How To Make A Scrub Top Bigger

If you have to work in scrubs, you need them to fit you properly. If you are issued with a small-size scrub, you will be uncomfortable all day and less productive. However, you can enhance your comfort and productivity by making your scrubs bigger. 

What Is The Best Fitting For A Scrub Top?

Scrub tops are worn in many situations. They are more likely to be professional clothing that you can wear to work. You can also wear scrub tops at home since they are comfortable and also presentable.

A perfectly fitting scrub top is not too tight or too loose on your body. It allows you to move around easily and to take part in other activities. You can easily raise your hands to reach for something without your top exposing your midriff. Also, make sure that there is enough breathing space between your underarm and your scrub top.

When this is the case with your scrub top, it perfectly fits on your body. You can make adjustments to it if you need it to fit better. 

How Can You Make Your Scrub Top Bigger?

Rip open the seams on the arms and under the seams of your scrubs and lay them flat. Then tear off the edges inside your scrub top from your arms to your waist. This will leave your scrubs open and only attached to the shoulders. 

Get a fabric in the same color as your scrub top. From this fabric, cut out two strips that are long enough to go from the arms to the waist. Decide how much you want to expand your scrubs and make sure that you cut your strips in this length.

Sew the fabric from the waist to your arms on both sides. Sew the seams of the arm of your top and edge stitch the edges in the top. 

You can now wear your larger and more comfortable scrub top. 

Step 1. First, wear your scrub top and determine that you need to make it bigger. This is because the top is too tight on you for your comfort and ease of movement. To make your scrub top bigger, you will need a seam ripper, scissors, a sewing machine, a piece of extra fabric that matches your top, and a measuring tape.

Step 2. Lay your scrub top on your working surface and rip off the seams on the arms and spread them so that they lay flat on the working table. This will ensure that you can get the right point to sew the seams when you have finished enlarging your scrub top. You don’t want to enlarge the scrub top then have the arms become a problem. 

Step 3. Inside the scrub top, tear off the sewn edges. You can use scissors to cut the edges off the scrub top. Tear off this edge from under the arms of your scrub top to the waist. Do this on both sides of the scrub top. This leaves the scrub top open with the only parts making it a garment being the connected shoulder blades. 

Step 4. Get an extra fabric in the same color as your scrubs. From this fabric, cut two pieces of fabric that are long enough to be seen from under the arms of your scrubs to the waist. Place your scrub top on your working table. Place your measuring tape on the scrub top and measure the distance from the armpits to the waist. 

Step 5. Measure from your extra fabric the distance from your armpits top your waist and mark. Then ensure that your fabric is at least three inches wide. Mark this point and cut the fabric. Place the piece of fabric you cut out on the fabric and cut another one of a similar size for the other side of the scrub top.

Step 6. Starting with one side of the scrub top, place your extra fabric on the edges of the top. You can fix it in place with pins from under the armpits of the scrub top to the waist. Pin it on front and back. Bring your scrub top to the sewing machine and sew your new extra fabric in place. Repeat this for the other side of the scrub top. 

Step 7. You have expanded your scrub top now by increasing its size with the extra fabric you sewed in. It is now time to finish up on the other parts of the top. First, wear your scrub top to confirm that it fits properly with the extra inches of fabric on it. 

Then, take off your scrub top and place it on your working table. Hem the arms and sew in the seams in the correct places on the arms of the scrub top. Inside the scrub top, edgestitch the edges below the armpit to the waist level that you had torn off. 

If there are any excess threads and fabrics on the scrub cut them off. 

Step 8. Iron the scrub top to fix the new piece of fabric into the top perfectly. This makes it part of the top effectively. You can now wear your scrub top. The extra piece of fabric will be hidden below your arms keeping it invisible. Iron your scrub one more time and wear it. You will feel that your scrub top is now much larger and more comfortable.

How To Measure Yourself For Properly Fitting Scrubs?

Most times scrubs are a uniform. They come in a pair of scrub top and pants. To get the best fitting scrubs for yourself, you need to know how to measure yourself properly. There are several parts and aspects of your body that you need to consider and measure accurately as you fit your scrubs. 

The first thing to consider is height. How tall are you? Can you get scrubs that will perfectly fit your height? Depending on height, you may find that the available scrubs are labeled differently. Take a tape measure, and without shoe measure from your neck to your toes. Scrubs labeled Pettite are for average height people. Tall versions are for taller than average persons. Choose your scrub according to your height.

Secondly, you need to measure your chest. To measure your chest, place your tape measure around your shoulders. Also, measure around your armpits and over your bust. Then measure the scrub tops to get one that will fit you perfectly. 

For the perfectly fitting scrub pants, you need to measure your waist. Place your measuring tape around your waist for the right measurement. Consider choosing scrub pants that fit your waist perfectly. This ensures that your scrub pants don’t roll off your body when you are working.

You also need to measure your hips. With your legs slightly apart, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. Check for scrub pants that will perfectly fit you around the hips.

Get the right measurements for your body to help you choose comfortable and properly fitting scrubs. You can choose the right scrubs by knowing your measurements. If you choose scrubs without measuring you are likely to choose uncomfortably small or larger scrubs for your body.

Factors To Consider When Wearing Scrubs

The first thing to consider when wearing scrubs is whether you can wear anything under them. When wearing scrubs in a healthcare setting, you may feel cold. To beat the cold, you may need to wear some extra clothes underneath your scrubs. You can wear leggings and thermal underwear in colors that are not visible under the scrubs.

The other factor you need to consider when wearing scrubs is comfort and fit. Choose scrubs that fit you perfectly around the waist and hips for pants. Also, consider the length of the pants when choosing scrub pants.

When your scrubs are comfortable, you can comfortably spend the day at work productively. 

When wearing scrubs at work as a uniform, especially in the healthcare industry, you need to consider professionalism. This will mostly be determined by the fit of your scrubs. When your scrubs fit well you look presentable and thus professional. This creates a good impression with clients and visitors to your place of work. 

The color and fabric of your scrubs are something else to consider. This is especially if you will be wearing other clothes underneath the scrubs. Some colors allow your scrubs to be transparent and show the clothes you have worn underneath them. 



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