How To Alter Pants That Are Too Big In The Seat

Altering is one of the best sewing skills that will help you to give a new look to your outfits. Moreover, it is a great way to save your money from buying new clothes.

Whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, you usually wear pants. For both male and female fashion collections, pants have become the foremost preference. The primary reason behind the love for pants is its comfort. 

But are your pants too big in the seat? Whatever may be the reason, such as weight loss or loose-fitting, your problem can be solved.

You can use a few supplies and techniques to resize your pants to your perfect waistline fit. You can simply remove the center seam and remove a few of the materials to give a more tight fit. So, follow this article for in-depth steps and details.

How To Alter Pants That Are Too Big In The Seat?

Alter Pants That Are Too Big In The Seat

If you’re facing trouble with your pants that are too big in the seat, you will need alteration. You have to take the first step by taking out the extra circumference of the side seams of your pants.

If you have some basic knowledge and skills of sewing, you can alter your pants easily and efficiently. You can try pinning the side seams to know whether this resolves your fitting issue or not.

In addition, you must be careful about pants with the excess fabric below the seat. Here, using the side seams may not be a good idea to remove the fabric.

There are several more tips and steps to alter your pants for the best fit. You have to be confident and determined to do it on your own. So, if you want to alter your pants on your own, follow these steps. 

If you follow these steps, you will get closer to comfortable-fit pants on your own. So, You can save money and enhance your pant’s comfort with these steps.

Step 1: Place Your Pants

You have to place your pants on a clean and even surface. This beginning step will help for a smooth and quick alter experience. You can place your pants face down on an even flat surface. Now, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Pull Out The Seam Center

If you have a seam ripper, you will get a beneficial hand. You have to use the seam ripper to pull out the stitches of the center seam between the middle of the waistband on the back of your pants.

So, start with the center seam and remove all the stitches along both sides of the waistband. In addition, remove the stitches of equal length. If you want to take in your pants by 1 or 2 inches, then take out the center 1 or 2 inches of stitches.

Step 3: Turn Your Pants

So, in this step, you have to do a simple task. You have to turn the pants inside out and make them lay on a flat surface. This step is crucial for you to mark and measure the fitting of your pants for altering. 

Step 4: Measuring And Marking

Measuring And Marking

Now, you have to try the pants on and mark the seam lines and adjustments. You have to measure ½ inch from the existing seam line to the left and vice-versa to the right.

You can also wear the pants and pinch the excess fabric at the waist until it gives the right fit. Here comes the marking portion. You can use chalk or ball pins to mark the measurement or pinched part between the waistband and crotch.

However, if your pants are way too big in the seat, you will need a more extensive alteration. You can choose to measure and mark for about 2-3 inches from the previous seam line.

Step 5: Join And Pin

If you completed the marking, you have to proceed with the joining of marked points. Now, join all the fabric and supplies together to pin all the way down the seam between waistband and crotch. In addition, ensure the raw edges are upward facing.

Step 6: Try The Pants And Adjust The Pins

In this step, you will have to try the pants first. This will ensure the removal of sufficient space from the seat of your pants.

Then, adjust your pins to create optimum room in the seat of your pants. You have to remove any traces of excess fabric from the seam of your waistband. Now, you can leave the measurement margin for your seaming step.

Step 7: Sew The Seams Back

Now, it’s time to use your sewing machine. You have to sew the seam back along the straight line of your sewing or ball pins.

You can start stitching from the pinched and pinned part of the fabric. You have to sew straight until you reach the crotch or bottom of your pants waist.

You have to sew slowly and precisely and remove the pins as you go with the sewing. However, you can also sew the seam by hand stitching. If you’ve sewed the pants waist, you must try it on. Check if it best fits your size.

Step 8: Fold Waistband And Straight Stitch

If your pants waist size is fitting you, you have to fold the waistband down. Now, sew the waistband back in its place and reattach the belt loops of your pants by sewing.

Also, sew the waistband back in a curve that matches the original curve of your pants. Henceforth, your pants are altered and ready to wear.

Benefits Of Altering Your Pants

Benefits Of Altering Your Pants

Many people prefer to alter their clothes or pants instead of buying new ones. Unless you buy tailored pants, you will always get even the slightest loose or tightening in your pants. So, altering your pants is the best solution as it comes with several other benefits, such as:

Enhances Confidence And Improves Presentation

Altering your pants will change your perception along with others. If you alter pants, make them best-fit to your waist, you will enhance your confidence. ‘

An exceptional-looking and tight-fit outfit gives you more confidence to improve your presentation skills. Similarly, altering your pants will boost your fashion and enhance confidence.

Cost-Effective Option

Apart from enjoying the better wearability of your pants, altering pants also helps you to save money.

With a simple alteration of nip, tuck, tweak, trim, or stitch, you can spend less and enjoy more. Altering pants is a cost-effective option compared to buying new pants.

Gives A Whole New Look To Your Pants

Gives A Whole New Look To Your Pants

One of the significant advantages of getting your pants altered is the new updated look of your clothing. Altering is the best way to rediscover your wardrobe with a new updated-looking collection of pants.

If you’ve got pants as gifts or maternity clothing that you rarely use, alter to wear them in new situations. If you want to follow the latest trend of tight-fit pants, you can alter your loose or fluffy pants. 

Enhances Comfort And Fashion

Finally, the main benefit of altering your pants is enhanced comfort and fashion. With tight-fit and stretchable fabric pants, you can sit or perform any task efficiently.

Altered pants with a slightly loose fit will allow air to pass inside, reducing the chances of sweat. If you wear altered pants with tight-fits, you will look great. 

How To Alter Your Pant Legs?

How To Alter Your Pant Legs?

With the proper steps, technique, and equipment, you can easily alter your pants legs at home or anywhere. Nowadays, altering pant legs gives you a more stylish and presentable outlook. So, let’s check these steps for a quick and efficient altering of your pant legs. 

Step 1: Firstly, you have to turn the pants inside out, just like altering your pants’ waistband. Then, keep it on an even flat surface. 

Step 2: Now, pinch the edges of the pants, especially around the legs portion. 

Step 3: Then, use hem tape for the pinched edges of your pants.

Step 4: Choose the desired parts to mark a line to perform the new seam according to your fitting requirement. You can insert ball pins to mark the line easily.

Step 5: Finally, use the tape, fold the seam of the edges around the legs and iron them. You can also choose to stitch the seam along a straight stretch for a permanent altering solution.

How To Hem Your Pants Without Sewing Machine?

You have to simply unpick the existing hem on your pants with the help of a seam ripper or scissor.

Then, you have to measure and find out the new length for your pants to fit you well. Also, ensure to take out the hem of your pants waist and legs evenly, slowly, and precisely.

You can keep 2 to 2 ½ inches of the hem allowance, make a new hem for your desired length. Then, cut off the excess fabric and iron the pants, and keep it cool.

Finally, take your needles with a single thread that matches the color of your pants. Sew in a stretch by hand and tie a knot in the end.



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