How To Make Jeans Stay Up Without A Belt

If your jeans are not custom-made, you will face trouble with their perfect fit on your waist. At times, it may not be easy to get the right jeans that match your size. You may have seen that jeans won’t stay up even if you buy the correct size. In such cases, many people wear belts. 

But, there are a few troubles you will face with a belt. Belts can be pretty expensive if you buy something of premium quality. You can even feel uneasy and discomfort from the metallic case buckles of the belt. With passing time, the belts can wear down and need replacement. One belt will not be enough for you to match different jeans styles.

If you’re tired of making your jeans stay up with jeans, then look for the next solution. There are so many ways to make your jeans stay up without a belt. Yes, you’ve read it right. Check out some of the quick hacks we have to offer.

How To Make Jeans Stay Up Without A Belt?

If you know the basics of sewing skills and knowledge, you can easily find the best alternative solutions to wear jeans without belts. You won’t have to encounter any discomfort or buy any belts anymore. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can replace the jeans with the best alternatives.

So, follow these few methods and steps to make your jeans stay up without a belt effectively and efficiently.

Method 1: Alter Your Jeans With Elastic Band

You will find many jeans without elastic waistbands. If you use regular quality jeans, you may not get elastic bands with them.

There are no worries for you as making or altering your jeans with elastic bands is no big issue. You can make your jeans stay up with the help of elastic bands as it eliminates the need for belt loops. If you alter your jeans with elastic waistbands, your stretched jeans will fit comfortably around your waist. 

The elastic will play a key role in holding up your jeans without the need for any belt. You will get immense comfort and flexibility in wearing jeans after the elastic band alteration.

Here are a few steps that can help you to put elastic in your jeans’ waistband on your own:

Step 1: You have to cut a little slot on both sides of the jeans from inside, specifically from the side seams.

Step 2: Now, take an elastic that is a bit shorter than the usual wide-angled waist size of the jeans.

Step 3: Put a safety pin on one end of the jeans and start poking the elastic into the jeans from the part you have cut before.

Method 2: Clip Your Jeans From The Sides

One of the best alternative ways to wear a belt to make your jeans stay up is by clipping the side of your jeans.

You can try to clip your jeans instead of wearing a belt for a strong and durable fit. It is a cheap yet effective way to make your jeans fit your waist, avoiding the time and money spent on belts. 

You can use any type of clip for your jeans to fit. Any small yet durable clip will do the job. You can take the clips you use in the office or at home. Moreover, ensure not to choose too long clips as it will become troublesome to hide them.

You must know that using clips will not give a fashionable look to your clothing. What to do then? Well, the solution is simple. You have to hide the clips by wearing long t-shirts or sweaters without tucking. Here are a few steps to clip your jeans for the perfect fit.

  • Step 1: Pinch the fabric of your jeans from one side that can be either left or right.
  • Step 2: After pinching, secure it with the help of your clip.
  • Step 3: Clip the jeans firmly and tightly. Your jeans will stay up and give better comfort and ease compared to belts.

Method 3: Wear Suspenders For Your Jeans

Another feasible alternative to make your jeans stay up without belts is wearing suspenders. Suspenders, also known as bracers in the UK, are straps made of fabric that can be worn over your shoulder to join the back and front of your jeans.

Your shoulder will act as the supporting factor for the jeans to stay up. The functionality of a suspender is the same as a belt. In fact, in the 80s and 90s, suspenders were a big fashion trend.

You have to keep a few points in mind for wearing suspenders. For instance, the color of your pair of suspenders should match the color of your jeans and the rest of the outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing blue jeans, wear a suspender that matches the color of your jeans, such as navy blue, etc. Well, you can always choose to cover or display your suspender.

You can wear a sweater or coat, or blazer to hide your suspenders. In addition, you can wear a simple white shirt, black jeans, and black suspenders to create a classic retro outfit look.

Method 4: Create Makeshift Belt With String And Fabric

If you can’t find a belt, create a makeshift belt from a string or fabric. You can use any string and run it through the belt loops of your jeans to make them stay up. This method is not so attractive or fashionable but offers the same function as a belt.

You won’t have to worry about the aesthetic outlook of the jeans as long as it performs its job. You can always cover the makeshift belts with long t-shirts and sweaters. Follow these two simple and easy steps to create your makeshift belt.

  • Step 1: You have to simply put and run a long piece of fabric such as string, yarn, or rope through the belt loops of your jeans. 
  • Step 2: Now, cut the excess string and get hitched or tie a knot on the front of your jeans.

If you prefer to choose functionality over fashion, then this method is the best solution for staying up your jeans even without a belt.

Method 5: Wear Multiple Layers of Fabric

If you want to make your jeans stay up without a belt, you can use another method of wearing multiple layers of fabric. You can simply wear multiple layers of clothes or fabric and tuck them into the waistband of your jeans. The more fabrics you use to tuck inside your waistband, the tighter and fit your jeans will be.

For men, you can wear an undershirt, and then a t-shirt, and finally a button-up shirt. If you tuck these three layers of fabric in your jeans, you will easily fill the gap in your jeans and make them tighter to stay up.

If you live in a cold region, then wearing multiple layers of clothes instead of a belt is the best solution. You will get the necessary warmth and protection apart from making your jeans stay up.

So, sporting the extra layers of fabric will give you warmth, insulation, comfort, belt-free jeans stay-up, and protection from snow.

Method 6: Make Your Jeans Shrink

Well, this is an irreversible method to make your jeans stay up without a belt, so follow accordingly. If you wish to shrink your jeans for a tight and perfect fit, you have to shrink the jeans by washing them in water. 

If your jeans are oversized by one or two inches, you will obviously face trouble making them stay up compared to properly fitted jeans. You can try out a few tips to shrink your jeans effectively.

  • Tip 1: You can use hot water to wash your jeans properly and keep them for drying on a high heat surrounding or object. This will create a contraction between the fibers of your fabric and make your jeans shrink.
  • Tip 2: Additionally, you can also wear your jeans while having a hot shower or bath to contract the fabric and shrink the jeans gradually yet effectively.
  • Tip 3: If your jeans are made up of 100% denim, giving heat and hot water exposure can efficiently shrink them to enable a tight fit.
  • Tip 4: You have to be positive about the extra-length size of your jeans before proceeding with this process.

From this comprehensive guide about the ways and methods to make your jeans stay up without belts, you can say welcome to comfort. All of these methods are simple, easy, and effective, which you can do on your own. So, you can depend on yourself for your fit jeans and bid farewell to belts.

What Are The Reasons For Your High-Waisted Jeans Not Staying Up?

As you know, jeans can be tight after making uit shrink from hot water baths. So, if you climb up stairs or sit down somewhere, your jeans may move down and not stay up.

If your jeans fit well around your legs but still won’t stay up, the reason is the waistband.  If your jeans waistband is not tight enough, your high-waisted jeans will not stay up your hips.

Is Tucking Shirt In Jeans Fashionable?

Well, if you’re confident enough, any trend becomes fashionable. Nowadays, many people tuck in their shirts in jeans to make it look super fashionable.

You can always tuck in any clothes like shirt, t-shirt in your jeans with belt or suspenders to make you look trendy and polished.



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