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How To Fix A Hole In Pants Pocket

When you wear pants, one of the most common parts to get a tear or a rip is the packets. Fortunately, pants have over one pocket. The appearance of a hole in the pants’ pocket is not an emergency.

Most people only remember a hole in the pants’ pocket when they lose something. If you carry your cell phone or keys in the pocket and they fall through the hole, you will remember the need to fix it.

How Do You Fix A Hole In Pants Pockets?

There are different ways to fix holes in your pants pockets. Most times, it depends on the location of the hole. You can fix a hole in your pants’ pocket by duct taping. Cut a piece of duct tape, place it at the hole and fold it onto the hole to cover it. You can also patch up the hole or fix it with a simple sew with your needle and thread.

Method 1. Using Duct Tape

Step 1. Turn your pants inside out. Pants pockets are best accessed from the inside of the pockets. They usually are a separate entity in the pants. When you have an unobstructed view of the pockets, you can assess the magnitude of the hole that needs fixing. You can see the location of the hole and decide the best way to fix it.

Step 2. When you have found the hole that you need to fix, now you need the solution. All you need to fix holes in this method is duct tape and scissors. Duct tape is a versatile material for all your sewing projects. You can use it most time with attractive results.

Step 3. Depending on the size of the hole, cut between two and three inches of duct tape. Place it with the sticky side up just below the hole you want to fix. Make sure that you have enough duct tape to cover the hole properly and some allowance.

Step 4. When you fix the duct tape exactly on the hole, fold the excess duct tape onto the part on the hole. Make sure that the duct tape can stick to itself once folded. Confirm that you have properly sealed the hole in your pants.

Step 5. When you seal the pocket hole, you need to make sure that the duct tape stays in place. Press the duct tape in place with your fingers for a few minutes. You can also place a cloth over the duct tape and press with a hot iron for about ten seconds. This ensures that your duct tape stays in place for long.

Step 6. Using duct tape to fix holes in pants pockets is a long-term solution. When properly pressed into place, you have permanently fixed the hole in your pocket. Not even laundry will remove the duct tape from its place. It may only wrinkle over time due to wear and tear.

Method 2. Sewing The Hole Shut

Step 1. Turn your pants inside out. This allows you a proper view of the hole in the pockets. It is also much easier to work on the pockets in this way. You could also choose to turn the pockets outwards, instead of the pants. Whichever way you choose, make sure that you can see the hole that needs fixing properly.

Step 2. If your pockets have any loose threads hanging around, cut them off with scissors. This allows you to have an unobstructed view of the part you are fixing. It also ensures that you can easily sew the hole without disruption and confusion from hanging threads.

Step 3. Have all the materials that you need to fix this hole. You will need a needle and thread, scissors, pins, and an iron. Simple materials that you can easily find in your house or any craft shop. When your tools are in excellent condition, you can quickly finish this simple task.

Step 4. You have seen the hole that needs fixing and you have your tools ready. Thread your needle with enough thread to complete sewing around the hole. And start stitching the hole shut. Make sure your first stitch about half an inch away. Make short stitches over the hole to seal it.

If the pocket is broken at the seams, a backstitch from the bottom to the top of the hole will suffice. Make a firm knot at the beginning and the end of the sewing process. This will help to keep the stitches in place. Ensuring that the hole doesn’t come back.

Step 5. Press a hot iron over the stitches. This helps to keep the pocket aligned to its original position. It also hides any bulk from the sewing thread. This makes sure that your pants are neat when worn.

Method 3. Patch The Hole

Step 1. You will need a needle and thread, a fabric patch for the hole, scissors, straight pins, a hot iron, and the pants to be fixed.

Step 2. Turn the pants inside out. This ensures that you can see and can easily access the hole that you are fixing. It helps you to find the hole and even its cause. It could have been caused by wear and tear or the seam ripped because of weak stitches.

Step 3. If there are any loose threads around the hole or broken seam, cut them off with scissors. This enhances visibility and provides a clear path to sew around to fix the hole in the pocket. It also ensures that you have neatly done pockets when you finish fixing the hole.

Step 4. If you are working on a seam, you may need to pin the two sides together before you sew. This makes it easier for you to repair the ripped seam by hand.

Step 5. Thread your needle and start sewing. Start sewing about ? inches away from the hole. This ensures that your stitches are firm and you have more control over your hand movements. If your sewing on a seam, catch both fabrics as guided by your pins. If you sewing a hole, make short stitches across the hole for a tighter seal.

When you finish sewing, make sure that you make a tight knot with your thread. This helps to keep the stitches in place and ensures that they properly fixed the patch on the hole.

Step 6. You now need to cut a patch for your pocket. Get a patch from a fabric that is like the one that makes the pants pockets. Cut out your patch so that it can cover the hole completely with some allowance to sew around it.

Step 7. Place your patch on the already stitched-up hole or seam. You can use pins to hold it in place as you sew it over the hole. Sew all around the patch, making a tight knot when you finish sewing.

Step 8. Iron over the patch to settle it properly on the pocket and to ensure that it blends well with the previously made stitches over the hole or a ripped seam.

How To Fix A Hole In A Jeans Back Pocket Corner

For many jeans, holes appear at the top corner of the back pockets. It is a sign that your durable jeans are worn out. Fixing this hole is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

The first thing that you need to do is to cut off any frayed threads around the hole. A patch is the best way to seal this hole. A lightweight fusible is all you need to use as a patch for this hole.

Cut a patch that is large enough for the hole in question. Place over the hole and iron it onto the jeans back pocket hole. When it is in place, use a backstitch to cover it and strengthen the hole. Use threads of similar color to your jeans.

How to Replace Torn Pants Pockets

When your pants pockets have holes, you can choose to fix them with the above methods or replace them. To do this, turn your pants inside out. Rip out the torn pocket. Get a pocket fabric and measure it against the length of the original pockets. This helps to ensure that your replacement pocket is the same size as the original.

Draw a pattern of the pocket on your pants. This helps you to mark where the pockets were situated and where you will sew your replacement pocket. Cut your fabric according to the measurements and pattern of the pockets, leaving an extra inch for the seam allowance.

Now, stitch the patterned pockets onto your pants. Start by sewing on the inner side of the pocket, then sew on the hip part. As your pocket takes shape, sew the top part and finish with the bottom of the pocket.

You have successfully replaced your torn pockets.


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