How To Alter A Jacket To Make It Bigger

A jacket comes in all shapes and sizes. Jackets are worn by both men and women. They are designed especially for the winter seasons and are made from materials that keep the body warm. They are unique, comfy and will surely make you stand out.

But on certain occasions, many individuals alter their jacket to make it bigger. They probably do so when the jack seems a bit smaller when compared to their size. Otherwise, they aim to change their appearance by altering the jacket.

Altering the jacket doesn’t take much time as you need to have the skills and knowledge to get the work done. So, how exactly is the work done?

To gain the right answer to your question, you must check the information provided in this article. So, let’s dig in!

How To Alter A Jacket To Make It Bigger?

You can easily alter a jacket by letting out some of the materials from the seams. Doing so will make the jacket appear bigger. Even if you alter ½ inch on both the side seams, it will surely add an inch to the jacket’s width.

how to alter a jacket to make it bigger

Many of the jackets come with double side seams or a seam located way down at the backside that helps in providing a fitted appearance. In such cases, you can easily make the jacket bigger for yourself.

So, are you interested to learn how you can make the jacket bigger? Well, go through the information provided below. It surely contains the answer you need.

When you have decided to make your jacket bigger, you need to follow some straightforward yet easy steps for the job. You need any extra knowledge or skill to get the work done.

Just follow the steps properly, and you will get the results you desire. Let’s check them out.


Before you begin your work, you need to gather all the tools and materials you will need for the altering work. Look below!

  • Steamer or an iron.
  • Sewing needle or a stitching device.
  • Stitch remover.

sewing equipment

If you are missing anyone or a few items, make sure to get them from a craft shop or the online store.

Step 1

Firstly, you must get rid of all the stitches from the jacket’s side seam and arms, and you will need a stitch remover for it. If you encounter seams at the back of the jacket, have them removed as well.

Do not use a scissor in place of a stitch remover when cutting the stitches on the jacket. Doing so might damage the material of the jacket permanently.

If you come across any remaining threads, make sure to get rid of them with your hands. This will help in ensuring that all the stitches from the jacket get removed completely.

Step 2

Make a line right in the insides of the seam to indicate where exactly the seams will get sewn. When drawing the lines, don’t forget to use a ruler so that the lines are straight.

Apart from that, you must also leave a millimetre of the material where you will make sure your brand-new seam. Doing so will prevent the new stitching from getting ripped or showing right through the seam.

Step 3

sewing jacket

Now, under this step, you have to sew along the lines to close the seams. When sewing, you can use a thread that matches the color of your jacket.

If you have a smooth and straight seam, you will need the sewing machine for the job. But if you own a stitching device, you can easily complete the work with your hands as well.

When using the hand-sewing technique, you don’t have to rush or get it done quickly. Take as much time as you want and sew properly so that you can make a straight seam. You must also space your stitches out equally as it will enable you to create a smooth line.

Step 4

Now, you have to iron on the new seams you made and release all the creases left behind by the old seams. This technique might take a bit of time because the seams might be rigid.

If your jacket’s material is pretty strong before you iron it, you can add some water at the seams. Doing so will surely create a steaming effect and will instantly release the crease present on the jacket. But if the material of your jacket is delicate, you must use a steamer for the job.

Small Note: If the jackets have buttons in the front area, you can easily remove them and then reattach them closer at the center. If there are holes on the material where the buttons were previously attached, you can opt for larger buttons, which will help cover up the holes.

How to Make A Bomber Jacket Bigger?

make a bomber jacket bigger

You are already well aware of how you can easily make a jacket bigger. But now, under this particular section, you will learn how to alter a “BOMBER” jacket and make it bigger.

Enlarging a bomber jacket might be a little challenging because enlarging means adding material or fabric. Many of the bomber jackets come with folded ends on the jacket’s sleeves. This means that you can easily let them out without adding too much material.

But for the majority of the cases, you have to insert a side strip for it. So, what exactly is a side strip? Well, it’s a piece of material, which you add to the seams of the bomber jacket. Doing so will provide you a ½ and 1 inch of space at the dimension where you wish to make some changes.

Here, you have to remember two things. First, you must think of adding a side strip all the way down to the jacket’s seam to look attractive. Secondly, the side strip transforms into a component of your jacket. You’re adding material, and it will definitely show. But if you try to hide them, it will give birth to disappointment and strange seams.

Now, let’s check out some useful steps on how you can make the bomber jacket bigger. Look below!

1st Step: Take a measuring tape and measure how much material you have to add an estimate. Make sure you don’t add material more than 3.8cm or 1.5 inches. Otherwise, the jacket will appear lopsided.

2nd Step: Flip the bomber jacket inside out.

bomber jacket inside out

3rd Step: Eliminate the linen in that direction where you wish to make a change.

4th Step: Unsew the seam, which you wish to enlarge.

5th Step: Just like how you pinched two sides to take it in, you have to pinch one side of the bomber jacket’s side strip you want to change and one side of the dimension.

6th Step: Sew them up together and after that, restitch the lining. If you have an additional lining, you can stretch it to fit perfectly with the new strip. If not, you can just simply sew it up to the pinched striped area. It might look a little patchy, but that’s okay.

7th Step: Repeat the same technique at the other side of the section.

8th Step: You have to do the same thing in the mirror side of the dimension.

9th Step: By now, you have a big bomber jacket at your service. Try on the jacket and check whether or not it fits you perfectly.

SMALL NOTE: If you didn’t receive the desired results, you can take the jacket to a professional tailor and enlarge it.

How Should I Prepare For The Jacket Altering Work?

When you have decided to alter your jacket, the first thing you must do is gather all the tools and materials. Not having the right set of materials beside you will become difficult for you to finish the work in time.

If you don’t have a particular item, you must purchase it from an online or physical store before starting your work. You should organize everything for the alteration work to don’t look for something in the middle of doing your work. Once you are all set, you can begin your work in a hassle-free manner.

How To Tailor A Jacket?

In short, yes, it can. The tailoring work is done by professional tailors, and they will alter your jacket quickly and effectively. They will cut out the seams located at the bottom of the jacket, which will make the jacket appear bigger.

You can also discuss how big you want the jacket with the tailor, and they will get the work done accordingly. You will surely receive the outcome you desire.



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