How To Replace Brother Needle Threader

Do you have a Brother embroidery or sewing machine? Is your sewing and embroidery work and practice going too well? Then, you may not like any malfunctioning in its parts or accessories. 

If you work for too long in your embroidery machine, you may notice disruption with the efficiency of your machine. This can happen due to many reasons. One such reason is the needle threader.

If your needle is not working smoothly or efficiently, you’ll have to change or replace the needle threader. But do you know how to replace a Brother needle threader? If you’re a new sewer, replacing the needle threader can be difficult.

So, to change the needle threader, you’ll need a proper step-by-step guide. In addition, you will have to know all the equipment required for this replacement procedure.

Your machine’s owner manual may not be clearly understandable with all these steps and procedures. So, get ready and start exploring everything to replace and use brother needle threaders in an easy way.

How To Replace Brother Needle Threader?

You have to collect the equipment before starting your replacement procedure. Now, see if there’s a washer in the machine or not. Then, below the washer, which holds the spring on, gently ease it off and pull it off. Now, you have to replace the threader item.

Moreover, you must turn off your sewing or embroidery machine. Also, you’ve to unscrew the knob and turn it to loosen the needle. Then, slide the needle on the flattened backside of the machine and grab a new needle.

You can understand these points more easily with the step-by-step approaches to replace the Brother needle threader. But, first, look out for all the equipment that you need for the replacement procedure.

Tools Needed To Replace Brother Needle Threader

Here are some pieces of equipment that you’ll need to replace the needle threader more effectively.

Needle Allen Key

Also known as a needle screwdriver, this tool will help you undo and assemble your machine’s spare parts and screws.

Needle Threader

If you want to replace your needle threader, you can use a new one that best fits into your Brother machine.

If you want to replace the brother needle threader with efficiency, you’ll need to focus on this guide.

With the proper knowledge and steps, you’ll avoid any damages and proceed to a smooth needle threader replacement. So, follow these steps.

Step 1: Removing Needle 1

Are you all set with the equipment and accessories? So, begin with the removal of the needle 1. You can select needle one on the control screen of your Brother embroidery machine.

Then, remove this needle from your machine. Easy, isn’t it? You just completed your first step. Now proceed to the next one.

Step 2: Switch Off Your Machine

In this step, you have to switch off your machine. Your safety comes as the foremost priority. So, ensure to check if the machine is off or not.

In addition, you can remove the machine’s plug from the electric point. At times, your voltage fluctuation may affect the machine even if the power is off.

Step 3: Removing Side Plate Caps

In this step, you’ve to remove the side plate caps. So, ensure to remove these caps with the help of a needle Allen key. Moreover, you’ve to be cautious while removing the lids to avoid any damage.

Step 4: Removing Side Cover And Undo Screw

Now, you have to remove the side cover at the top of the machine. You can remove it by undoing the screw from the bottom plate of your machine.

In addition, you have to be extra careful with the cover as they are sensitive and prone to damage. So, firmly pull out the side cover away from your machine.

Step 5: Pushing Driver Bar And Prise Legs

Now, in this step, you have to push the driver bar gently. Also, push it all the way down with firm pressure.

Now, you have to work on the leg of the needle threader. Gently or firmly prise the leg of the needle threader up.

Step 6: Ease Small Shaft

So, are you done removing all the necessary parts except the needle threader? Now, you can ease out the small shaft of your machine. In addition, you’ve to be cautious with the small spring on your machine’s rear shaft. If it jumps off to your carpet, you may not easily find it again.

Finally, you can remove the needle threader now.

Step 7: Start Reassembling

In the last-mentioned steps, you’ve proceeded with all the steps needed to disassemble your machine parts to remove the needle threader.

Now, you have to start reassembling the parts to fit a new needle threader into your machine.

Step 8: Sliding The Small Spring

Gently and precisely slide the small spring onto the rear shaft of your machine. This is the same spring you were asked to take out and keep aside cautiously.

Step 9: Push The Needle Threader

In this step, you will push your new needle threader back into the position where the previous one was placed.

Moreover, you must ensure that the small lug in your needle threader leg gets clipped. You have to clip it into the recess on the shaft of your machine.

Step 10: Pull Side Cover And Driver Bar

Furthermore, you’ll have to pull the side cover away from your machine firmly. Now, reverse the use of your driver bar. You have to pull the driver bar all the way up to your machine. Then, you can use a Brother knitting machine needle in your machine for the best use.

Step 11: Fit New Needles And Test The Threader

Finally, you’ve to fit the new embroidery or sewing machine needles. This will help you to protect the new needle threader from the damages caused by old bent needles.

Now, slowly and firmly push the driver bar downwards. This will help your needle threader to move forward. Then, stop your needle threader prior to the point when it reaches the newly-fitted needle.

In addition, ensure to see if it lines up with the eye of the needle or not. If yes, you can slowly pull the driver bar backup and replace the screws, caps, and side cover.

Test your needle threader with a piece of fabric. If you’ve followed all the steps carefully, you’ll surely get excellent results.

Why Do You Need To Replace Needle Threaders?

There can be several reasons due to which your needle threader may stop functioning correctly. Any of these reasons with more seriousness will call for the replacement of the needle threader. So, check out the brief reasons why you will need to replace your needle threaders.

Dull Or Bent Thread Hook

The hook of the automatic needle threader might not be able to grab some specific thread types. For example, if you utilize metallic thread, transparent nylon thread, or decorative thread you’ll have to do it manually.

In addition, you cannot use a thread with a 130/120 thickness in your automatic needle threader. In such cases, you will have to replace it.

Improper Positioning Of Your Needle

If you want your automatic needle threader to work efficiently, your needle must be placed in a high position. You can put it with a lowered out presser foot. If there’s a problem setting the needle to its most elevated position, you’ll need a replacement.

Broken Or Missing Needle Threader Spring

Any automatic needle threader has a small spring inside them. These springs are sensitive and break down easily.

If you pull down your threader and notice problems, you’ll need a fix. If the threader doesn’t spring back on its own, then your spring is either missing or broken. So, you will have to replace your needle threader with a new one.

How Can You Choose A Needle For Your Sewing Machine?

If you want to choose a needle, you have to look for the weight of your fabric. If the fabric has fine weight, you can use a lower size needle.

In addition, if you want to stitch tight fabrics like canvas or denim, you can use a double needle. This needle must be sharp-pointed and stiff shank for optimal performance.

How Can You Make Your Own Needle Threader?

You can make your own needle threader by following a few simple steps. You have to gather materials and then strip wire. This will help you to provide several strands of individual wire. Now, get yourself a cold drink can and cut a shape out of it as a holder.

In the last few steps, form a wire by bending it in half and pulling with the needle. Finally, place the thread into the eye of your needle threader and form a doubled wire.



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