How to Remove Embroidery From a Backpack

Many times we buy bags that are embroidered with words and pictures as we desire. Later on, we go on to stop liking the images or embroidery designs on the bag. And every time we look at the bag, all we can think about is how to remove embroidery from a backpack.

How Do You Remove Embroidery From A Backpack?

How Do You Remove Embroidery From A Backpack?

You can remove embroidery from a backpack simply with a seam ripper. Push it through and under the threads of the embroidery design. Then, pull out the threads that make up the embroidery design until you have the design completely pulled out.

Step 1. Layout your bag on your working surface. Make sure that the embroidery design is fully visible to you. Hold the bag onto the working surface with one hand while making sure that you have your other hand free to work with.

Step 2. With your working hand, put a seam ripper through the embroidery design. Pick a point on the design where you will start unpicking stitches to remove the design.

Step 3. Repeat the ripping process on the whole part of the embroidery design that you want to remove. As you do this, make sure that you cut both the stitch holding the embroidery design to the bag and the embroidery threads themselves.

Step 4. Now, turn the bag inside out. You are now looking at the backside of the embroidery design of your backpack. You will find that the threads of the embroidery design are hanging. You can push them back to the surface where you can pull them out. Or, if they aren’t fully loosened, you can use your seam ripper to cut them loose. Pull them out of your backpack until it is cleared of the embroidery.

How to Remove Printed Embroidery From Backpack?

Printed Embroidery From Backpack

Method 1

You will need:

Nail polish remover

Cotton wool

Piece of cloth

Piece of wood

Step 1. Place the piece of wood directly behind the printed embroidery design. You can use a pocket if the embroidery is on a pocket. Make sure that the embroidery sits properly on the piece of wood behind it.

Step 2. Place a piece of cotton wool onto the printed embroidery design on your backpack. Make sure that the cottonwool fully covers the embroidery design. Put your hand on the cotton wool to confirm that the wooden piece is still in place behind the design and that the cotton wool fully covers the design.

Step 3. Now, pour about 20 to 30 ml of your nail polish remover on the cotton wool that is on top of the printed embroidery design. Pour it specifically on the area covered by the embroidery on the backpack. This amount of nail polish remover will be sufficient to soak the cotton wool and the embroidery design. Ensure that the wooden piece behind the embroidery is still in place.

Step 4. With a piece of cloth, cover the soaked cotton wool as it lies on the embroidery design on the backpack. Leave it as it is for about ten minutes. This allows the embroidery design to soak up enough of the nail polish remover.

Step 5. After the printed embroidery on the bag has soaked enough of the nail polish remover, or, after the ten minutes are up, remove the cotton wool cover. At this moment, the logo must be fully soaked with the nail polish remover.

Remove Printed Embroidery From Backpack

Step 6. Take another piece of cotton wool and soak it in the nail polish remover or methylated spirit. Start rubbing on the printed embroidery as hard as possible for as long as it is still visible. After a short while of rubbing the cotton wool on the printed embroidery, you will notice that it starts disappearing.

Step 7. Keep rubbing nail polish remover or methylated spirit on the printed embroidery design on your backpack. After about 30 minutes of rubbing, you will see that you have cleared off portions of the embroidery design.

Step 8. Keep rubbing the soaked cotton wool on the printed embroidery design until it is no longer visible. Keep the wooden piece under the embroidery to provide you with extra support as you remove the design from the backpack.

Step 9. The beauty of this method is that you don’t tear anything that you will then have to sew your backpack or use applique to cover up holes made during the embroidery removal process. Further, cotton wool and nail polish remover are available cheaply. All you have to expend much of is time and energy to rub off the printed design from the backpack.

Step 10. You might have to use several pieces of cotton wool as you seek to sook the printed design in the remover to remove it easily. Rub until the printed embroidery design on your backpack is completely invisible. The location of the embroidery design, even though not visible will leave a mark to show that there was something there that is now removed.

Step 11. Air your backpack to allow it to dry. Nail polish remover evaporates when exposed to air. Your backpack will be completely dry in a few minutes. You will be ready to carry it outside without being affected by the design of the printed embroidery.

Method 2

You will need:


Heat-activated adhesive

Piece of paper

Method 2

Step 1. Apply a substantial portion of heat-activated adhesive on the printed embroidery design. Use your finger to spread it across the printed embroidery design or logon on your backpack. Spread the adhesive all over the design until it’s not visible to you.

Step 2. Lay your piece of paper on the embroidery design that is now covered with the adhesive. Lay it gently to ensure that only a small part, a corner of the paper covers the embroidery.

Step 3. Bring your hot iron and place it on the paper. Press the paper onto the adhesive. Move your iron over the printed embroidery design. As you do this, the heat activates the adhesive. This cause is to stick onto the paper.

Step 4. Lift your iron and your paper regularly to check whether the embroidery is fully stuck onto the paper. Keep ironing and checking on the progress of the removal.

Step 5. After five minutes of ironing, you will find that the embroidery design on your backpack will be stuck on the piece of paper. Lift the paper and you will have successfully removed embroidery from a backpack.

Can You Remove Embroidery And Then Redo It?

Can You Remove Embroidery And Then Redo It?

In sewing, you will make mistakes. This applies even to making embroidery designs. Many times, when you make mistakes, you will seek to correct your mistake. Removing embroidery is a method of eliminating a mistake. After you have eliminated your mistake you can restart the process.

Once the embroidery is removed, it is possible to redo it. However, this mostly depends on the type of material you are working with. Some materials will get holes that are difficult to cover up after the embroidery is removed. Making it impossible to redo the embroidery. For other fabrics, you can sew the holes and successfully redo the embroidery.

How Do You Remove Embroidery With Backing?

You can remove embroidery with backing quite easily. The most important tool that you need is the seam ripper. First, turn your clothes or fabric inside out. Expose the backing and peel it off with your fingers or seam ripper.

Once you have peeled off the backing, use your seam ripper to cut off the bobbin stitches on your embroidery. Turn your clothes to the right side. Go to the embroidery design and wipe off the already loose threads that make the embroidery design.



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