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How To Hem A Chiffon Dress Without Sewing

Chiffon dresses are smooth, lightweight, and slippery with their characteristics. Also, it has become troublesome to sew or stitch chiffon dresses. So, you may be thinking about the solution then. Well, you can hem a chiffon dress without sewing.

The easiest way to get the hemming of your chiffon fabric is without sewing. You can use a simple hemming tape to get done with your job effectively. It can be a temporary solution but can prove to be very efficient and beneficial for you.

In this blog, we will provide you with all the necessary steps and details to hem your chiffon dress without tape. You will get detailed information about how to hem chiffon with tape. You have to be cautious and patient to make a smooth seam on your fabric. 

You have to keep in mind that not every fabric is cotton. So, be calm and focused until you achieve desired results from the steps. So, let’s explore more.

How To Hem A Chiffon Dress Without Sewing?

Are you looking out for the easiest way to hem your chiffon dress? Here, being far ahead of sewing, the hem tape method proves to be the easiest solution if you have enough time.

You will enjoy learning this alternative way to hem chiffon dresses. It is always fun and exciting to explore your sewing skills other than using the machine and needles. If you follow the steps and guide properly, there will be no hassle.


You can hem any chiffon fabric with tape and a few other pieces of equipment, such as:

1.  Hem Tapes

You can use any premium quality hem tape from stationery stores. In addition, ensure to use tape with solid and durable adhesive on both sides. This will get you the best results from hemming.

2.  Ball Pins

The next piece of equipment is ball pins. Ensure that you have a stock of these pins. It will help you with the seam allowance and pinning the folds.

3.  Iron

If you’ve got a well-functioning iron in your place, it will work. Moreover, you have to use this iron on an even surface. For this purpose, you can use an iron board or some cardboard with a plain surface.

 4.  Scissors

Get yourself a pair of scissors for cutting and eliminating the edges of the chiffon dress. You can avoid a roster cutter as the fabric is too smooth and slippery.

 5.  Wet Tea-Towel

You will need a clean and simple wet towel. This will protect your chiffon fabric layers while ironing them. 

 6.  Fabric

Lastly, get your chiffon fabric for the hemming procedure. 

So, if you’ve got all the equipment ready, you’re all set to go. Now, you will have to follow these steps very carefully and precisely to get the optimum results. Try not to hurry and stay focused on your project.

Step 1. Thread Your Needle

In the beginning, you have to thread your needle. You have to use a lightweight thread in your needle that matches the colour of your chiffon dress.

Step 2. Decide Where To Place The Hem

Similar to other hemming efforts, you will have to first decide the place to hem in your fabric. You have to put the dress on and look for the length where you want it. Also, make sure that you add in enough hem allowance for easy working.

You must be sure and determined about the position where you want to hem your fabric. This is crucial for saving your energy from any redo of work. If required, use a measuring tape or ruler for this step. 

Step 3. Get And Cut Your Hemming Tape In The Right Size

In this step, you have to get your humming or fusible tape to cut it in the right size or length. You can use the measurement made from the ruler to cut the tape for your vital parts.

If you have cut the tape for your desired length precisely, you will enjoy an optimal hemming experience without even sewing.

Step 4. Place The Tape With Hem Allowance

Furthermore, in this step, you will have to place the hemming tape. After cutting the tape precisely, place the trimmed tape in an accurate position over the fabric. In addition, you must ensure to look for the hem allowance while placing the tape.

Step 5. Wrap Or Fold The Hem Allowance To The Wrong Side

So, are you done placing the tape over the chiffon fabric? Now, you have to fold or wrap the hem allowance to the wrong side for a specific reason.

Chiffon is a lightweight and delicate fabric, prone to damage from the direct heat of the iron. So, the hem allowance is placed on the wrong side to protect the fabric.

Step 6. Place The Wet Tea Towel

If you’re done with the hem allowance, then it’s time to iron it. Place the wet tea towel above the chiffon fabric to protect it from any damage while ironing.

Step 7. Place Over Heated Iron Over Your Chiffon Fabric

If you have an electric iron, you will have to heat it to an appropriate temperature. Now, place it over the fabric. In addition, you have to apply firm pressure to iron the chiffon dress with delicacy.

If you do not iron the correct position over the tape, the tape will not get adhered to the chiffon fabric properly. So iron and heat the position over tape precisely and adequately.

Step 8. Keep The Fabric To Cool Down

So, are you done with the ironing? Now, sit back and relax until the fabric cools off. It is essential to keep the fabric cool down so that the tape blends perfectly with the chiffon fabric.

Tips To Do Narrow Hem And Finish The Edges Of Your Chiffon Dress

Whether you want to narrow hem or finish the edges of a chiffon dress, you will need some advice. Follow these tips for a clear understanding of these processes.

For Narrow Hem Of Your Chiffon Dress

If you want to make a narrow hem on your chiffon dress, you will need to mark the hemline first. If you’re hemming without sewing, you will have to place the tape over the fabric where you want to hem. 

If you’re using a sewing machine, use the short stitch length. So, now sew the hemline for about ⅛ inch below the mark. Furthermore, you have to fold the chiffon fabric along the line that has been stitched or taped.

Now, you have to tape or sew the other side as close to the fold of the fabric as possible. Additionally, you have to ensure the right hem allowance while stitching or taping.

You can trim off the excess fabric with scissors and reach closest to the second stitch line without cutting it. Then, you have to hem up again to cover the edges beside the fold.

Furthermore, you will have to sew the following stitch line over the top of the second line and iron it. Thus, you will have a narrow hemline with a striking look.

For Finished Edges of Your Chiffon Dress

If you want to efficiently finish the edges of your chiffon dress without sewing, you can use a heated iron. You have to simply put the iron over the top of the fabric tape to join the edges effectively.

In addition, you have to cut and remove the excess fabric at the edges before applying iron to it. This saves a lot of your sewing time and enables you to finish the edges of chiffon fabrics easily.

How Can You Protect The Chiffon From Fraying Without Sewing?

If you want to avoid any kind of unravelling or fraying over your chiffon dress, you have to trim them. If you find any existing frays on your chiffon fabric, trim them with sharp scissors.

After trimming the existing frays, dip a paintbrush into acrylic paint matching your chiffon fabric colour. Now, apply this paint over the edge of the chiffon to seal them. Then, try to keep it for some time to dry.

Your chiffon fabric is now protected from any fraying without using any sewing method.

How Can You Hem Chiffon Fabric By Hand?

Well, if you want to hem your chiffon fabrics by hand, then boost up your patience. As you know, chiffon is a slippery and delicate fabric, so it may take time to hem chiffon by hand. 

For instance, if you’re determined to do it by hand, start with threading the needles. You can use any lightweight thread that fits the colour and essence of your chiffon fabric. Then, you can sew or tape the marked hemlines for about ¼ inch inside the finishing edges of the fabric. 

Now, you have to use your hands to fold the fabric towards the wrong side and start further stitching or taping. Then, follow the same procedure to stitch the second marked line.

So, continue this process until you complete your hemming. Finally, you have to iron the hem part of the fabric firmly and efficiently.

We hope that this blog was informative and helpful for you.


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