How to Hem a Polyester Dress

For a first-timer in any field, you will always have uncertainty about how something works. Using polyester may, at times, be a challenge if you do not have expert knowledge on how it works. You will have queries on the guidelines you need to follow to have the final product. It includes the dimensions of the needle that is going to be used in sewing.

Do you want to become a pro while using polyester? Here are some guidelines that will help you overcome your worst nightmare. You can perform the job regardless of the kind of polyester fabric that works for you. The tips are going to make your work a walk in the park.

How to Hem a Polyester Dress?

how to hem a polyester dress

Do you want to make a clean hem? Then get an 18-20″ long piece of thread. After that, thread your needle and make a knot at one of the ends. By using a slip stitch, hem your complete 1/4″ fold. By the end of these steps, you will have your clean hem that will not show at the outer part of your dress.

Steps to Hem a Polyester Dress

steps to hem a polyester dress

Polyester exists in different types. So, the method of sewing and hemming one type of polyester may not necessarily apply for all. Identifying the tactic that will work for the kind of polyester you own can, at times, be a challenge.

How to Prepare a Polyester Dress to Hem?

Allowing your dress to dangle for 24 hours is recommended before hemming. It gives the fabric a chance to relax and is mostly advocated for if your dress has a full skirt.

Step 1: Based on your predisposition, you should identify the final length of the dress first. You may also want to consider the type of shoes you may wear with the dress.

Step 2: To get an even height, wear the dress without shoes. If you are lucky enough to own a dress form, you do not need a helper for the next step. Get straight up the dimensions of the dress using a ruler and label the hem all round.

Step 3: Ready for the next step? Take off the dress.

Step 4: Now depending on how wide you want your skirt or dress be, rule after the first line. For a pencil skirt, it will be 2 ½ inches while that of a full skirt will be 1 ½ inch.

Step 5: You need to draw a line that is approximately ¼ inch after the line you made in step 4.

Step 6: Cut the dress at the turn-under line. It is the line at the bottom of the three lines.

Step 7: Fold up the hemline, which is the highest line, to the inside of the dress. You can start from the seam of the dress. Carry on with the folding and pinning process across the hemline. Also, repeat the procedure to completion.

Step 8: Now, you should smoothen the hem. You can do it by using heated iron.

Step 9: Bend the turn-under inwards while pinning all through.

Step 10: Your dress is now set for sewing. Depending on the method that you are going to use, you can skip to the next section below.

How to Hem a Polyester Dress by Hand

how to hem a polyester dress by hand

A blind stitch is a primary stitch.

Step 1: Get a cubit length thread and maintain it at this length or shorter to avoid entangling while sewing. Short threads are not a problem as you will use many of them to get a finished hem.

Step 2: Slip a sole thread through the needle’s eye to a length of about 2/3rds through.

Step 3: Knot the end of the lengthy piece. To avoid the thread from skidding out, hold onto the needle with your sinistral hand, and press it against the eye. With the right-hand index finger, make a loop of the short side of the thread. Get the right-hand thumb and make a knot from the loop. 

Step 4: Locate the dress’s side or back seam. It will help you identify where you will start stitching the hem.

Step 5: If you use your right hand, it’s only practical if you stitch from right to left, and if using the left hand, the inverse will apply in that you stitch from left to right.

Step 6: Once you have identified the seam, you will start stitching from getting several threads of the seam that’s on the inner side of the dress and get the needle out, taking caution not to get it to the front part of the dress. Get the needle through several threads of the turn-under, and there you’ll have made your first stitch.

how to hem a polyester dress by hand

Step 7: Get the thread through until the knot is firm on the seam.

Step 8: 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the preceding stitch at the turn-under, get several threads, and insert the needle into the dress. Then get several threads of the turn-over and directly above this stitch, and by pulling the thread through, you’ll have made your next stitch.

Step 9: Keep on with the process all way round.

Step 10: If you use all the thread, make sure to fasten off the stitch by making several stitches on the turn-under part of the dress one above the other by;

  • You first create a loop, place the needle in the circle, and make the stitch tight.
  • Keep on with the process to tighten the thread.
  • Eliminate the remaining piece of thread.

Step 11: Thread the needle with a new thread and knot the end. At the point where you did the preceding stitch, start a new one and continue with the process till you complete the hem.

Step 12: To conclude the process, fasten the thread and secure the stitch when you reach the starting point. That is, repeat the process at stage 10.

Note: Accidents may happen in sewing, and the thread may cut off, leading to the unwinding of the whole stitch. To avoid this, you are advised to tie a knot after 6″ or so.

How to Hem a Polyester Dress With a Sewing Machine

how to hem a polyester dress with a sewing machine

Single-turn hem is the first and foremost method in hemming with a machine.

Step 1: At the inner side of the dress (that is the wrong side), turn the hem. Near the edge, make a straight stitch.

Step 2: Then, we have the blind stitch. After stitching since the cut edge is raw, it’s advisable to do a zigzag sew with the sewing machine. It will help you prevent the dress from wearing out. In cases where you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use a serger.

Step 3: Fold the hem all through to the inside of the dress. Then pin as you continue with the process.

Step 4: To the right side of the dress, tuck the hem. At the bottom, ensure to leave a small piece of hem edge exposed.

Step 5: In this step, you need to get the matching to make use of the blind hem stitch after placing the blind hem foot on your sewing machine.

Step 6: Stitch the hem by making a straight line immediately beneath the completed edge. After this, unravel the hem and squeeze the hem on the right-hand side.

Is It Hard to Hem a Polyester Dress?

Polyester is one of the most readily available and regularly used synthetics. Well, it is also one of the most difficult to stitch and hem as it extends in two ways. It extends forward and horizontally on the fabric’s orientation. The ability to stretch makes it challenging to sew as it can easily tear up.

How to Make a Temporary Hem for a Polyester Dress?

Fabric glue comes as a relief to you if you want to save on time while making the hem of your polyester dress. You may also use a stitching pin to hem. Pulling out the stitch in this is very easy. Thus, it will not give you a headache. Besides, you can also use a hemming tape since it is temporary.



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