Where To Place Monogram On Shirt

Do you want to make your regular shirt more exciting and personalized without spending much on it? Monograms are your ideal solution. Gone are the days when people had to wear store-bought shirts and settle for the designs they provided. Today, there are numerous ways to re-design your shirt and make it personalized.

Monograms are one of the best ways to turn your shirt into something that only belongs to you. A shirt monogram is a small embroidery that can be letters, numbers or a design that connects with the personality.

The significance of monograms has been in existence since the retro era when these small embroideries were used to identify the owner of the shirt. Today, it is used more like an embellishment.

When it comes to adding monograms in the shirt, one of the most crucial decisions is to decide where to place the monogram on a shirt. People are often confused which side of the shirt is the ideal and official place for the monogram. This article will shed light on this matter and explores some of the best options for monogram placements on a shirt.

Where to Place a Monogram on Shirt?

If you are looking for the right side to place the monogram, then the left front of the shirts is commonplace for these embroideries. Some people also add them on the cuffs, collars and forearm (left). It totally depends on your personal preference to place the monogram, but commonly it is placed on the left front of shirts in the pocket area.

Placement Options For Monogram on a Shirt

There are a number of ideas to place the monogram in your shirt. You cannot possibly experiment with the placement and add the monogram anywhere on the shirt. There are some designated places on the shirt that are meant for such embellishment. Here are a few suggestions for you that you can always take into consideration to make your shirt personalized and unique.

Pocket: Generally, monograms are placed on the left front of the shirt, which is the pocket. Your pocket space can be put to fair use by adding a monogram on it. Make sure to use the area accordingly. Do not take up the whole pocket for monogram, at the same time, don’t leave it unnecessarily empty when you are monogramming on the pocket, placing it at the centre is the ideal way.

Back Collar: It is one of the hidden places for the monogram on the shirt. The monogram will be placed on the back of the collar, so practically, you won’t be seeing. The business people generally prefer it for their employees. But it depends on personal preference. You can also add your initials there.

Left Stomach Area: The stomach area of your shirt is also a preferred place for monogramming. It falls right below the pocket area. Levelled with the fourth button of the shirt is commonplace for the stomach area monogramming. Initials are not preferred for this area. Instead, designs and patterns are generally used to monogram.

Cuff: Another popular place for monogramming on a shirt for businesses and brands is the cuffs. You can choose either left or right cuff; there is no particular guideline for it. Generally, it is placed in the face of the watch. Choosing the wrist cuff or the non-dominant cuff totally depends on you. Initials, logos, or numbers are the preferred options for this area.

Shirt Tail: Left side of the shirt tail is another discreet option for the monogram. Place it right 2” above the bottom hem on the left front. You should place it in a way that it remains hidden when you tuck in the shirt. In case you want to keep the shirt out, let the monogram flaunt itself. You can use anything for monogramming this side of the shirt, bet it initials or logo.

What are the Monogram Dimensions?

It depends on what you are planning to monogram; the general dimension is 6mm tall. The width of the numbers and letters depending on the font you are using. The block numbers and letters measure around 6mm wide, and Serif ones also measure the same. The Script numbers and letters can be a maximum of 8mm. It is also essential to understand that each letter’s size may vary according to its appearance. For instance, the comma and period are around 1mm and 2mm in length. So, it depends on you to choose what to monogram on the shirt and then decide the dimension.

What Are The Monogram Restrictions?

Just like understanding how to add a monogram, it is essential to know how not to add. There are certain things that you need to avoid while monogramming. One thing that you need to note is that monogram placement depends on the design of the shirt. For instance, cuff placement is not meant for the half-sleeved shirt; for this, you need a full-sleeved shirt.

You must also avoid the chest-based monogram for shirts that have a front design; it will camouflage the entire shirt. Make sure to choose the shirt wisely for the chest monogram. If you are going for the pocket monogram, wearing a tuxedo will completely disable the appearance; there will be no use of monogramming. If you are going to wear coats or blazers, there is no point in making a pocket, cuff, or tail monogram at all. Either you can change the monogram placement or add it on the coat as well.

Tips and Etiquettes For Monogramming

You need to keep plenty of things in your mind while monogramming your shirt.


  • Keep It Subtle, And Classy: You don’t want to come across so obnoxious with your shirt. The key to perfect monogramming is keeping it simple and classy, which means you have to be as low-key as possible and not extravagant.


  • Focus On the Font: Font is the most crucial part of monogramming alphabets. Choose a font that is easily readable and not complicated. Hard to read or attention-seeking fonts will not work the way you want. Avoid extra embellishments on the fonts as well.


  • Reason It Always: You must always come up with a reason to add a monogram. An additional embellishment on your shirt without reason would mean nothing, Whether it is the initials or logo of your company, make sure it has some meaning to it.


  • Choose Colors Wisely: When it comes to choosing the colours, you need to consider the shirt colour. If you have a light-coloured shirt, you can boldly go for a dark colour monogram. For a dark coloured shirt, choose a white or cream monogram.

Related Questions

Why do people add monograms on shirts?

Well, the primary reason for the popularity of monograms is certainly their sophisticated and personalized appeal. You can hardly get monogrammed shirts in the market that depicts your personality or your initials. That’s the reason why people prefer monograms to date.

Another reason is styling; people want to style their attire and want it to synchronize with their ideals. For instance, some businesses also use monograms shirts for their employees to create a personalized appeal. It works as a great branding strategy as well and emerges as a way to enhance its reputation. Everyone has their own way to use this embroidery on their shirts; you just need to find yours.

What are the options of monograms for shirts?

The world is your oyster when it comes to monogram styles for shirts. From alphabets, numbers, logos to even small phrases, you can add anything and everything as monograms. You just need to understand the reason behind adding the monogram and then decide on the style that would best serve the purpose. You can also consult a designer to get more ideas regarding styling.



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