How To Hem Scrub Pants

Your scrub pants dragging on the floor while you are working can be such a hassle, right? Constantly pulling up your pants or tripping over them would be the last thing you want. Thankfully, there are easy ways to hem your scrub pants without rolling them up every time.

If you have planned to hem the scrub pants yourself without taking them to a tailor, there are three methods of doing it. As such, you can use a sewing machine, sew by hand, or use sewing tape. And you can have perfectly fitted scrub pants when you try any of these methods.

You will only need a couple of tools and follow a few steps to hem your scrub pants. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Hem Scrub Pants?

You can use a sewing machine, a sewing tape, or sew by hand. The second method is for the ones who aren’t too good with sewing by hand and can’t use a machine.

So, in each of these methods, you will have to start by removing the original hem. Next, figure out how shorter you want your pants to be.

Then, iron the cuffs of the pants and trim the extra fabric. Now, you can start sewing after this by following any of the methods mentioned above. We have mentioned the pros and cons for each method to help you decide between them.

Procedure for Hemming Your Scrub Pants

Here is a list of all the things you will need. So, start by organizing:

  • Straight pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

Optional Tools Based On Method:

  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread matching the colors of scrub pants
  • Sewing tape


A blind stitch is the right stitch to use when you are trying to hem scrub pants using a sewing machine or by hand.

Blind stitches are exactly what they sound like: the stitch is not visible outside your garment. In fact, even inside the garment, most of the stitches stay hidden inside the garment’s hem.

If you have multiple scrub pants (like people usually do), use the measurement of the first pant you hemmed for the rest of them. As such, it will make the job a lot faster and efficient for you.

Regardless of whether you sew by hand or use a sewing tape on your scrub pants, the initial steps remain the same for each method.

Step 1. Get the Original Hem Removed

Use a seam ripper or a stitch remover for ripping out the actual hem. Firstly, use the sharp edge of the seam ripper in the seam below the thread. Then, you need to pull to let the blade rip through the stitches to let you rip away any loose thread.

Step 2. Figure out How Short You Want the Pants

You need to complete this step with utmost precision. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want the pants to get so short that you look like you are preparing for a flood.

Thus, your best bet is to try your pants with the shoes that you are going to wear with them. Afterward, cuff your pants by folding the raw edges of the fabric. Now, get the folds adjusted till the length is right for you.

Next, place straight pins all around the cuff by holding the fold in place. Take off your pants and turn them inside out. Then, use a tape measure for measuring the edge of your pant from the fold to the leg.

Both the pant legs should get equally cuffed. After this, make the necessary adjustments and add more straight pins to keep the cuffs in position.

Step 3. Iron out Your Pant Cuffs

At this point, bring out the iron and ironing board. Now, use your iron to make strong creases at the fold of both the cuffs.

Step 4. Trim the Extra Fabric

Before you start cutting with your scissors, measure 1.5-inch from the creased hemlines. Now, get this measure marked all around both the pant legs using chalk.

Then, take the straight pins out and cut out the extra fabric at both the legs’ chalk line. Finally, pin the rest of the fabric back in place using straight pins at about an inch from the hemline.

3 Easy Methods to Hem Your Scrub Pants

Method 1. Using a Sewing Machine

Step 5. Turn the scrub pants inside out and choose a thread that matches the color of your pants.

Step 6. Thread your needle and choose the blind stitch option on the sewing machine. Then, position the fabric below the needle and fold up the sides.

Step 7. Now, start stitching around your pant leg. Also, make sure to sew straight without going over the straight pins. Then, repeat the same steps on your other pant leg.


  • Sewing by a machine takes much less time than doing the same by hand
  • A sewing machine gives you precise, uniform, and professional-looking stitches


  • It can be difficult to use a sewing machine if you’ve never done it before
  • Buying a sewing machine makes no sense if you aren’t going to use it often

Method 2. Sewing by Hand

Step 5. Turn the scrub pants inside out and choose a thread that matches the color of your pants. Then, tie a knot at the end of your chosen thread.

Step 6. Insert your needle upward in the folds of the hem for hiding the knot.

Step 7. Use your needle for picking up a little bit of fabric in the garment’s folded edge. Make sure you sew through only a layer of fabric and the stitches are as small as you can make them. After all, you wouldn’t want visible stitches from the right side.

Step 8. Repeat the last step after every ? to ? inch. After the final stitch gets done, put a knot and trim all excess threads with scissors.


  • Great option for beginners
  • Portability factor


  • Inconsistency in stitching
  • Time consuming

Method 3. Using a Sewing Tape

If sewing is not your cup of tea and you need something like a quick fix, using a sewing tape might be useful.

Step 5. Cut that double-sided sewing tape with scissors to get them to fit the hem

Step 6. Put the sewing tape between the hem and pants and press down using a hot iron. The hem will get fused by the bonding on the tape.

Step 7. Use a piece of cotton or a pressing cloth between the pants and the hot iron if the pants are of synthetic fabric.


  • Sewing tape is inexpensive
  • A quick and effective fix


  • Not as sturdy as stitching
  • Needs correct assessment of length

Why Is It Better To Hem Your Own Scrub Pants Than Rely On A Tailor?

People who need to wear scrub pants regularly to work usually have multiple pairs. Now, an average tailor will charge ten to fifteen dollars for hemming a pair of pants.

So, you might have about six pairs of scrub pants that need shortening. You will have a long tailor bill when all the costs add up and you’ll be paying at least sixty dollars for the entire work. On the other hand, you can save money by following any easy method to alter your scrubs.

Can You Shorten The Scrubs By Shrinking in the Washer-Dryer?

In case your scrub pants are only slightly large, you can shrink them by putting the pants in the washing machine and dryer. However, this method will work the best on 100 percent cotton scrubs and not so well on polyester or partial cotton scrubs. In fact, even spandex and rayon scrub pants will not shrink too much to fit you after a wash. So, hemming the scrubs is the best option.



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