How To Use Wrights Iron On Hem Tape

Hemming Tape is an excellent way to hem your fabric items without the need for a needle and thread. The hem is the simple bottom of your fabric which is folded up inside at the desired length. A wright iron will help to fold up the fabric at the bottom from outside, then press or sewn to create a cuff. 

With so much advancement in the sewing industry, you won’t have to worry about hemming your fabric. If you have the proper insight and knowledge about using hemming tape with wright iron, you will save a lot of time and energy in your sewing practices. 

You can use wright iron with hem tape to make the most innovative embroidered products. Many sewers prefer using this technique for needleless and easy-to-finish hems on your fabric items. With a few tips and techniques, you’re good to finish hems without sewing. 

Have you ever used wright irons on hem tapes? If not, this blog will provide you with all the necessary details and tips to follow. If you have sewing skills and basic knowledge about hem tapes, you can easily do this task. Let’s dig into the depth of this topic.

How To Use Wrights Iron On Hem Tape?

If you want to finish your hems, you can use wright iron on your tape to avoid the use of needles or sewing machines.

You won’t have to depend anymore on your sewing machine to blend the gap between your fabrics. With the wright iron on hem tape, say goodbye to hectic and time-consuming ways of hemming the fabrics. 

how to use wrights iron on hem tape

To be precise, wright iron on hem tapes is a neat, clean, effective, and quick way to finish your hems without sewing. You will need a few equipment and techniques to execute the best hemming on your fabric items.

If you have bulk orders for your embroidered products, you can rely on this process. This technique will help you to deliver the neatest and clean fabric products to your clients in due time. So let’s see how to use this technique, what its benefits are, and why choose it. 

If you want to finish your hem on the fabric item without sewing, follow these easy steps and get done with a neater and cleaner embroidered product. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Fabric

The basic need for hemming is to join two fabrics with adhesive tapes. So, you must begin with your fabric items. If you’re using this technique for the first time, you must ensure to use light and smooth fabric like chiffon for better use of the tapes. 

You can use narrow fabric to check for the efficiency of your skills and later shift to other fabric items. You can wash the cloth or fabric before applying any adhesive to it. Try not to use a fabric softener as it may hamper the effectiveness of the adhesive tapes.

Step 2: Keep It On Ironing Surface

In this step, you will have to keep the fabric on an ironing surface. You can choose surfaces like your ironing dashboard or a simple dashboard in your place. Ensure

that the surface is intact so that your fabric doesn’t get affected. 

Step 3: Place The Tape Over The Hem

Here, you will have to place the tape over the hem with an upside-down adhesive. You can also use both-sided hem tapes for maximum durability. In both cases, apply the tape in the right place of the fabric and give a simple pressure on it. 

Step 4: Cut Enough Hemming Tape For Wrapping

cut enough hemming tape for wrapping

In this step, you will have to cut or pull off enough hemming tape to wrap the fabric for further pressing with the iron. It is pretty simple, as you will have to cut the tape enough to fit your fabric portion for hemming. 

Step 5: Wet Your Tea Towel

Now, if you want to apply Wright iron on hem tape, you will need a wet tea towel. Iron may cause burns or damage your fabric quality. As a precautionary measure, it is safe to use a wet towel before pressing the iron directly onto the fabric and tape. So, wet your tea towel and move to the next step.

Step 6: Place The Tea Towel On Hem 

Now, place the tea towel on the hem and prepare it for ironing. Make sure that your towel is aligned correctly and placed above the hem to avoid any unraveling. 

Step 7: Iron It For About 10-20 Seconds

iron it for about 10-20 seconds

In this step, you will have to iron the hem tape on the fabric. Keep the iron above the wet towel and apply firm pressure to iron it for about 10-20 seconds. Ensure to iron the fabric evenly. 

Step 8: Keep It For Cooling

Now, you can remove the wet towel and keep the fabric for cooling down. You must avoid using any extra fan or ventilator and leave it for natural cooling. This will allow the adhesive to cool down and work effectively.

Step 9: Check The Bond And Durability

Finally, look for the bond between the two layers of fabric with your hemming tape method. Make sure that the fabric shows the durable feature for long-lasting effects. 

Step 10: Your Fabric Is Ready!

If the bond between the adhesive tape and fabric is strong and durable, your fabric item is ready. You’re all set to use this method from now on. 

What Equipment Will You Need? 

There are a few crucial pieces of equipment that you will need for the procedure of wright iron on hem tape to finish the hem of your fabric items. Some of them are:



You will need narrow yet 100% authentic polyester fabric. If you use lighter and smoother fabrics like the chiffon, you will get optimum results with your tape. So, look for the fabrics for your hemming. 

Hem Tapes

You will need a hem tape that has double-sided adhesive tape to join or adhere to two layers of fabrics. If you want permanent results from your hem tape, you will need a fusible hem tape. 

Wrights Iron

If you’re determined to achieve the best outcome from your finish, you will need to iron and press the hem for about 10 seconds. So, keep a wright iron or any iron of regular use ready for the procedure. 



Well, your hem tape is the adhesive itself, but you can take both-sided adhesive tapes for precautionary measures too. 


You can use any old or new tea-towel in your home. Make sure that the towel is made of a soft cloth of linen or cotton. This towel will act as a protection layer from any burn or marks from ironing. 

Benefits of Using Wrights Iron on Hem Tape

There are a few top benefits of using this method of wright iron on hem tape. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Blend Gap Between Fabric

This method enables you to blend the gap between the two layers of the fabric without any needle or machine. You can eliminate the unsightly ridges and give a neat and clean look to the fabric. 

No Sewing Required

This wright iron on hem tape method saves you from the sewing process. You will have to use a few simple techniques to do your hemming. 

Quick And Easy Process

If you’re working with bulk orders, you will need to save time for quick production. This method eliminates the need for sewing and helps you to finish your hem quickly and easily. 

Is Wrights Iron Hem Tape Permanent?

If you use fusible hem tape with double-sided adhesive, you can permanently join or adhere the two layers of fabric together. It is a quick yet effective alternative to sewing.

If you use the wright iron on hem tape precisely and adequately, you will get a permanent solution for your fabric. This method gives permanent results and cannot be removed.

Is Hem Tape Really Strong?

Hem tapes are the best solution to create a strong bond between the fabric. This tape’s results can withstand several laundering sessions for years without any damage. You have to buy suitable hem tape from the best manufacturers to hem any fabric with solid and effective results. 

Does Hem Tape Really Work?

Yes, hem tape always works if you buy the right quality product from authentic manufacturers. Hem tape with a double-sided narrow strip of heat-activated glue or adhesive is the best choice for you.

It can stick and adhere to both sides of the fabric easily and efficiently. If you’re in a hurry and have a deadline to complete, you can use wright iron on hem tape to quickly finish your work without affecting the quality.

So, from this comprehensive guide, you must have understood the using techniques, the benefits, and related questions or queries about iron on hem tape. Ensure to use the best quality equipment and prosper in your sewing career. 



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