7 Things You Can Do With An Embroidery Machine

There are unending pools of stuff you can achieve with an embroidery machine at your disposal such as jewelry, custom designs, embroidered cover cloth, sewing, baby towel and gloves, embroidered memoir, and many more.

I believe you have your embroidery machine and you couldn’t wrap your head around what to do with it or how you can get the best out of it. Well, as a newbie, you need to start from the basics.

What Can You Do With An Embroidery Machine?

Embroidered Jewelry

Embroidered Jewelry

It is common knowledge that embroidered arts are hung on the wall. However, you wouldn’t believe you could compliment your outfit with a piece of artwork like earrings and pendants. Yes! You can do that with your embroidery machine. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose the design you prefer
  • Choose the color of threads to match.

Upon the successful completion of the embroidery design, you can spice it up with other accessories.

Also, you can design custom pendants and necklaces with an embroidery machine. Small wooden pendants are available at physical or online stores. Wrap the fabric around the object. Put a band and proceed to craft any design of your choice.

Embroidered Cover Cloth

Speaking of embroidered cushion covers with dazzling designs, they are things you can do yourself. Back in the days, you’d need to break a bank to acquire fashion pillow covers and anyone who has one is perceived as the affluent. However, things have changed now.

Embroidered Cover Cloth

An embroidery machine can come to your rescue. Design, measurement of the cover and adjustment on your embroidery machine is all that is required. Before you say “Jack Robinson” you got varieties of custom cover cases at little cost.

Embroidered Memoir

Kids are pure at heart and so is their drawing which means a lot to them. They draw inspiration from within so it is important to keep a memoir they will appreciate later in life. Besides, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make one. The steps required are not difficult at all. Simply, create the shape of the design on the fabric then decide on the thread colors to use.

You can even allow your children to take charge during the selection process to increase the fun. After completing the design tracing and color selection, arrange the cloth on the hoop and kick off with the embroidering. After achieving the embroidered design of the artwork you can put in a picture frame by your bedside or a frame to fit on a wall. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Baby Towel and Gloves

Among the unique gifts set you can present to a newborn is the baby towel and gloves specially designed by you. Of course, who would reject such a unique gift set? Select the design and colors of the thread to use for the towel and gloves.

Besides, presenting such a gift is an alternative means to promote your skills as a sewer. Kindly note that this concept is a bit complicated and highly recommended for professional seamstresses. So, as a beginner, you might just skip to the next option.

Amend your Clothes

Do you have a comfy piece of clothing dear to you but a small tear made you put it away? With an embroidery machine, you can turn your mistakes into a new design or fix a tear. A small tear on your clothing shouldn’t spoil the fun when you have an embroidery machine at your disposal.

An embroidery machine is a great tool to fix the tear on even the smallest piece of clothing such as socks. You can adopt creativity by coming up with a new design you desire on the spot thereby making it look better than before there was a tear.


Embroidery Machine

Don’t be surprised, some embroidery machines perform dual functions such as embroidery and sewing. You don’t need an additional cost of getting a sewing machine because an embroidery machine can function as a sewing machine as well. Therefore, if you are interested in both aspects of designing, then get a machine that will serve the dual purpose. With that, you just killed two birds with a stone!

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

An embroidery machine comes in handy when rebranding your boring clothes. The current trends in fashion include embroidery design on fabrics. Besides, you can come up with a custom design by embroidering your clothes.

Examples of such unique designs include the name of your favorite artiste, favorite brand, place of worship and the likes of it. For more creativity, you can craft your set of custom designs with an embroidery machine.

How To Set Up an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

  • Proper Adjustment of Parts

If your embroidery machine serves a dual purpose such as sewing and embroidery, you need to adjust some parts before flipping the function. Safety first! Ensure to disconnect the machine from the power supply before you proceed to the adjustment process.

  • Fixing the Needle

It is important to use the appropriate needle for each embroidery task. Needle types vary from design to design. Also, using the right one will prevent a lot of stress like thread breaking during the action. Similarly to needles, thread varies as well but normal sewing threads can still be used for embroidery but embroidery threads will give your design a professional finish and luster.

  • Placing the Embroidery Thread and Cloth

The first step is to place the cloth in the frame before placing it in the machine. In the case of thin cloth, a stabilizer will come to the rescue. Set the cloth to cover the frame below while using the top frame to cover the cloth and ensure it clicks. Press the knob to fasten and secure the frame.

For security check, you can pull the cloth to check if it’s tight enough in the frame. If it’s loose, a screwdriver can aid the tightening of the knobs.

Open the holder and place the frame in the embroidery arm. Place back the holder firmly to secure the frame. Ensure the bobbin is well loaded and there is no cloth trapped under the frame.

The bobbin thread must fit the main design or color of the cloth. Choose your design of choice and start embroidering.

  • Embroidering 

After putting everything in place, check the first color of the thread in the arrangement. Pass the thread through the embroidery needle and switch on the machine. The screen will display an embroidery pattern and the machine will trip off after completing each thread color.

Embroidery Machine

Once you notice that, just raise the control foot and insert the next thread color. Repeat this process until you achieve all the colors in the design. Lift the frame holder and remove the embroidery frame. With the aid of embroidery scissors, trim the loose ends and neatly press the embroidery with iron.

Final Words

An embroidery machine is a great equipment that can aid a lot of activities. From adding fun to your boring clothes to creating unique designs as present to your family and friends. All the aforementioned can be achieved with an embroidery machine.

As a beginner, you might be difficult to achieve all at once. However, with constant practice, everything becomes a piece of cake. Just like a popular saying “practice makes perfect”

With the aforementioned suggestions and guidelines, you will become a professional within a short period. Happy Sewing!

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Should I buy an embroidery machine?

Well, first you need to consider your scale of preference. If an embroidery machine tops the list then go ahead and get one.

Can you use an embroidery machine to sew?

Yes you can sew with an embroidery machine because some types can perform dual functions.



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