How To Remove Embroidery From Nylon Jacket?

Nylon is light to wear and also very warm when worn. This makes nylon jackets popular.

When looking for nylon jackets, you may come across one you like that has an embroidery design on it.

You may opt not to buy the jacket due to the embroidery fabric. But you can learn how to remove it and never leave another nylon jacket you like at the shop.

How Do You Remove Embroidery From Nylon Jacket?

Take your nylon jacket and seam ripper. With the jacket right side up, start ripping off the stitches on the embroidery design. When the threads go loose, use tweezers to pull off the loose threads until all you have is a clear nylon fabric on your hands.

Method 1. Using A Seam Ripper

It is possible to remove embroidery from a nylon jacket. All you need is a seam ripper and a pair of tweezers to finish this task.

Step 1. To start, use your seam ripper to rip off the threads and stitches on the nylon jacket. You will do this on the right side of the jacket. Pick a starting point on your embroidery design, insert your seam ripper and pull off the stitches.

For the best results, you should work on a flat surface. This keeps the embroidery design visible. Making it easy to work with. A flat surface also helps you to see when you make holes on your nylon jacket as you remove the embroidery.

Step 2. With your seam ripper, rip off stitches from your embroidery design. As it is designed, the seam ripper doesn’t pull off the whole stitch and thread. The seam ripper then leaves your nylon jacket shaggy as the embroidery design is not fully removed.

Step 3. At this point, you need your tweezers. With your tweezers, pull off the threads of the embroidery design that have already been removed with the seam ripper. Repeat this with every aspect of the embroidery design until you have no more embroidery left on the right side up.

Step 4. Now, turn your nylon jacket inside out. Check if there are any embroidery stitches left on this site. If there are, use your tweezers to pull out these threads.

When you have pulled out these once from the backside, and you have also finished on the front part, you have successfully removed embroidery from your nylon jacket.

Removing embroidery from nylon jackets leaves holes in the nylon fabric. Large holes may leave your jacket unwearable. Smaller holes left by removing your embroidery may be invisible to others.

Step 5. You can hide these holes by adding another embroidery design of your choice. Or, you can use fabric glue to seal and hide these holes. Once the holes are hidden, you can wear your jacket comfortably without an embroidery design, or with a new design that you prefer.

Step 6. Also, you can use applique to hide the holes on your nylon jacket after removing embroidery.

Using a seam ripper is the best method to remove embroidery from nylon jackets and fabrics. This is because, with a seam ripper, you remove the embroidery from the top. Thus, you can see the effect of removing the embroidery from the fabric. If it causes holes, then you can use a larger tool that will make it easier to remove the embroidery without causing large holes to appear on the fabric.

Method 2. Using A Razor

You can also use a razor to remove embroidery from your nylon jacket. To use this method you will need a razor and a seam ripper.

Step 1. Turn your nylon jacket inside out. This will help you to see the embroidery design stitches properly as you start to cut off the embroidery threads on the jacket.

Step 2. Bring your razor onto the embroidery threads on the inside part of your jacket. Pick a starting point and start to cut off the embroidery threads on the backside. To use a razor to remove embroidery on your nylon jacket, cut off the stitches holding on the embroidery onto the jacket. When using a razor, rub the razor onto the stitches from where you choose to be your starting point.

Step 3. Move one step at a time as you remove the stitches. Turn your jacket to the right way and using a seam ripper, pull out the embroidery threads holding the design onto your jacket. You can also use tweezers to pull out any of the threads that will not come off easily.

Step 4. Repeat this step with the rest of the embroidery design until you have removed all traces of the embroidery.

Using a razor makes sure that your fabric doesn’t get holes when the embroidery, however, your nylon fabric jacket will have small holes that were formed while the embroidery was being stitched onto the jacket.

A razor makes sure that the holes don’t get larger as the embroidery is removed.

Step 5. Sewing your nylon jacket where the holes appear is quite difficult. It is recommended that you use applique to seal the holes. Or, you can sew on a different embroidery design from the one you removed to seal those holes.

Step 6. To remove embroidery from nylon properly, you need the right tools. You can’t use a stitch eraser on nylon as it will lead to larger holes in the nylon fabric. The seam ripper is the best as it cuts the threads from the top and the rest is pulled off with tweezers.

Step 7. When you remove embroidery from your nylon fabric, you will likely find holes in your fabric. These holes, if they are not large enough, are not a cause for worry. Larger holes should be properly sealed to make sure that the jacket is wearable.

What Are The Alternative Embroidery Removers To Seam Rippers?

When it comes to embroidery removal, seam rippers are the most common tool to use. However, they aren’t suitable for embroidery removal in all cases. Some certain fabrics or situations call for the use of alternatives to seam rippers when removing embroidery.

When you need an alternative to a seam ripper in removing embroidery, the first easily available tool is the razor. Razors are a good alternative to the seam ripper. They don’t cause holes in the fabric and they are comfortable and easy to use.

You can also use a stitch eraser. This is a mechanical razor, similar to a shaving machine. It works on a rechargeable battery. It cuts only the bobbin stitches holding the embroidery onto the fabric.

You can also use a shaving machine, scissors, and any other cutting tool that can cut as close to the fabric as possible without cutting it.

How To Remove Embroidery From A Hat?

You can remove embroidery from any type of clothes and fabric that has embroidery on it. You can also remove embroidery from a hat quite easily. To start, you will need a seam ripper and tweezers. You will also need a flat surface to work on or hold the hat with one hand as you remove the embroidery with the other.

Fold your hat into two. This makes sure that you can hold it easily on one hand and work on it with the other hand. It also ensures that you can easily reach the embroidery design threads and pull them out.

Take your seam ripper on your working hand and choose one corner of the embroidery design on the hat to start at. Start pulling out the threads of the embroidery design. When you have pulled a substantial amount, pick your tweezers and remove all the hanging threads on your hat.

Repeat this process for the whole embroidery design until your hat is left without any embroidery on it.



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