How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Dress?

Hemming your dress can be a bit costly. It takes a lot of work to achieve accurate hemming of unique clothing items. So, when your dress needs some hemming, be ready to spend top dollar. 

To hem your pants by a professional, be ready to pay around $10 a pair. Obviously, the cost can be less or more expensive than that, depending on your geographical location. Shop around a bit to get the best price for your budget.

To know the estimated price of hemming different clothing items, keep reading this article. Get insight into the nearest average cost as getting the exact pricing is not possible. However, the article will give you an idea of how much to pay when hemming your dress.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Dress?

Generally, the cost of hemming a dress should be as budget-friendly as possible. However, several factors come into consideration when determining the cost of hemming.

First, the price gets influenced by the type of clothing. Second, the cost of hemming affects the pricing. Subsequently, the complexity of the hem style and the size of the hem also play a crucial role. Lastly, the individual (tailor) doing the hemming and their skills and expertise determine the hem cost.

Here’s a detailed section of the factors that influence the cost to hem a dress.

1. Complexity of The Hem Job

From letting out a zipper and remaking to repairing, the hemming price depends mainly on its complexity.

Let’s take two examples. For instance, you wish to give a little makeover to your family heirloom dress. Likewise, you may also want to alter your daughter’s gown into something she’d wear more often. In either case, the intricacy of the hemming will decide how much you’ll pay for the job.

Tightening or shortening the garment is indeed the most inexpensive hemming job. It may cost you around $30. Also, you may want to enlarge a dress to fit bigger frames. In that case, multiple tricks are applied by the seamstress to add materials to the garment.

So, hemming cost depends on several things. First, it depends on the ease of finding similar materials and fabric. Secondly, it depends on how many layers need to be hemmed. Last but not least, the cost depends on the time required to ensure the finished dress doesn’t look altered.

2. Dress Type

The more detailed and intricate the dress, the more expensive it is to hem it. For instance, it’s a bit tricky to hem a wedding dress. It should be noted that wedding boutiques mostly keep one or two sizes of wedding gown designs in stock.

These dresses tend to be smaller than street sizes. Thus, you may have to hem the dress you purchased. Often, wedding dresses are hemming-friendly to let you make easy adjustments later. It becomes cheaper and easier to take in a dress than to let it out.

However, if the dress is too large, the cuts must be remade. The remaking may involve the shoulders and neckline to the skirt and bodice side seams. Indeed, everything will be worthwhile as, without proper hemming, you’ll encounter wardrobe malfunction.  

Hemming a costume can also be costly as they are designed for specific reasons. They need to look exactly the way they are. For such hemming jobs, the seamstress would require more specialized threads and complex fabrics. Subsequently, it will increase the hemming cost.

3. Stitch Type & Fabric

The style of the dress determines the type of stitch it needs. When compared to the top-stitched hem, the blind-stitched dress hem costs less. Hemming that involves hand sewing can get labor-intensive and time-consuming, thus increasing the expense.

Hand sewing becomes essential for bridal gowns and formal attires with intricate lace designs, delicate fabric, and long beadings. Thus, it becomes costly to hem such dresses.

The thickness and type of fabric that must be hemmed also add to the hemming cost. For instance, a sewing machine with threads and heavier-gauge needles becomes essential for hemming a dress made of denim.

Also, leather is rarely used to make dresses. It should be noted that it costs 50% more to hem a dress made of leather.

Additional Factors That Influence The Cost To Hem A Dress

Besides the job’s complexity, stitch type, dress type, and fabric, other factors also influence the hemming cost. The skill/expertise of the seamstress and your geographical location also affect the overall hemming cost.

First, we have your geographical location. Like most sewing projects, the location of the professional seamstress influences the overall costs of hemming the dress. The reason can be the storefront taxes and rental charges of the business.

Second, it’s the skill set or level of expertise. The skill and expertise of the seamstress in your location influence the hemming cost. Typically, professional sewists with years of expertise in hemming dresses at busy urban locations charge the most.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Prom Dress?

First and foremost, it isn’t easy to find a sewist to hem your prom dress on short notice. When you do find one, it’s crucial to know how much they charge.

On average, it costs between $30 and $50 an hour to hem a prom dress from a professional seamstress. Obviously, the cost may differ depending on your physical location, type of fabric, and complexity of alterations.  

Sometimes, hemming the prom dress can become a trickier job. It happens when the seamstress deals with delicate fabrics, adjusts embellishments or works with multiple linings and layers. Clearly, it increases the cost of hemming that prom dress.

Ensure you know the hemming cost and the time needed to finish them before handing over your prom dress. If not, a big surprise will come your way once the work is completed.

Getting an estimate for the hemming job helps you determine whether or not it’s worthwhile. If the cost of hemming is two to three times more than what you spent on the prom dress, wait. In that case, exchanging the dress for a different style or size would be a wiser move.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Bridesmaid Dress?

Getting invited to the wedding party is an amazing thing. However, the less amazing thing is the cost of the bridesmaid dress, along with the expense of hemming.

You’re either the bridesmaid paying for her dress alteration or the bride who’s kind enough to take on that expense. No matter who, having insight into the cost of hemming can help significantly.

For hemming a bridesmaid dress, the cost can range somewhere between $45 and $150. The overall price depends on multiple factors, primarily the seamstress’s expertise and the dress’s complexity.

Other factors that influence the overall cost of hemming are the width of the dress, the number of layers in the dress, and whether you need a horsehair hem or rolled hem.

Tip To Minimize Bridesmaid Hemming Costs

Take measurements to determine the ideal bridesmaid dress size. However, wearing the dress physically can let you decide whether it fits you perfectly or not. The better the fit, the lesser the need for alterations. It should be noted that it’s easier to make the dress smaller than to make it bigger in hemming.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Sequin Dress?

It is possible to take in the waist or shorten a sequin dress like a sequin pencil skirt. However, it’s best if some sewist who’s well-experienced with sequins executes the hemming job. If you’re not confident about the seamstress’s skills, tell them to show some samples of previous sequin work.

Several seamstresses or tailors – especially those with high expertise, keep portfolios of their work poised to allure new clients.

Regarding hemming costs, some seamstresses may charge a flat fee while others may charge per service. For instance, hemming a sequin gown costs around $200-$250. However, you may have to pay an additional $50 to $100 for design changes like reshaping the silhouette or adding beading.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem A Wedding Dress?

You should know that hemming a wedding dress is costly. On average, the cost of hemming your wedding dress can range between $150 and $600.

If you plan on modernizing your mother’s dress or customizing your gown for your wedding dress, it may cost $1000. Some seamstresses can charge you for each hemming service, while other bridal boutiques can charge a flat fee.

How Much To Hem Chiffon Dress?

It’s imperative to know that chiffon is a lightweight, slippery fabric. This nature makes it difficult to work with, especially in hemming. So, it’s common that the hemming cost of a chiffon dress is higher than other fabrics.

Obviously, the price of hemming differs based on where you currently live. However, most people can expect to pay between $75 and $150 for hemming their chiffon dress. In cities like New York, altering your chiffon dress can cost up to $500.



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