How To Make A Sweatshirt Smaller Without Sewing

Do you have a problem with the fittings of your sweatshirt? Is it too oversized for your shape? Well, most people do face the same issue after weight loss or online shopping. However, if you have the same problem too, you can buy a new one or make them smaller without even sewing.

Moreover, if you alter your sweatshirt on your own, you can save a lot of money. For example, if you have the proper knowledge and little sewing skills, you can easily change your sweatshirt into a smaller size. In addition, your determination will play a key role in deciding your altering results.

In this article, you will get in-depth details with steps and methods to make your sweatshirt smaller and fit for your body. So, check out this article to grab every detail for a successful sweatshirt altering without sewing.

How To Make A Sweatshirt Smaller Without Sewing?


If your sweatshirts are too big to fit your body, you have nothing to worry about. You can make them smaller even without a sewing machine. Yes, you’ve read it right. Without sewing! Moreover, you can make them smaller just in the comfort of your home without paying a tailor.

You can choose the method of shrinking the fabric of your sweatshirt to make them fit better. But, first, you have to submerge the sweatshirt in hot or lukewarm water and launder them in a hot heat setting.

So, if your sweatshirt is shrunk enough, you can iron them to get the results. But, in addition, you will need proper equipment and in-depth knowledge about these steps and methods. So, let’s dig more.

To get the best results from your altering, you have to follow these methods with a step-by-step approach. So, know more.

Part 1: Application Of Dryer And Washer

In this method, you have to review the tag of your sweatshirt’s fabric and further wash them. In addition, you have to submerge the fabric in hot water and dry it out for ironing. So, let’s learn every step in-depth.

Step 1. Review The Tag On Your Sweatshirt


You must check the tag of your sweatshirt to review the fabric used in your sweatshirt. Finally, you will be able to find out if your sweatshirt needs any specific washing treatment or not.

Certain fabrics don’t shrink with heat easily. So, if the tag of your sweatshirt specifies to wash it in cold water, use warm water to shrink it. For instance, if your sweatshirt is made up of cotton or cotton-polyester fabric, you will enjoy easy shrinkage.

However, consider being unlucky with the shrinkage option if your sweatshirt is made up of nylon or synthetic fiber. In such a case, you have to use a hemming tape method to alter your sweatshirt.

Step 2. Wash Your Sweatshirt In Hot Water

If you want to shrink your sweatshirt, you must wash it in hot water. You can keep the sweatshirt in a sink and run lukewarm water on it for 10 minutes. However, you can also use a bucket, keep the sweatshirt, and pour a liter or more hot water into it.

After 10 minutes, you can take out the sweatshirt and keep it in a place with average room temperature. Now, you have to check if the size fits you or not. If yers, you can launder it normally and use it for the best fit. In contrast, if it doesn’t fit, you have to shrink it even more, using boiled water, a washing machine, and a dryer.

Step 3. Submerge The Cloth On Boiling Water

Now, you have to submerge your sweatshirt in boiling water to shrink the fabric. To be precise, you have to boil water in a big pot with a lid on a high flame. Then, put your sweatshirt into the pot, turn off the heat source, and cover it with the lid.

If you wish to make your sweatshirt smaller by one size, leave it for 20 minutes in the water. For instance, if your sweatshirt needs to be altered small by two sizes, you have to keep it at room temperature.

In addition, try not to use boiling or hot water on sweatshirts made up of polyester material.

Step 4. Wash Your Sweatshirt With Detergent

Sweatshirt With Detergent

Now, you have to change the setting of your hot water machine. Then, if your sweatshirt has soaked enough hot or boiling water, you can put it in the washing machine. So, add laundry detergent and wash it thoroughly, and then check for its size.

If you want to increase the shrinkage, you can use a long wash cycle. Also, you must use a limited amount of detergent to protect the essence of the fabric.

Step 5. Put It On The Dryer And Check For Its Fit

In this step, you have to put the sweatshirt in your dryer with an adjusted high heat setting. However, if you still don’t get the desired result, you can dry it for a longer time with the same heat settings.

Henceforth, your sweatshirt will shrink and display effective results. In addition, you must keep the sweatshirt at average room temperature to cool it down from drying.

Finally, if the garment stool doesn’t fit you, don’t lose patience, as you can iron the sweatshirt to shrink it more.

Part 2: Using The Iron On Your Sweatshirt


So, if you are done washing and drying out the sweatshirt, you have to iron it now. This will help you to avoid any unraveling part of the fabric. Here, iron will play a key role in shrinking the fabric too. You can use your regular electric iron to do the job.

Step 7. Wet Your Sweatshirt

If you’re not yet satisfied with the perfect fit of your sweatshirt, then make it wet and iron. You can wet the garment with warm water on a sink and wring out the extra moisture content.

Then, put your sweatshirt on the ironing board. Here, iron will help you to shrink the fabric to one more additional size for your best fit.

Step 8. Laying Cotton Towel On Top Of Your Sweatshirt

If you want the best results from ironing, lay a cotton towel on the top of the sweatshirt. This protective layer will help your sweatshirt from any uncertain burn or damage.

For instance, if your sweatshirt is made of pure cotton, you won’t need such laying towel protection. However, in the case of a polyester-made sweatshirt, you must use a cotton towel on top. 

Step 9. Using Moderate Heat And Firm Pressure

Sweatshirt iron

It is essential to use medium heat and firm pressure with the iron on your sweatshirt. You can turn on the iron and let it warm for a few minutes.

If you apply too low heat and pressure, your sweatshirt may not shrink at all. In contrast, high heat can burn your sweatshirt. So, the best solution is moderate heat with slow yet firm running on the garment.

Also, don’t keep the iron on the same spot of the sweatshirt for more than 8 seconds. 

Step 10. Iron And Ready

Now, you have to iron the sweatshirt until it’s soaked water evaporates away. You can see the evaporation in the form of steam when the iron comes in touch with the moisture.

Finally, if your sweatshirt evaporates most of the water, your sweatshirt gets shrunk. You can wear the smaller yet desirable size of your sweatshirt now. In addition, if you still feel any dampness in the sweatshirt, you can put it out in a dryer.

Things To Consider Before Making Your Sweatshirt Smaller

You must lookout for a few things while making your sweatshirt smaller, such as:

  • You must check the tags of the sweatshirt for secure knowledge about the material and instructions.
  • You must avoid the use of hot water for sweatshirts made up of polyester.
  • Prior to your alteration, you must decide how much smaller your sweatshirt should be to fit your shape. This is important to avoid over-shrinkage of your sweatshirt.
  • If your sweatshirt is too expensive or a memory of your loved one, you may consider taking professional advice.

How Can You Tighten Your Sweatshirt In Public?

At times, you may encounter situations where your sweatshirt can affect your impression. For instance, if you have an immediate meeting with a loose fit sweatshirt, what then? Well, tightening it quickly can save your deal here.

You can tighten your sweatshirt in public by tucking the excess fabric on the back altogether. This will serve your immediate and temporary purpose and give a slimmer fit look. In addition, you can roll up your sleeves and make yourself fashionable.

How Can You Shorten The Length Of Your Sweatshirt?

If your sweatshirt fits you best around the waist, shoulders, and chest, it may differ with its length. Well, you can easily shorten your sweatshirt’s length with hemming and sewing methods.

Moreover, your fabric material and sweatshirt style will also decide the best method applicable to shorten your garment.

So, make your sweatshirt smaller, wear the best-fit clothes, and enjoy comfort.



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