How Much Does it Cost to Hem Pants?

Are you wondering if the pants look trendier without hemming them? While ripped and cuffed have their place in the list of cool pant designs, hemmed pants also have their fair share of followers. 

Hemming jeans or pants is a wise move. Instead of replacing them and paying more to buy something that fits you perfectly is taxing, not just for your energy and your pocket. You can reuse a friend or family member’s old pair and have them fitted to your length. So, if you don’t have a pair of pants that fits, do not fret; you can have one within minutes. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hem Pants?

At times you find a fantastic pair of jeans, but the length is not correct. What are you going to do? Leave it and settle for the less pretty pair of jeans? Or wear the long pair as it is? Neither. You can hem them and make them fit for a few bucks! Going to a professional tailor can cost you as much as $35 to $40, but this price varies. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hem Jeans?

The cost to hem jeans depends upon the kind of alteration you want in them. It roughly costs $15 to 25$ to hem a pair of jeans. For pants of other materials, the price range is between $7 and to 30$. You can also do it for free at home if you have a knack for it. But if you are no good with the sewing machine, better leave the task to the professional tailors and seamstresses. 

You might wonder why you should spend so much on mere hemming? Instead of buying ready-made, perfectly hemmed jeans for a hundred or more dollars, you are getting a reasonable price by altering your old pair of jeans. It will be as good as new for just $20-$25. 

20$ on average is not the precise cost of hemming jeans. Many factors impact its price, including:

Type of hemming: You can easily find multiple hemming varieties, and there are about 5 or 6 popular ones. The cost of hemming your pants depends upon the type of hem that you want. It will cost you more than the usual rates if it is complicated or has an intricate hem pattern. 

Means of hemming: This is another factor that dictates the overall price for hemming your jeans, i.e., by hand or a machine, and you may guess which one’s going to cost more. Jeans have thick fabric, and sewing them by hand is quite taxing. So, if you want a hand-sewn hem look, you will have to pay more because it requires more effort. But as for our observation, the machine-sewn hem is a better option. It has the standard hem cost and gives a neater look too, but it will be your choice! 

Prices of a tailor: You may take your pants to a fresh tailor that may or may not do a great job at altering, or you could go to a well-reputed tailor who will have your jeans hemmed within minutes. The only difference? Price point. The well-reputed tailor will do a neat job hemming your pants, but the service will be costly. However, you must decide whether you prefer price or quality. 

Location of the hemming place: If you live in a posh locality, be prepared to pay more for the plain hemming of your pants. The costs can go as high as $60 for just one pair of jeans in an elite neighborhood, which isn’t an out-of-norm thing for such areas. So, in case you want to get your pants hemmed at a reasonable price, your only option is to spend some extra on fuel to go to a cheaper neighborhood. However, if you live in a typical community and require standard hemming by a tailor or seamstress, the price is the same as we mentioned before.

Cost To Hem Pants At Dry Cleaners

It may surprise you that dry cleaners also do hem modifications. Not only this, but they do all kinds of alterations. Naturally, if they are into alterations, they will indeed charge something. 

But the commonly asked question we hear a lot has to do with ‘whether this is any different than the market price?’. Well, the price isn’t the same, but quite close. The average price range of hemmed jeans can range from $15 to $30. 

In short, having an altering expert in your dry cleaner is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. Are you wondering ‘why?’ Well, you already know the person, trust them with your clothes, and you have nothing to worry about finding an alterer elsewhere. 

Altering your pants at your dry cleaners also helps you save transportation costs as you will be leaving the dry cleaning and the altering clothes at the same place. And if you have the best dry cleaners in the world, they will have your laundry sent to you, which means there is no hassle for you to go for a pickup. You can have your clean and altered clothes at your doorstep; that’s a huge relief. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hem Jeans Original Hem?

Hemming an original hem has a unique price point. This is because the hem can be done in more than one way. For instance, if you are going for something more intricate such as a euro hem, you will be paying more than 10$. You get the hemming or any alteration at a fine departmental stores for free. But at a costly tailor, it can reach up to 35$. 

There are many types of hems that you can choose from, including the single-fold, double-fold, blind hem, faced hem, rolled, piped, bound, or pin hem. And all of these have a different price tag! Usually, the single-fold hems are less costly than other types of hems. This is because, in a single-fold hem, you only need to fold the fabric and finish it in a single stitch; therefore, it is the cheapest. 

Why Do Alterations Cost So Much?

Typically, the cost of alterations varies with the type of alterations you want. If you wish to have simple adjustments, it will hardly cost you anything. But in case you are interested in something a little fancier, be ready to pay a little extra money. 

While you may still be feeling uncertain about the premium prices for pant alterations, the reason for a high price is that it is a hard job. The already sewn clothes, especially jeans, need to be unstitched and re-sewed differently. Undoing the previous stitching and remaking the entire thing in a way that appears aesthetically pleasing is a challenging task. 

It is the job of three people that your tailor does: the first is about removing the previous stitching, the other one involves making the design, and the third is about altering the clothes perfectly. So, if it is a job of three people that your tailor is doing, he should be compensated enough for the hard work and the skills. 

So, Here’s the Takeaway!

Hemming a pair of jeans is costly, but it gives you great worth for your money. Not only can you change the style of your previous pants, but you can also buy any pants, even if they are long. All you need to do is get them hemmed. 

The prices at a tailor, a seamstress, and a dry cleaner may vary but are usually close to each other. Altering your jeans at a dry cleaner is clever as it is more convenient and less pricey. The alterations may appear hefty, but redesigning an old pair is smart. It will save you the replacement cost and allow you to reuse older pants in newer ways. 

Moreover, alterations are often costly because they require specialized skills and a lot of effort to produce a new design from an existing design. You can hem your jeans for a better look anytime you want and enjoy a fresher jeans look every season.



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