to it.

How to Turn A Crew Neck Into V Neck Off With Off-Shoulder?

Turning a boring crew neck into an off-shoulder is pretty easy and simple. To learn about the steps, please check the information below


You need to fold the t-shirt in half vertically. You have to make sure that the seams and shoulders align properly. After that, you have to mark the folded area with fabric chalk or pen.

Step 2

Now, you will need a measuring tape, which you have to use for measuring from the base of the neck to an inch or two right below the shoulder on the opposite side.

When the number is even, you must round it down to the nearest number and divide it by two. Be sure to remember the number well.

measuring tape

Step 3

Lay down the t-shirt flat on a surface. Line up your measuring tape so that the tip of the tap is at the shoulder area, and the measurement you took in STEP 2 aligns perfectly with the mark you made in STEP 1.

Also, the side of the measuring tape must touch the bottom hem of the current neckline.

Step 4

Take sharp scissors and make small incisions with them on the shoulder area right outside the marks you made. You need to be a little apprehensive while cutting. Just cut only through the front side of the t-shirt and nowhere else.

Step 5

Now, you must cut a circular line with the scissor right on the snip you made earlier in STEP 4 to mark the middle of the neck.

Here as well, you have to cut only the front side of the t-shirt. So be a little careful when doing so.

Step 6

Utilize the folded flap, which you just made as a template, and use it to cut out the other side of the t-shirt.

Step 7

After that, you have to lay down the shirt on a flat surface and then position the flap on the other side. Now, you just have to cut the backside of the neck in a line to complete the work.

Step 8

Now, you just have to try it on and check how it looks. If you have any loose fabric or strings on the neckline area, make sure to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

3 Differences Between Crew Neck and V Neck

differences between crew neck and v neck

V necks have always been a trendy choice when they were first used for hiding the collar material when other shirts were worn right over them.

1. Sculpted Look

But in this modern era, V necks are commonly worn and are appreciated for their sculpted look. Wearing them will make your face look more angular and longer, and it’s something that many individuals desire.

2. Sharp look

Individuals who have an oval or square face will surely look nice in a V-neck T-shirt because it will look like your face is a bit angular or oval.

3. Modern and Stylish

Apart from altering the physical perception, many people prefer V necks because they consider them a lot more modern when compared with the crew necks.

Embracing V necks are all about living up to the examples of James Dean and Marlon Bandos of the world. They were all set to embrace a form of fashion, which looked ridiculous or shocking to the entire world.

But the traditionalists stand by the crewnecks and will deride or denounce all the V neck wearers.

When you get to the demographics of it, you will find that most individuals who love the V necks are the younger generation. Others who understand the power of the crewnecks are mostly from the older generation.

Can I Turn A Crew Neck Into V Neck By Sewing?

In short, yes, you can. You can either use a seaming machine or hand sew it. Transforming a crew neck into a V neck will be easier and faster when opting for the sewing technique.

But it’s advised that you opt for the sewing machine to get the work done quickly and effectively, or you don’t have much time. Using the sewing machine will allow you to set up numerous types of stitches.

Doing it by hand will also get the work done, but it will be a lot more time-consuming when compared with the sewing machine.

How Do I Prepare For The Project?

When you want to turn the crew neck to V neck, you first need to assemble all the necessary devices and supplies required for the project.

Decide which t-shirt you want to give a V-neck appearance, and then get started with the work.

If you believe that you lack some of the items for the project, make sure to purchase or get them right before you begin the work. You will easily get them at an online or physical shop.



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