How to Adjust Presser Foot Pressure Janome

Presser foot adjustment means adjusting the pressure which the presser foot will exert on the fabric. The pressure for different fabrics is different.

So adjust the pressure if you are sewing any lightweight or thick fabric according to it. We usually follow the same process in every sewing machine. We first hold the fabric between feed dogs and the sewing machine and put downward pressure on the presser foot.

But, every machine can have different specifications. You need to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of your fabric, or else the fabric will pile up on the needle.

So, how can you adjust the foot pressure in popular machine brands, like Janome? Let’s find out!

Why Do You Need to Adjust Presser Foot Pressure in Janome?

To get the perfect sewing results, you need to adjust the pressure in Janome. If it is not adjusted correctly, many problems can occur.

Correct pressure will give you the best results in sewing, and incorrect may affect the sewing results and fabric.

If your stitches are perfect, then you are having the right amount of pressure. The stitches should be even. The fabric must pass smoothly without you pulling or pushing the fabric. If this happens, you don’t need to adjust the pressure.

But, some signs indicate that you should change or adjust the pressure. If your fabric is crumbling, the pressure is too loose or too tight.

Likewise, the fabric slips away when the presser foot is down. In this case, the pressure is low, and you need to increase it. If the fabric doesn’t slide smoothly, you need to lower the presser foot tension.

Also, the thread gets tangled, and the needle breaks if there is an imbalance in the pressure.

Most of the Janome machines come with the set pressure, which is usually suitable for all the fabrics. But, for some specific fabrics, you need to adjust the foot pressure.

The basic rule to get the correct foot pressure is simple. The pressure should be heavy for light fabrics, and for heavy fabrics, it should be light.

How to Adjust Presser Foot Pressure Janome?

If you identify some signs and find that the pressure is incorrect, you need to correct it for a smooth sewing process. There are some ways to adjust the foot pressure in Janome.

1. Automatic Adjustment of Foot Pressure

Many Janome sewing machines are highly advanced. They are highly computerized and have inbuilt sensors which adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the fabric. You can go for the HMC15000QM or MC9400QCP model.

2. Using a Walking Foot

Walking foot, also known as even feed foot, is another solution for setting the correct pressure. Well, this feature can make your sewing process much more manageable.

The walking foot has a set of feed dogs for assisting smooth feeding. With the help of this walking foot, the machine can feed the fabric by both the upper and lower feed dogs.

Also, with this foot, you can sew the fabric without any crumpling issues. What’s more, the fabric gets a perfect grip with the help of the walking foot.

3. Another Way to Adjust the Presser Foot Pressure in Janome

There are some steps to adjust the foot pressure correctly in your Janome sewing machines. You may also need some materials for it. So, follow these steps to avoid incorrect tension and prevent damage to your fabric.


  • Janome sewing machine
  • Screwdriver (you will use it to loosen or tighten the screws, most machines come with their specific tools for the particular model)
  • Piece of fabric (you will need it to test the pressure after making adjustments)

Steps for Adjusting the Presser Foot Pressure in Janome

Step 1: Firstly, locate your presser foot tension regulator in the Janome machine. If you have a dial in the place of a regulator, spin it towards the plus sign for tightening the pressure. Likewise, you can turn it towards the minus sign to lose the pressure.

Step 2: If you have a pin, you need to adjust it, too. For heavy fabrics, press down the pin, and it will pop up, creating a light pressure. For light fabrics, please press down the pin again after pressing it for one time to create a heavy pressure.

Step 3: If you have a knob present on your Janome, you can adjust it through the indicator given next to it. To increase the pressure, press it up. And to reduce the pressure, you should press down the indicator.

Step 4: If your sewing machine has a screw, you need to adjust it accordingly. You need to use the screwdriver for turning the screw and adjusting the presser foot tension.

For light fabrics, turn the screw in a clockwise direction or towards the plus sign. By doing this, it will create heavy pressure. For heavy fabrics, you need to turn the screw in the counterclockwise direction or towards the minus sign, which will create a light pressure.

Step 5: You should always check the presser foot tension before starting a new sewing project. Take a piece of fabric similar to the thickness of the fabric you will use for your project and sew it.

Now according to it, adjust the presser foot tension. After getting the right results, you will see that your fabric is not puckering and sliding through the feed dogs smoothly, the stitches are even, and the thread is not tangling.

How to Find Out if Your Janome Presser Foot Is Correct?

Usually, most sewing machines come with the universal pressure adjusted in them, which is correct for many fabrics. After a while, you need to adjust the foot pressure for some fabrics.

One basic rule for adjusting the presser foot is, to sew light fabrics, you need heavy pressure, and to sew heavy fabric or many layers of fabric, you need light pressure.

One should always note that there can be many other problems such as threading, needle, or bobbin issues in your sewing machines. So before adjusting the foot pressure, make sure that all other problems are solved.

Here is a list of some potential issues that occur when your foot pressure is not adjusted correctly.

  • The fabric does move smoothly, but you need to push it. In this case, you need to lower the tension.
  • The fabric slips away when the presser foot is down. In this case, the pressure is shallow. So, increase the tension.
  • The pressure is incorrect if one of the many layers of your fabric slides faster than the others. Here you need to adjust the pressure correctly according to the fabric.
  • You need to adjust the presser foot if you get crumpling fabric or skipped stitches. Crumpling or puckered fabric means that the pressure is too high. Likewise, the skipped stitches mean that the pressure is too low. So you need to adjust accordingly.

Essential Tips for Janome Presser Foot Tension

Below are some tips that you need to keep in mind for adjusting the presser foot tension in Janome.

  • There can be a possibility that the fabric may not feed itself properly because of the foot itself. It occurs because of some specific sticky fabrics. Sticky fabrics like vinyl or faux leather adhere to the metal foot even if the pressure is correct.
  • To solve it, you need to change it to an ultra glide foot such as a Teflon foot. It features a special resin that helps the fabric to feed correctly.
  • You can also prefer using a walking foot to solve this problem. It consists of a set of feed dogs that help the fabric to slide easily. The walking foot’s feed dog, along with the machine’s feed dogs, provide better grip and feed the fabric better.
  • When you are working with heavy fabric or a fabric with many layers, make sure that you have a longer stitch length. It will feed the fabric better and increase the feed dogs’ movement.
  • After correcting the presser foot tension, your fabric or thread may keep puckering. So, your machine is not cleaned or appropriately oiled. Thus, ensure that all the machine parts are clean and oiled at regular intervals for smooth sewing. If your machine is not cleaned and oiled, it will affect the quality of your sewing.

What Is a Foot Pressure Adjustment Dial?

At times, silk or chiffon fabrics slide, and denim gets stuck. It happens if the machine wants you to adjust the foot pressure.

You may notice a foot pressure adjustment dial on your Janome machine, which helps you adjust the foot pressure. Some people may get confused between the tension dial of the needle thread and the presser foot dial.

The foot presser dial regulates the amount of pressure that the presser foot places on the fabric.

Where Can You Locate the Foot Pressure Adjustment in Janome?

It depends on which sewing machine model you are using. Mostly you can find it on the left top, inside the top cover of the machine.

Also, if you have a computerized machine, it may have an on-screen adjustment menu. You can adjust the pressure from the foot pressure adjustment.



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